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My horoscope.

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laraeparker Los Angeles leave me alone i’m reading my horoscope on 17 different websites until i like what it says i write about my vagina a lot. my book #VaginaProblems will debut in 2020. also, i'm a senior editor at @buzzfeed
FlowerGraveyard idk Girl too late for this warning, each time an Aquarius guy comes my way my brain do this 😍 even after their kind fork me over me still "😍" like i don't even be knowing they Aquarius till i ask and my horoscope be saying we compatible 😭 well tell me your confessions baby, what's the worst ? 🕷 🖤 ♓ C0rpse d01l 🌙🔮
Ms_SupaDupaASS Water Y’all I haven’t paid any attention to my horoscope in like months or a year. So today I get a notification from the app on my phone..... I read yesterday’s and today’s horoscope...... & whew.... African woman 💛
666dupree hell my horoscope jus told me i need a blunt tenacious
dailyh0rosc0pe Hey dude ! Hit my facebook "like" button if you like my horoscope : Daily Free Horoscope
jadeswanxx Kirk of Shotts, Scotland Amazes me how my horoscope is always spot on 😮
kabriahill My horoscope said my love match today is a Leo... i know that’s a forking lie 24.RT(R)
jaybreonn i literally read my horoscope everyday #DB3🦖🧡💙
khanyilyt My horoscope is insinuating that he is my twin flame. Ugh no K❤️
kymwilson_ Scotland, United Kingdom My horoscope said ‘Sunday has you searching for places and people that feel like home’ and I can’t stop thinking about every avenue because of it I’ve taken the country music phase too far, sorry.
lklobusnik alicante, españa i NEVER read my horoscope and today i did. this is forking wild university of mount union • delta sigma tau • trying to find my little bit of happiness in this big world
nat_r0 New Jersey So I’m gonna continue reading my horoscope, believing that people are true to their zodiac signs (because they forking are) and blaming mercury in retrograde for the whack crap that goes on. *this isn’t water*
jonaroseeeeecfv My uncle has been telling me all about my horoscope and how I’ll fall in love this year. 😒 #No @rosetobeauty | @rosaystaste
tylaalexx uk Me: My horoscope: you have a good control over everything... except yourself photography student🌈
Montay9k 209/✈️ My Horoscope is always hella accurate. It’s almost like that crap is talking directly too me. 𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶𝓼 𝓽𝓸 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓽𝔂
mizu_ishi Neverland Scorpio ✊💋 Lord i need to see my horoscope. Been awhile. Just a woman trying to be free.
wizqevelyn Probably raiding your fridge Today’s Horoscope, followed by my horoscope for the month. Sometimes the universe freaks me out... Artist. Writer. Knitter. Photographer. Full-time Daydreamer. Anime Protagonist.
Valeria_1215 i think my horoscope just answered my question 🤔
cassierose_cs Saltillo, MS My horoscope trying to tell me something... Inhale the good crap...exhale the bullcrap💨Good vibes only✌️SGOD4L 29♏ • fur mom to Zettie Rose & Khaleesi Jane🐾•3-15-14 • IG: cassiestewart14
Kbougiee I read my horoscope before it even pops up 😭
_hollife Stoke-on-Trent, England My horoscope told me to not stress about deadlines but I have a deadline tomorrow and I kinda need to stress about it in order to get it done y'know blogger, youtuber, 80s reject, autumn enthusiast, makeup lover💄email me: 💻 links in pinned tweet
21Latinaa Inglaterra, Reino Unido I stopped reading my horoscope the moment it said I was getting cuffed on 2019 and on nye nothing happened 🤦‍♀️😂🤷‍♀️ some keep hatin’
sourxpeach Belgium my horoscope telling me to stop being on my phone after doing so during a whole class loooool probably aan’t genieten van het Erasmusleven
angeIitaeve someone from the past is tryna rear their ugly bottom head back, my horoscope was right and i won’t have it 🧿👄🧿 part of the moonlight | ♒️💜
taylerrleah Ventura, CA My horoscope always right livin’ like Larry
s_hrines she goes everywhere ah my horoscope said not to lie in bed and daydream today they came for my neck 魔法 少女 (ig/sc: s.hrines) | cosmetic science @ lunnun colleg of fashun
skino4united lagos My horoscope for 2day: Hi Skino, Today you're likely to feel especially communicative, Virgo. You might want to get on the phone and run ideas for new projects by colleagues or perhaps make arrangements to complete... I am just me. Simple fun loving and considerate about everything around me. Wud tell u wat u need to be told regardless of how u're gonna feel about it
yanathug I don’t even read my horoscope anymore 🤦🏾‍♀️ proud mommy of 1. 👩‍👦
LilJisatsu Chicago, IL i used to clown on people who take that zodiac crap serious. now i highkey read my horoscope crap every day. ♓️ • 🇵🇭🇮🇹 • hmu for beats • 自殺 •
vvyphaam my horoscope is so right omfg. I believe in astrology no. Instagram: vvyphaam snapchat: llamaslife
stknives_ebooks My horoscope is being mean to me or…. misogynist men terfs 🤝 “Giving birth is what makes you a woman. author of Look at Us Mer (2017), La Dead (2017), and I Wish I Was Shake the Sky (2018)
Darji_Queen United States Not sure if I'll watch another hood love movie or watch my horoscope. Just Ask Me!!! instagram: Nubian_goddess_jana
rrchrrd If you don’t like my attitude, blame my horoscope ♡ | 1995
continueY_N My horoscope: just be happy and cheerful every moment of every day to counteract the bad luck this year Me, a dense ball of anxiety and neuroses: phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space
Coriiiii_ Fort Worth, TX I look at my horoscope and it’s an emotional mess just like me 🥵 Letting God handle all things above me• SC: coristevenson• #TXST21
Laced_in_Pearls Gary, IN 🏡❤️✨ My horoscope was wrong only person got fussed at was melly lol. I dream it, I work hard, I grind til I own it..👻SC: Mellymomma16 #RestInParadiseMama 👼🏽
YRNMarbo Merced, CA For all my horoscope chicks out here Ghost!
offshore_82 🏝alison/rowan she/they🌴 my horoscope only talked about my personal relationship with my partner but i don’t have one currently?? #1 Jaebeom Anti
AMR_Kuroko Beside Basketball Man proposes, God disposes. I am a man that proposes, I always carry my lucky item of the day with me as my horoscope said. That's why my shots never miss- Shintaro Midorima { VRP @RP_AnimeManga } 07th Member Of The Generation of Miracle { Teikō } #KurobasuFam

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