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jupiter_joon District 9 he is my sun my moon and all my stars Stray kids, 9 or none, we’re gonna cross the finish line. Wonho we love you no matter what!
eunsaang Travmo + wønders = eunsaang ( @chajutno ) — You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars. Grateful for so much, but especially for you. ㅤㅤㅤ롤플레이어 ╱ 2002 ︴when he sings, the wind blown his voices away. Fly High, X1 ! 이은상 입니다. #⃞Eunsaang for update.
chajutno Bhs - Ing || Super Selective ( @eunsaang ) — You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars. Grateful for so much, but especially for you. (Roleplay Purpose) Everyone might think he's a robot, but actually he's just an angel who trapped into human body, Cha Junho. Known as keanu. #⃝Jutno
cactaces @bfknj ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ do a.c.e know they’re my universe and my stars #에이스 ♡ #희나피아
seesawsbicth pןıɥɔuooɯ you are my whole world and all my stars and i’m so happy that we’ve almost been talking for a year now. i promise you someday i’m gonna hug you #TAEHYUNG: bonjour bitches
Knightwing_J @ColinCowherd @stephenasmith had the same take on @MylesLGarrett shutting down #masonrudolph's childish attack. "Oh my stars and garters! Did you see that large man set himself upon that smaller man?! With his own helmet no less! Why I never! This cannot stand!" #Hypocrites
TearHealz Chip Crew Base Oh my stars- Steven, Steven! Is that you?! It's me!- Wait, why're you walking off and humming? Can't you hear me? Steven I'm right here, please! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE Former Leader of the Crystal Gems - Center of all their Child's Problems - Running 4 Mayor - Apart of #JMCU - Former Diamond (Newbie RP/Parody Account)
Dianapaola_18 Theres really nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for Alexandria. She’s my world, moon and all my stars 🦋 🦋 Baby A’s mommy 🦋
TheOther_JeffK Austin, TX @kellyinvegas thanks. I enjoy the podcast with you and @vegasmurray. May i recommend you taking him to the Knights game when my stars come to town, fun team to watch! Good luck tomorrow. P1, Sports Fan, Player, Coach, Husband, Brother, Thoughts and Opinions are my own. Hurricane Harvey Survivor
Ashtondrolf @IlhanMN @joncoopertweets Oh my stars and garters, THAT is ungodly forking pathetic! For him to forking BEG is just sad. I almost feel sorry for the manchild... almost. 🤣 Proud drolf, Whovian, Gamer, and many other things. May occasionally be NSFW. :3
ItsMattEhlers WNY @OrdyPackard My stars and garters! Matty is responding in kind on TWITTER! *Ordy collapses on fainting couch while losing his fav monocle* WNY archivist & analog enthusiast. 📸 #ROC Bowie mug shot obsessive (@bowiegoestojail). Director of #MattyInterviewsMikey a documentary about @michaelrcaputo
Directorscut18 " Don't be nervous ! In my former life, my artistic discovery of young and older mind's alike brought overwhelming waves of emotion ! So fear not, collect yourself my brilliant and radiating starlight ! For I want to capture your emotions, to know my stars !" 🇮​'🇲​ 🇬​🇴​🇮​🇳​🇬​ 🇹​🇴​ 🇲​🇦​🇰​🇪​ 🇾​🇴​🇺​ 🇦​ 🇸​🇹​🇦​🇷​ ! мorтy lυιgι'ѕ мanѕιon - roleplay
ghosty_ghostly Returning. This is not a clout tweet it’s just they made a big impact by coming into my life and changing my outlooks on world and life as it is they are my stars my people I look up to even as 18 I want to peruse my dream as a streamer or whatever I wanna be I want to find out 2/3 @Dr0ps is bae
unsyned voi/void/vois A youth doth walk in stolen joy and pride, I curse my stars in bitter grief and woe, That made my love so high and me so low. memento mori
MrogersMy Earth @dilanpcook my stars and garters! no! Patient at Arkham Asylum
MidnightKittyxo with my sexy babydaddy😈👅 my sky, my sun, my moon and all my stars are you 💕🥵 #NewProfilePic 🌌🌙I love deeply, I take relationships very serious, bonds & all. I’m so big on vibes🌙🌌• Dakota 11•02•15 👰🤵• Follow for Follow•Rainbow Six Siege Player 🎮
kayeleecain Dallas, TX oh my Stars and Stripes OU☝🏻
vhopeachs commissions [closed] goodnight to my sun, my moon, my stars and my sky ☀️🌙⭐️☁️ #TAEHYUNG: this is my boyfriend yoongi and our boyfriend hoseok.
louistarsz Neverland You’re my sun,my moon and all my stars.. You’re a beautiful universe Louis Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson is an angel
MrsShadow759 Bean Bean Kingdom @BrodTsumi Oh my stars, for real though. And right?? Luckily I have it now, so all is well in the world again :D I'm just your average woman. I love baking, drawing, writing, video games, watching cartoons/anime, and traveling! ☺️
TheDustyRebel New York, NY Oh my stars! I hope she plays Mame and Patrick. NYC based photographer & filmmaker, Daniel “Dusty” Albanese (Ongoing documentary and book: @queerstreetart) Portfolio here:
kizslatters magic shop. thanks for everything and i love you baby, you are my whole world, my stars, my moon and all my galaxy #OurGalaxyFelix @Stray_Kids # stray kids nine or none, we're gonna cross the finish line.
datzuismyluv twice is my life,oh. ✧・゚:* my sky, my sun, my moon and all my stars are you;ʜɪʀᴀɪ ᴍᴏᴍᴏ🌟彡 🍓。・゚♡゚・。ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ᴘʀᴏғɪʟᴇ ᴍᴏᴍᴏ ɢɪʀʟғʀɪᴇɴᴅ 。・゚♡゚・。🍒
aftabguy Nashville, tn @Starbucks used app TWICE and it sent to wrong location as a default and when I went to the correct store I noticed it sent elsewhere. Used all my stars and lost money. Wife,mom of 5 kids,2 bulldogs, pediatric endocrinologist, HCMBA 2015, JDRF board member. God,family,humor, pg tips. crazy life on screen and off ha!
ultmsjinki 온유 + 영재 ✰ 👋🏻 ⃕ ₍ @livingdelrey ₎ you have a new message (1) ⌨︎ᵎ . . ✎ ¦#SEHUN says :: my sky, my sun, my moon and all my stars are you ! ⛓⛓🏁 ፧ this is shinee five and were right by your side.
noshtars 7/14 💕 ps • as @DeinertSina you're my sun, my moon and all my stars 💖 now united • cnco • normani • one direction
softwannie 19🇬🇧 And most of all thank you wendy. Thank you Seungwan for being my sun and my stars, you make my day and night brighter and less lonely. Although we are far apart I feel your love follow me around and I am forever grateful to you for that 🐰🐻🐹🐥🐢 Kim Bora: not baby in age but baby in attitude and lifestyle
wikiimati neverland•taeyoonjinbum gay my sun and all my stars #kibum: WE WERE BORN TO being cutie ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
MetalFanInBlack Texas Watching my Longhorns,but I tune in catch my Stars in OT and they win it! Native Texan 🤠 / my favorite Metal band is @Metallica 🤘/ I'm into music,concerts,sports,history, comic books and @Twitter / black T-shirt aficionado
aceminn 🇵🇭 IG: @aceminn_ to my angels, you did well yesterday. And you’re doing well everyday. Keep on shining my stars✨ #임영민 #전웅 #김동현 #이대휘 #에이비식스 #AB6IX @AB6IX multi • ARMY | WANNABLE | ABNEW | WELO | CARAT 🙆🏻‍♀️ BTS LY 190323 🇭🇰• SY FINAL 191029 🇰🇷• AB6IX fanmeet 190824🇭🇰• AB6IX fansign 191027🇰🇷💘
TheNightTrain3 @EDsTrainz And yes, those are my stars. I'm guessing that the chocolate Patrick sold them didn't keep them from getting any uglier. A biochemistry student who brings the universe of Sodor (and some other stuff) to life in visual art.
fxsapatas 🍑💜 💌: @je9nwoo you have one (1) new message. 📝: you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars. as sapatinhas mais lindas do site!
called_jack Shoe box in middle of the road @k_kypers @ElderberrieCafe Close replay of me doing internet stuff and then I saw this 'cept the real one was squeakier. Oh my stars, words don't encompass it. Love you so much The boy was sound.
inniebff come back to me, my moon and my stars :( ˚₊✩‧₊ 언제나 네 곁에서 #윤기 #정인 ✰
StarstruckZeal #TouyaDraxon "My STARS!" His words were muffled slightly as he allowed Arthur's fist to connect with his face. It was a solid punch, and he could feel his teeth meeting the inside skin of his cheek, tasting his own blood as it met his tongue. While Arthur's arm was raised, Rekka took (+) "I get to be reckless 'cuz I trust you to watch my back!"// Hoshimiya Rekka// Fire Force, Multiverse
WakeUpEvery1 Le Roy, NY Oh, my stars. HOW are there SO MANY @sleepingatlast songs that fit #PeytonsPlaylist? I'm trying to make this book shorter, but I keep finding new songs, new lyrics, and they ALL fit Peyton. "Uneven Odds," "Saturn," "Venus", "Turning Page,"... I'm going to need a lot permission... I write RomComs & Fantasy, Author of PEYTON'S PLAYLIST, Mom to teenage boys, Have anxiety+BP2, Coffee Cats Books Magic Eclectic Eccentric Enigmatic & Erratic
hawkvox Morganton, North Carolina, USA Oh, my stars and garters. This is me there at the busiest non-trauma center in western NC tomorrow night.... Wilderness|Emergency|EMS Physician. Anthropologist. Writer|Editor. Dad. Wake Forest Univ Asst Prof. Medical Director of NCSP, NCOBS, REI, BCEMS, LL, SAI.
Ambutigger Stafford @leewilson192 @kittycat99 I'm just about to return to work having been off for 3mths with burnout and compassion fatigue, related to PTSD. Now I am getting better I realise just how sick I was. Much of it due to bottling it up and running myself to empty. I thank my stars for the support I get. I'm fifty something year old, living in Stafford. Married & happy. Paramedic, SJA volunteer and Bloodbiker. Cancer survivor. Opinions are my own.
ecstacynights @candivitx my sun my heart my love my stars my baby my mãe the love of my life that i’d never trade for anyone or anything i’m always here for you, and so glad i met you through this fandom, even if this place dies our friendship never will i love you so so so much te amo ❤️ blackpink is the revolution
blomstafnorden Stream Dinner. I love Junmyeon!!! He really is my moon and all my stars!!! I would do anything for his happiness!!! ♡ adri ♡ 1998 ♡ italy ♡ wlw ♡ mark lee ♡ kang younghyun ♡ jung jinyoung ♡ kim junmyeon ♡ nct, day6, b1a4, exo, shinee & soshi ♡
reddevil1975 Barry , Wales My stars of the night were @kayzer_1 and @dowden_amy and @kelvin_fletcher and @OtiMabuse. I can spilt them both couples are phenomenal. A joy to watch and a pleasure to support. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the dance floor you excite me every week!!! ❤️ #Strictly Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice addict Huge Shirley Ballas fan. Man United Cardiff City & Wales Fan. Family and Footbal means everything ❤️
TobiCarr TEXAS 6 years ago I married the man of my dreams, the love of my life, my sun and my stars, my best friend, my soulmate, my forever love, the man I'm going to grow old and die with!!! I've never… ⚓Proud Navy Veteran⚓ 🤦🏽‍♀️Parole Officer🤦🏽‍♀️ Happy Wife, with a Happy Life ❤Lover of NKOTB since 1988 Blockhead 4 Life!!!!❤
EddieMagowan Newtownards, Northern Ireland @reddevil1975 @bbcstrictly @realhippohollow @CrochetbyJan @Summer_Unicorn3 @laurama55420570 @ZOENorr29401284 @Caz24982792 @NasJensen @classact84a @WestlifeLove20 @Cait1599 @craigycuddles Thank you Leanne 😊 I really enjoyed that Sparkling Show ... Kelvin and Oti my stars of the Tower Ballroom tonight 🌟🌟 From the opening group routine until the closing dance from Karim and Amy, it bubbled and sparkled for me 🍾🥂 Loved it All 👏 Hope everyone else did too ❤️ Big Fan of Strictly Come Dancing ... 😀 👍
itsbrihunter Florida, USA waited 30 mins in the #Starbucks drive thru to use my stars & get a free macchiato.... I end up still paying, don’t get to use my stars, and they had no idea what they were doing. #happySaturday #mycoffeestilltastesgreatthough • been livin’ it up since ‘94. ☀️🌤⛅️🌥🌦
night_life01 wonderland @vicious_hoe Nahh...the whole sky is same for everyone...its the way we see them Try seeing them like that...and u will find my stars up there..right beside the ur ones 😊 ✨You would lose your Mind trying to understand Mine✨
GlitchYoutuber So im watching the very first episode of @GhostAdventures and oh my stars! They look so young! .......
Jayswob54 Kingston, PA @StarsSupport I have money on my Stars account and cannot access it. It says my privileges have been revoked. I’ve requested two call backs from support and haven’t heard anything. Please help Dad, addicted to daily fantasy sports, Eagles fan
healthywakeygaz Wakefield, England You are my sun, my moon, and all my stars - Leeds Guild of Singers in concert at Leeds Minster #leedsguildofsingers #leedsinspired #choralmusic #beautifulsinging @ Leeds Minster Healthwatch Wakefield CEO: Passionate about supporting people in my community and let them have their say about health and social care. Views are my own.
shaamsa17 Ajman, United Arab Emirates you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars✨ ♎️
hanzzthemann Yo @jjthemann, are we doing this or what? I got my Stars jersey ready and can’t wait to pop those crapty inflatable @NYRangers balloons. Photography, Sports, and Movies