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MundiaLizM @The_Eli_Bee Uh this sounds like that 'agency' bullcrap and my horoscope said that's bad. Obsessed with Star Wars, Smash Brothers, soccer, tea, and being barely funny. He/him. Tight end for the South Bitchton Yuppies.
TayStillBlazin Ca My horoscope today said to go be wild & free & think later. And i kinda want to go to this club i got invited to but idk 😩 i need someone to go with me lol 444 #AlposWorldForever 💙💙🕊
martinrdz_18 Omg I just watch this witch tiktoker live reading my horoscope(Aquarius) and she was right about everything about my life rn 23| IG:mrdz.18| TX
_Blossom6 N the air up there.... My horoscope kept telling me I would receive an unexpected call or text from my past. And I’ll be damned that was unexpected af! LIVE 🦋 LOVE 💕 LAUGH 😆
oosielito Phoenix, AZ Not my horoscope being read at the Barbershop and saying I’m starting something new and my number is 22, today is the 22nd 🙀 Yo solo twiteo, bala loca, disparo ⚡️
doc_cuddles76 Paducah, KY @mitchellvii My horoscope recently said it would be good for me were I to move there. Da Trumpster and I are in complete disagreement on this one this time Billy! #yoursidewins A lover of; God, Country & Family. A fighter for America and Her God-given, vindicated RIGHTS FOR FREEDOM. -- DEO VINDICE. 🙏💖💪👑🏆👼😎
sneeetches I wish the CHANI app would stop trying to tell me about careers and hustles in my horoscope. I simply do not give one single fork about such things and honestly most of us aren’t working out dream jobs and never will, no matter what mercury is doing a compound of menace and energy
Coeurdejeune Canada @darthkarls My horoscope suggests to make time for a nap, I won’t argue with my horoscope today and will gladly fit one into schedule 😂🙏🏻 Coeurdejeune - 🇨🇦 - 26 years young - Yoga & Meditation - @TheFracture_ @SappySealsNFT @DegenApeAcademy #Bitcoin
AmyMPurcell Cincinnati, OH Apparently my horoscope knows I’m going to begin an outline today, something I’ve never done for this novel: You may be feeling logical today as you use your common sense to make practical business decisions. We save time and effort if we take the time to plan our steps … Views & tweets are mine. Fiction writer, corporate communications professional, runner, reader. Potato chip aficionado. My curls have a life of their own.
proudindian25 @BharaniAstro06 In my horoscope, Mar and Venus with my lagna lord Mercury.
TigeRamesh Bangalore Now @BajajAllianz has come back and asked me for my CKYC number. Bajaj - Do you need my #Horoscope as well? Why don’t you collect all this information before issuing a policy? Will never use you again. Passionate Indian. Tech/Wildlife/Travel. Will raise governance issues. BJP for Centre doesn’t mean for States too. Need discipline in politics. Will troll back.
Marbz_S 📍Johannesburg My horoscope tells me to rest every week 😭 and it’s not wrong but it feels wrong Cook • Baker • I Laugh at other people’s jokes • Not a chef just a hungry girl • Big Stepper 🏃🏾‍♀️• Green Thumb👍🏾 🌱 •
Vikrchan Bengaluru, India The @LGIndia guys are still looking at my horoscope to figure out an ideal time to call me when all my stars align. Mine isn’t a smart fridge . It conked on a Thursday ,a long weekend .They did pre operations and made it worse . I’ll be hounded with calls on Monday . Happy Eid cryptically ill , music,humor, banking solution architecture IT , Nature . apolitical , mind wanders a lot ! Itching to go on long drives Tweets personal
Comatoast202 @Jim_Jordan "I lost my job and my horoscope totally said was in for a rough day!!" Admin of (and owner of - Class struggle is the foundation of all political momentum.
pretti_gemini_ My horoscope keeps saying true love is coming my way. Or I’m living it now. And I’m like 👀 tf is it? I barley get a wyd. That’s cap 😂 💙💚💛💖🧡 #followback snapchat: leesahj93
highpriestjrry Huntersville, NC Haol satan 666 i just wiped my bottom with toilet paper. I wash and dryed my hands. I brush my teeth . i check my email.. I will now check my horoscope . iam a Satanist i follow the teachings of the British Satanist aleister Crowley. iam the founder and high priest of the restored church of thelema.
dan_stubbings According to my horoscope today is meant to be a progressive day for me, when I will get the love I deserve. Well that's bullcrap because my anxiety is kicking my ass, and I am alone once again. I really do wonder what's the point of me. I always mess up. Self confessed bookworm, blogger, hoping to become a writer. Please check out my blog if you like books.
Vidurmahabharat @TheAstroSapienn Sorry it is typos I meant I have all this thing like my hairs r mess, I have weight issues, also I always doubt my memory but it's like great I remember things I read only once etc etc it's just like you read me without even seeing my horoscope and I m not in jupiter mahadasha woke|| Leftist|| liberal || she/Her/It🏳️‍🌈🌈 🇵🇸 Palestine
Solanalovesyou Orlando, FL My horoscope said don Julio. And I guess that’s what it’s gonna be we are not meant to shine the exact same & that is a beautiful thing.
AliyaBhatia It's funny to work in tech policy sometimes because I keep talking about the internet being a lifeline while I use it almost exclusively to find memes and read my horoscope :) Policy @cendemtech working to promote free expression online. Bombaywali in washington dc. Bad tweets/takes my own.
campjdawg My horoscope this morning said “you are not a baby” and wow is life really testing that out already today 🫠 Be kind and yeehaw • FL✨ • views are my own
KayyTheREASON Washington, DC My horoscope really said show that African-American you is insane fr and if he get scared oh well 😂😂😂😂😂 HOE WHY IS YOU HERE?
GardenShtf @ProfMarkMaslin @MichaelEMann @GaryLineker @KHayhoe @palaeokatie @ClimateHuman @richardabetts @_richardblack @UCLgeography @UCLGlobalHealth At one time 99 percent of scientist thought the world was flat. Science requires data and observations and provable tests, not signing a letter and using a computer model. My horoscope has been more accurate then the IPCC. Growing food for SHTF. Maybe its a personal SHTF, maybe it is regional or beyond. Either way we are staying prepared, learning a new skill and having fun.
jenNick72 My horoscope today : Mercury is in retrograde for the next three weeks. Anticipate mechanical and digital delays and breakdowns. Story of my life 🤦🏻‍♀️ Maker of fine hats, toys & questionable decisions. MS Warrior since June 2016. Owner of Quirk Indy & too many shoes.
Sr_Corte_Jamon Alexandria, VA @julhat @karenab32 Few people have the innate gifts to impress quite like you, and these talents often come to help you on the professional front-says my horoscope today. I'll probably find a great new job on my way home LOL! I'll take it!!!
Jaliea_ We burning sage and I’m constantly gettin aggravated with his presence . We may not be meant for each other. & my horoscope saying somebody blocking my financial blessings. Spirit must be telling me we ain’t meant to be together. Heart cold, fork a dude & your ring! I ain’t sorry Sapiosexual.🌹 Lover of God❤️ QUEEN👑 IG: jaliea2.0 This could be your safe haven. I’d love to hear about you & your world 🌎
PaulMotey My horoscope today said: "You will stop believing in astrology today." That made me so upset I am going to stop reading my horoscope and believing it has meaning! From neutrino to neuron to Mars. Leading the way to bespoke engineering of matter by printing metal structure, DNA, semiconductors and actuators
RudeAssGege southeast sandiego My horoscope been freaking me out lately but I rebuke any bad and evil from my life AMEN!!! 🙏🏽 Grateful, Blessed & Highly Favored✨
grouchybb My ex and kid getting kicked out of his mom’s house was not a part of my horoscope this morning 🥴 any votes cast for Wentworth will not count
sshrae_xo My horoscope has been saying that I’m about to work with a new group of ladies with business, and to be open.. and BOOM , God shows up. #BlessedAndGrateful 𝓝𝓮𝔀 𝓭𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓼 & 𝓳𝓸𝓾𝓻𝓷𝓮𝔂𝓼 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓪𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓾𝓹 𝓪𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓭 ✈️ Custom travel experiences specifically made for you! @luvtravelco
Pogre Arizona @JayneKimlee @geostylegeo My horoscope today... "People could be exploding with rage all around, and you may wonder what the big deal is. If anyone is likely to have a level head through today's chaos, it's you, and this gives you a tremendous advantage in any situation." Where am I going... and why am I in this handbasket?
itsnotnoon infp (j ?) my horoscope told me this year gonna be my golden year and I completely believe อยู่เสพงานที่ชอบ ฟังเพลงวงโปรด ดูหนังดีๆ ไปคอนวงที่ชอบไปนานๆนะ :-)
Ceepapi_ Newark, NJ My period was late and it’s never late, then multiple people told me they had a dream about me being pregnant 😭 THEN my horoscope said “there’s an air of pregnancy around you” 😭 Ciarra • 25🤍• 1Of1🦋 follow my baking page on Instagram @Ceebakes_
RYTKO6 Toronto @2possums1coat Oh, no, I meant the description. Now, I'm not on my horoscope grindset, I'm on my Myers-Brigg, Japanese blood type personality grindset. I should get on that with my INFJ-T personality and AB+ blood type. Um... I don't know. Football and fun?!
E_Baillieul Somerville, MA When I read my horoscope and it says something like “family members may be negative about your plans and bring you down-“ I’m like, “my family”? OR “my own brain”? Eats cheetos, often. I use “like” like a bookmark. She/her. Hates paintball. - the moths were all grain moths inside my house, ok?
JambroseBC After seeing my horoscope today, I've changed my mind. Astrology is real and should be taken seriously. wanna make games but don't have time lmao
Mysteron_Voice ... my horoscope said that "there would be a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus", which was incredible really as I was booked in for a barium enema ... #ThisMorning Have been described on live TV by John Rawling as "A Twitter Lunatic." 😁 I don't like followers, so if you try, I *will* block you without a second thought 😳
sagiteurx Johannesburg, South Africa my horoscope says that my sun is Libra, my moon is Virgo and my rising is Capricorn, what does that mean? he loves me but he forks me like he hates my guts
TMentalcase Lower level dwelling Stop asking me about my horoscope We just met Holla at me and get turned down Simple as that 🤞🏼 pain is god. 📓
PDreame My horoscope for today: “It might be that personal issues have been affecting you deeply, and you might find reassurance by staying within the comfort of your home.” 😂😂😂 #LongCovid Writer. Health Coach. Plant lover. Wild for Justice, Freedom, and Compassion. Ongoing #longCovid since 5 March 2020 Connecticut ✨
LexiKi My horoscope just snapped so bad wtf!a new job and Im thinking clearly and empowering myself . this is the TRUTH , god thank you for confirmation🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Aries Instagram: alexiskiana__ 💕💞 #BabyPorter 💙👶🏽 Influencer ❤️ She’s pretty , with a lot of ambition 🥰☺️
saintjonbaptist I be reading my horoscope and his
curve_gawdd winners circle I normally don’t take the horoscope thing SUPER serious. But I done seen my horoscope on 3 damn pages and they all speak to the same damn thing. Very accurate. I’m a little spooked I like to think I'm pretty interesting. ODU Alum. Fur Mom to Dallas.
Black976002 Love it when my horoscope edges me on and tells me life is about to get better because 🥲🥲 e do ginger me to work hard
arodbreezyy My horoscope has just been so right and on point. That’s so crazy. ambshinobi🥷
Pshoia Val-d'Oise, Ile-de-France Monday: an old lady tells me I should be on the lookout for dating opportunities and that I should think about marriage. Yesterday: my work-friend tries to hook me up with our common friend. Today: my horoscope mentions that a "recent encounter" will become a flirt. Sophia * 23 * ♍️ She/her 🏳️‍🌈 Cat lover 🐱 Medical translator 🩺 Fr. 🇫🇷 / Eng. 🇬🇧 / It. 🇮🇹 Profile picture by @hellosunnycore 🖼
hopegod3 Minneapolis, MN I was Born on the cusp so I thought I was a scorpio but in periodicals I then began seeing my horoscope was sagittarius. I then had my chart done and found out that I am a sagittarius with ascendant Cancel. Today I start a new field of discovery. It is Apocolyptic Anthropology. Look within, know your groupings, and no mind maelstrom can ever overtake yee.
saamanthapaigee Corona, CA Ima read my horoscope and depending on what it says is what I’ll text him furthest thing from perfect
thisha_omuhle Dainfern I've become that lady who does her work in a coffeeshop. I occasionally stare out the window while sipping from a warm mug❤️ Or read my horoscope and stare out the window watching the world go by❤️ Ho se jole??? Ke tseo heh😂 Your sister-in-Education👩🏽‍🎓 Head of Department (Foundation Phase) 🇿🇦||Mom👩‍👦|| 🌈 friendly❤️ Award Winning Co-Parent🤱🧑‍🍼 City Moms Are Up🍾🥂
kelly_lo3 Hamunaptra 🪲 my horoscope today , Aries sun and Libra moon , called me a rebel without a cause I just 😅 figuring life out :🧋🪴🌙🏰aesthetically medieval : books & food @tg329604💕

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