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HicStar Turkey You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars 💫💫 #HalilİbrahimCeyhan is an engineer and a well-known person of today's times as an actor, model, singer, and song writer from Turkey #TCCandler #100faces2023 @zara1369 @zahidakirimli @zahraabid682 @powerofhealing1 halil ibrahim ceyhan fan account
TisGreatness BTS Universe Okay but seriously my fan n star app hasn’t been working for me since this morning, and I don’t want to uninstall it cuz I can’t remember my login and I don’t want to lose my stars 😩😩😩😩 We are just BTS, you guys are ARMY. At the same time, you guys are BTS and we are your ARMY - Kim Namjoon 💜 BTS FOREVER
claireystro Aroha City I hope rocky, sanha and eunwoo are doing fine :(( stay strong, my stars :(( 4stro in my eyes, 6stro in my heart, 1 star in the sky. first and last 06 | she/her | Fan Account 🌸🌿⭐🌕
CallMeCheckers Southern Indiana @WatchGirlsPlay Oh my stars and garters I create stuff on my computer. Sometimes, for money. He/dude/potato Proponent of faith without the confines of religion. I prefer to believe in people.
sebinenjoyer 24 y/o Sebin i hope you have the happiest of birthdays. Youre my sun, moon, and all my stars. I love you endlessly. Ill never forget how much youve changed my life. Thank you, happy birthday my dearest 🧡 #오메가엑스 #세빈 #HAPPY_SEBIN_DAY #OUR_MOOD_MAKER_SEBIN #나의_행운_장세빈_날 Worlds Biggest Jang Sebin Enthusiast & Future Wife 💙🧡🤍 🌸For X🌸 🔩Stay🔩 🔥Leggo🔥 🦋Bluevery🦋
heyyyfa i did the starbs 200 stars thing and it took AWAY 200 of my stars😭😭 a girl
BrawlingFaunus Beacon, Vale @CHOSENSUCCXSSOR “Oh my stars! That looks absolutely splendid! Ma made some pasta like this before- I hope she’s doin’ okay..” she sat down and waited for him the Southern Belle Brawler of beacon! naive, and caring, all around nice to people who treat her well. (squirrel faunus) NOT MAKOTO NANYA
4BrandonJS4 @MinionKingKarl Well I didn't win. All I can do now is ki-- I mean congratulate my friend for taking my stars and winning. 🙂 Illustrator, Comic Book Artist
all_2_well13 St. Louis & Los Angeles Y’all.. I’m presenting a 15 minute presentation on Taylor Swift for my stars and celebrities class tomorrow I’m so freaking excited Taylor Swift & Gracie Abrams yeah
SamuelFondren I Follow Back; MAGA Extremist @steveth75737857 I'll bring my AR-15 and my 'Stars and Bars.' It'll be a blast! E pluribus nullus. (Out of many, none.) "No delusion is more dangerous than that of the person who believes that grace is his and his alone."
rudepankow jj maybank's heart 00:00 @rudeth you are my sun, my moon and all my stars 💖 thank you for making me so happy, ily with all of me me and rudy pankow wearing the same t-shirt @pankowsfav ! ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏
cincadia they/them | 26 i looove zerobaseone zb1 jebiwon my ot9 my stars my talented and hardworking and enduring boys #하루토 + ZB1 OT9 + WAKEONEZ | 🇺🇸🇧🇷🏳️‍🌈
TomWallrich Minneapolis, MN @broncosminion Doubly heartbreaking. My Stars and my Wild. Ugh. Sleeping thru Zoom meetings since March 2020. Displaced St. Paulite, unrepentant Gopher, acceptable husband, exceptional father, lover of law, and all whisky.
kenobikisses bi, they/she, 21, enfp! bIm he is my wife my baby girl my bubbas my sun and my moon and my stars and everything in between im so in love #CALEB: how are you going to alter the world around you?
ddanacha Korea my stars @offclASTRO take your time, take as much time as you need. no matter what will happen in future, i’ll always be here to support and love you, i'll always be by your side 5기 #아로하 #아스트로 || fa for ASTRO and SVT || #차은우 #윤산하 #조슈아 ♡
NovaMorningsta ITS SCHEDULE TIME!!! and I've got it up on time this week!! LETS GO!!!!!!!!!! WOHOO!!! I can't wait to see you all there, all the love my stars! #Vtuber #ENVtuber #twitch Hi! My name is Nova! I'm not from this planet, in fact, I'm not even from this galaxy! Stop by my stream sometime! She/Her.
PartainMarci Idaho, USA @AlCosta37 My Stars and Rangers both won today 💙 Gym Addict, Cycling, Rowing, Hiking #DallasCowboys, #TexasRangers, #DallasMavericks, #OklahomaStateCowboys, #GonzagaBasketball
_Drew_Graber @susan_danielson Oh my Stars and Stripes! This is what it’s all about @susan_danielson. School administrator, lover of books and people, and always in the trenches for OUR students and teachers. My opinions are my own.
JohanJohn317 23 years old She was wearing light black armor. The ramtaur looked at the human with discomfort. "By my stars! Are you a human?!" The goataur took ❤️ by the shoulders and began to inspect her Hobby artist and fanfiction writer, I'm not very good, but I hope you like my work :D My native language is Spanish, but I also know english.
rose_tarrance Wylie, TX @CamRYellow22 Yeah I’m about to tune out and go watch my stars play some playoff hockey! 19 Love nascar!!! HUGE FAN OF Kevin harvick!!!! #4TheWin Huge Chiefs Fan! Huge Max Verstappen Fan!
floralnotes4 @Starbucks whyd you take 200 of my stars??? I didn’t spend them and they didn’t expire. TikTok: emmachiaro4 (62k)
GR4M4Z Not @Starbucks pulling a take-backsies on my Stars…. This is an irresponsible business practice to blame the consumer and not the designer. MS in Info Tech. | Animal Trainer | Coffee Addict | Quiznos Lover
liveguardian__ 𝕸ushroom Kingdom/𝕸emeLand. He chuckled softly. 〝 My stars. You've become a softy, and now you have my cat traits. So cute!! 〞 This is amusing to him. Wonder if she'll have a tail, and cat ears of her own? Eh. That's impossible. 𝗔 meme is to 𝗠𝗔𝗞𝗘 people laugh. 💻 ⁎ ݁ ུ 𓆸 #𝓣𝓮𝓪𝓢𝓬𝓻𝓪𝓶𝓫𝓵𝓮 ☕ ❥ Sԋҽ ραιɳƚʂ ԋҽɾ ϝιɳɠҽɾʂ ɯιƚԋ α ƈʅσʂҽ ρɾҽƈιʂισɳ, @GRAVEYARDL0RD. 💍
tadegbesan @alimusitapha I will just thank my stars and manage the "even" like that 😂😂 Strategy Scholar | Learning Engineering Entrepreneur | C-Suite Advisor
johnnyjostarz space @bloodbraiin Keep urself safe and out of trouble oh my stars ⭐Johnny/JoJo⭐ he/him 🫶 TW: ed and sh backup- @joj0starz the biggest JoJo's fan evr 🇮🇪 🫶 married 7 times to the same person 🫶🫶🫶
Tori_KOF Louisville @NHandshakes I think it's generally expected to run the set, but I'll go 1-1 just to get my stars back and then bounce if I'm not liking the opponent. Tori S. 💌Competitive #KOFXV player • I main the original 'Team Women Fighters'!
SaltyAnneBonney Atlantic Ocean @jasoncrouch @TheChelsea1 @againstgrmrs Oh my stars and garters!! You’re right!! Walsh is totally the only person who thinks that. And Walsh absolutely doesn’t have the ear of politicians and totally didn’t go to a bill signing with the MS governor.🙄 Gfy. Jolly pirate of the Ethernet Sea. Available for sailing lessons, must have own parrot. #FBR 🏳️‍⚧️
MF_DMVkicks Tysons Corner, VA @LordOfSavings I literally pulled up to Starbucks to study and redeem those stars and when I opened the app, my stars were gone 🪦
23_bigchris Baltimore, MD @sheedyJ_ Just be happy my stars hurt😂 and beating the lakers is normal lol No weapon formed against me........... LongLiveJohnDoe🕊 LongLiveDnic🕊 ILYMOMMY💔
DubipR City of Angels @dkm65_ Oh my stars and garters mistress. Your perfect décolletage had gone awry. Need a hand? 💙💙 So perfect It's my account but my cat is more interesting than I am (Cat/Daddy)
sassyhaillive Texas hey you guys remember You Are My Stars zine? >w> so this is the SFW version! but the nsfw is a special edition for the zine. but um, yeah I'm ....bored and still a bit fuzzy on writing so i'm just uploading stuff now lol 29 year old Crocheter, Skeleton Lover, with a side of fanfic writer.
persniggety LA tried and failed to get to starbucks before 11 to get my stars i don't gotta do nothing but stay black and die. everything else is optional • 20 • they/them
AviwhiteGSD @henryandfriends @GeneralBazz Oh my gosh! Oh my stars! That’s so neat and looked a super fun time, Henry!🤩 Avi, rescue boy #theruffriderz #ZSHQ, #BARK #MEOW #PODT my dade’s art can be found at
hope50825056 @HicStar @zara1369 @zahidakirimli @zahraabid682 @powerofhealing1 You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars 💫💫 #HalilİbrahimCeyhan is an engineer and a well-known person of today's times as an actor, model, singer, and song writer from Turkey #TCCandler #100faces2023 ꜰᴀɴ ᴀᴄᴄᴏᴜɴᴛ
HicStar Turkey You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars 💫💫 #HalilİbrahimCeyhan is an engineer and a well-known person of today's times as an actor, model, singer, and song writer from Turkey #TCCandler #100faces2023 @zara1369 @zahidakirimli @zahraabid682 @powerofhealing1 halil ibrahim ceyhan fan account
MaeInTheBox @blackrcsez @evajacksftw I did I think it gets my stars cause Hello communication, being free from the expectations and no surprise pregnancy They had a really mature relationship too APOBANGPO💜 CLOSING
JasonOToolePoet Boston, MA @mcderpy87 @nytimes Oh my stars and garters! Is that so! Good. Poet, disability and mental health advocate, North Andover Poet Laureate Committee, Anne Bradstreet Poetry Contest co-founder and judge, he/him
sugarhighem NYC • she/her • 25 @mwilks88 @Ambee789 i snuck in there just in time because i sent it to alexis right after i got my stars and it was expired “to all that i’ve done, the good and the bad. that is life.”
georgiasmum In the bush @1MikeMorris I saw this article this morning and skipped it, for later. Thanks for aligning my stars so I didn’t forget. I used to be important, now I stack cordwood & write fiction. UEL; INFJ. I live in the bush, on a river, with my husband & cat.
kommunistheks she/it @PixelatedCandy I just played fashion famous for the first time in a while and all my stars are gone??? niche internet micro celebrity
sidneystan92 Woodsboro 💀😂 that and flipping out when someone stole my stars on Mario party 90’s shows/movies, kdramas, reality tv & horror movies are my vibe
SophiaKhanRocks You are my sun My moon And All of my stars ✨ a dreamer 🥀 that's what she was!
Iriesheik California, USA @_AstroGuy_ @DavidBflower Thank you for your detailed explanation. I don’t have Star Tracker to avoid blur. My main culprit of long exposure is movement. My stars and planets 🪐 get the zig zag effect. Last night well into the evening towards Moonset. When it gets lower like this, we get a marine layer. Prognosticator
TurtlePassive In endless daydreams @xeoniios I usually clear abyss 40+ times a moon-season (yeah, I have no personal life and really love abyss) but this one... Yeah, I finished it for 36* but I REALLY hate killing gator there. It's cute qwq and I just hate fighting with it everytime I try 12 abyss so I just got my stars Weirdo fella. Lazy but inspired. Any pronouns, 18
WhiteLikeR0ses The beautiful visuals, the spins on the characters, the soundtrack, the underlying messages, the journeys everyone took as they explored this world that didn't even remotely follow the logic of the one they'd left behind. And the lore. Oh my STARS the *lore*. (+) 20 | She/They | Transmasc Nonbinary Polyamorous Butch Lesbian | Jewish | Multishipper and rarepair lover from hell | WhiteRose Enjoyer
Maple6727 Johore, Malaysia You are my sun, my moon and all my stars #usnttr #RYM_FA #OurUs OurUs🩵 Cyan Sea 🦈🌊 Malaysian🇲🇾
Mullen923429986 I still thank my stars for the decision of going ahead subscribing to your games @SOCCER__MASTER for the first time and till now I haven't regret #Germany #Denmark #Binance #Republica #Australia #Bitcoin #Dollars #Crypto #Uk #USA #Wolves #Fulham #Sweden #Napoli #Italy #Norway
Holmquizzle @pansyandrose211 @ZeetuhZ @ModestTeacher You are correct. 5 percent of the kids cause 95 percent of the problems. I can’t spend anytime celebrating my stars, because I am playing hide and seek with the 5 percent and their drug of choice. I love Christ. I love my wife and children. One day at a time.
__spd_ Seattle, WA I read things like these and thank my stars Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. Software developer @amazon.

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