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EspirituAlekai @AVENUSIANRISING It’s the third time I see β€œlove is in the air” for my horoscope today. Aquarius Sun Virgo rising and moon
jo_jo_jinx he/they my horoscope/tarot readings have been pointing to a breakthrough in my career and creative life so i am Manifesting randomly meeting the casting director of our flag means death 😈😈😈😈 πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ aspiring swashbuckler and mothman enthusiast
keyshahsmith In Daylight Harry really said β€œI’m trying to read your horoscope listen to me!” Harry please know you can read my horoscope to me and I’ll be more than happy to listen. I’ll even read yours to you. Hello, is this thing on?
__trapgawdess Country girl in the Queen City I thought about being nice today…and my horoscope said to. πŸ™„ I’m not like other girls, i’m satan.
TheUnclePC Columbus, OH Just keep checking my horoscope until one day it says β€œboobs and ass”
BigJocATL $WAT$ My Horoscope Talking About Dont fork Nobody Rn They Going To Get Pregnant. Ok AND? Building An Incubator For Black Creatives β€’ Co-Founder - @404Create β€’ Email:
platformb00ts πŸ™ i said i was bummed i couldnt go to the thing because ill be out of town and my friend just said oh well there will be other things. like isnt it normal to ask where im going?! i guess my horoscope is right and i need to take the hint 😭😭😭 glam rock queen ✨
Tawion314 Saint Louis, USA πŸ“ Just checked my horoscope and it said I need some head πŸ₯΄ If you looking to buy , sell or invest HMU πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦
Lalalahalez My horoscope called for radical change a a few days ago and it’s like oh really??? no crap, ya don’t say? don't wish for your presence to be noticed but for your absence to be felt. πŸ₯€
_WearyBones Rockford, IL just read my horoscope and it was a lil too spot on πŸ₯΄ Just your average idiot
mgiddy_ East Nashville My horoscope today said I will have the urge to burn it all to the ground and like honey pass the matches 🀣 swiftie, book lover, dog crazy, foodie, concert enthusiast, aspiring world traveler. 🀘🏻
ajayajitsaria2 @gannastrocycle Will you predict my horoscope If yes Then this is my details Ajay Ajitsaria DOB 12/10/1972 Time 4.30 AM Place Ratangarh (Rajasthan) My main question is when and how I earn for my family
OkButBearWithMe Portugal i decided to ironically read my horoscope, im not really a believer in those things, I read it and it basically said "girl, your week is gonna be terrible and it will affect all your work for the coming weeks" πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ crying over a fictional character and shouting over comic books she/her
_love_katelyn maryland My horoscope is just confirming everything I’ve been feeling. My relationship with myself is the most important 😫 Ive been ignoring the fork out of my needs and wants . Love Yourz. #trustyastruggle #JAECEWORLD 🌍
mypalsammy Scarborough, ON #SetTheVCR: According to the Hawkins Post my horoscope reads in part: β€œKeep your clever thoughts to yourself.” Okay let's trust the astrology even though it's 2022; science and all that. Here's the first 8 minutes of #StrangerThings4 ! The zany love child of Clair Huxtable & Frank Grimes: Author, Host of @MySummerLair πŸŽ™οΈ & Left-Handed. πŸ“Ί #SetTheVCR // πŸ“• #NewBookAlert // πŸ€ #BallorFall
AshleyL331 Las Vegas, NV Mom just sent me my horoscope for today and it seems to apply. πŸ’« #IBD πŸ’œ #AsexualSpectrum πŸ–€πŸ€πŸ’œ ~ DVD & Pop collector ~ LOVES: Bettie Page, Harley Quinn, Disney, Marvel, funny shirts, animals, winter & small towns.
PEACELOVEEBBiE GETTING TO THE MONEY My horoscope told me to choose love today and ion feel nothing but violence not TUHDAY A MOM, ENTREPRENEUR, & LAST BUT NOT LEAST A BAD B*TCH β™₯️😌
svtlordebot ib: @svtfobbot jisol acting my age, not my horoscope, guess that's growing up now i'm sending you love and wishing you well, wherever you are svt pairings as lorde lyrics
lydej_ She/her I love that as a Capricorn my horoscope is always like "get ready, a large cash influx is coming ur way!" And I'm like alriiiiight 😎 kyoshi warrior // the difference between a weed & a flower is judgement // experimental basshead #Bernie4president #freepalestine 𓃡
michelloveme_23 California Baby Just ready my horoscope and baby it’s been on point these last two days VIRGO πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ SPIRITUAL UNICORN
cae_mpa Read my horoscope and it reminded me that it's time for a haircut. That's how you know I'm wolfing. Baltimore
DubThaGinger Pennsylvania, USA Listening to my horoscope said β€œDon’t make any concrete plans cuz Mercury will likely shoot them down.” I’m pretty sure that’s saying I should not deal with people and stay inside and play Video Games and watch NBA/NHL Playoffs Below Average Gamer. Above Average Bearded Ginger.
knivecult 18+ only goodmorning my loves <3 my horoscope was really cute yesterday … and I think it’d be cute if people qrt’d or just replied describing theirs! tell me how you love, what intimacy looks like to you, how you show affection, how you show intimacy, etc. MWAH. #nsfwtwt゚ nsfw β € 20 β € she / they β € α“šα˜α—’
RifMgahlu eno mu exile I'm acting my age, not my horoscope, I guess that's growing up Now I'm sending you love! And wishing you well, wherever you are! Dear kids, it's truth or dare and it's forking awesome. Avocado, not crypto. Altruist | modern-day hippie. co-founder @4kids_milkyway πŸ‘¨πŸΎβ€πŸ’» @2guleOfficial
LiamSofias Los Angeles, CA My horoscope is in taurus and my happy place is sitting on the ground πŸͺ΄β˜οΈβœ¨πŸ‚ Consulting Traditional Astrologer | Horary | Electional | Natal
Melbossedup Los Angeles, CA My horoscope said I need to be nicer and learn how to be forgiving so imma give everybody ONE more chance. Y’all better not fork me. All good vibes for the summer. turn me up. NEW SINGLE β€œON HIS FACE” OUT NOW‼️ Rockstar Princess πŸ–€βœ¨
impastamac fairy louis & flower crown phh it’s playing again and i just checked my horoscope πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« ˚. soft rock era β˜… *ο½₯ΰΌ“β˜Ύ 20β˜½ΰΌ“ο½₯* ˚. they/she ˚. β˜… ˚. faerie core πŸ„ πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ * ˚. reputation 𓆙
bretheog My horoscope keep mentioning pregnancy and… uhn uhn I rebuke it. I do not want no BD. IG : Bre_theog
alexbunardzic Vancouver, Cascadia @ScopeMaster_ @WebDevRoger @evidenceSE So does astrology. I can consult my horoscope and feel less uncertain about the future events, plus consulting my horoscope facilitates my decision making. Software creator made in vagina, surfing at the edge of chaos. You cannot understand the problem unless you try the solution. Shortest Path to Value.
alexbunardzic Vancouver, Cascadia So does astrology. I can consult my horoscope and feel less uncertain about the future events, plus consulting my horoscope facilitates my decision making. Software creator made in vagina, surfing at the edge of chaos. You cannot understand the problem unless you try the solution. Shortest Path to Value.
il0vesoymilk MIA Honestly I really am starting to grow out of my horoscope phase… science ruins everything for you. That crap isn’t real. And no you’re not like that because you’re a β€œTaurus” you’re like that because you need therapy. Good night 😴 fashion stylist//psychology major in the making 🫠
2kitties_ Infinity and Beyond I am a very strange and contradictory person which is part of my horoscope that I’m not sure I believe in. Anyway, I am a peaceful AF person who really loves and appreciates knives and guns. Take that however, this is America, own your crap I guess? finger gun enthusiast. 28. she/her.
SpilIedlnk "My horoscope told me to tune into the passions of my body. So I'm going to go drink a mega pint of wine and masturbate." 𝑖𝑓 𝑖 π‘‘π‘œπ‘›'𝑑 𝑖𝑛𝑣𝑒𝑠𝑑 𝑖𝑛 π‘šπ‘¦π‘ π‘’π‘™π‘“, π‘›π‘œ π‘œπ‘›π‘’ 𝑒𝑙𝑠𝑒 π‘’π‘£π‘’π‘Ÿ 𝑀𝑖𝑙𝑙.
sohodoll333 18 i started checking my horoscope as a joke and now i can’t live without it
iamtycole New York, NY My horoscope keeps telling me i’m about to find love and get married every single day … so should I start making wedding invitation layouts orrrrr? Award-winning Reporter, Writer, Producer @AAFCA Member Bylines: @REVOLTTV @BET, @TheBlastNews Past: @Blavity @MusicXclusives @BallerAlert @EURWeb @YVMAG
_rosehips πŸ”ž please my horoscope app just notified me for the first time in a year and the heading was "reassess your priorities" i will not! thank you!!! β˜† VLD all/❀ β€’ gnsn ❄πŸ”₯ β€’ πŸͺπŸ€πŸ’œ β˜†
naira_bishop @jen7fromthebloc @spookyblue1995 OMG man didn’t know you knew more about me than my psychiatrist & psychologist based off my horoscope. I should make sure & check their credentials & see that horoscope 101 is there Bc their PHD’s might not come close to your profiling skills and knowledge about abuse survivors! Married to The Turdspert @guybrarian2050
subirpal603 Mumbai, India WILL I BE DEFAMED THRU A WOMEN AND GO TO JAIL AS PER MY HOROSCOPE #astrology #horoscope #vedicastrology #vedicastrologer #astrologer #predictions #destiny #psychic #kundli #jyotish #remedy #takdir CLICK TO READ MORE . . . . I am an astrologer practicing for last 19 years. My qualification MBA, BSc, P G in textile chemistry, and astrology. WhatsApp + 91 9869345107 ( paid service )
PDior__ Greece my horoscope said my color today is orange and guess what color I’m wearingπŸ₯ΊπŸ§‘🧑🧑🧑 πšƒπš‘πšŽ π™±πš•πšžπšŽπ™Ώπš›πš’πš—πš. #LLDP πŸ‘ΌπŸ½
Gorgeous__Briii louisville, louisville My horoscope just saved this mf and told me to choose peaceπŸ˜‘ a GEMπŸŒˆβ™ŠοΈ
JackOfspAdes98 Been reading my horoscope lately. It told me that today someone in my social circle is going through tough times, and to open myself up to help. If you're going through stuff and need someone to talk to about it, my DM's are open, friends Twitch Affiliate Professional Vtuber simp Blue Kirby PNGTuber Poyo! Pfp by @_Obsessor Discord:
IJuicedU12 St Louis, MO My horoscope told me don’t settle for a drop when I know that what I’m looking for is the ocean. And I strongly agree !! Not Your Regular Degular. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ
CatalinaByrd Baltimore My horoscope told me to think before I speak today and I feel like that should be the goal everyday lol done
G0LDENSUGARR aus ~ she/her ~ 21 can harry read my horoscope next and then i’ll sniff in his kitchen @sincefineline stan account
MrsKlobstar Been having a rough week, and my horoscope app isn’t holding punches. β€œYour emotional core is a piece of sour candy.”
MidwestMonster_ The buckeye state. @oihOGirl @busblog Wouldn't make me feel bad. I passed up 40 long ago, and these clerks act like I'm giving them a fake ID. Asking me my horoscope sign. I'm almost 50 kid, just hand over the Macallens already. πŸ˜† (He/him) Ohioan here to follow & unite other Ohioans who want to take our state back from corrupt people. peace n love to all that fit that description.
SubirTalks Mumbai, India WILL I BE DEFAMED THRU A WOMEN AND GO TO JAIL AS PER MY HOROSCOPE #astrology #horoscope #vedicastrology #vedicastrologer #astrologer #predictions #destiny #psychic #kundli #jyotish #remedy #takdir CLICK TO READ MORE . . . . I am an astrologer practicing from past 23 years. MY qualification is Astrology, MBA, BSc and PG in textile chemistry. For consulting Whatsapp +91 9869345107
niseypurr Hollywood, FL My horoscope just said β€œout with the old and in with the new” @witchyw0lf DD 2.0 πŸ‘€ I like cats and scary movies 🩸πŸ”ͺ
ggthb Deutschland My #Horoscope told me today was going to be πŸ’©. And indeed, it was right. You know what happens if i eat too much fruit.. πŸ’© Which means only one thing.... A #Stock Market Crash 🀑 I make music,3d modelling,art and i like anime.
DocMac in the clouds-back of nowhere My horoscope for today gives me permission to be unethical and selfish. Hmmm. Don’t know how that works. ✨✨#DMBFamilyGreatGrandma πŸ’«πŸ’«When you stumble, make it part of the dance. ✨✨Tweet others as you wish to be Tweeted. ✨✨✨A bit weather obsessed.