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My horoscope.

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samrojas__ I never read my horoscope but today I did AND ITS forkEN TRUE OMG #goastros!!! 🧡
KweenPernesophe Virginia, USA My horoscope lately: “you are entering your bad bitch era. You got this Capricorn - you are the GOAT” Me: (in the same spot I’ve been in all day, only having eaten cinnamon rolls, and taking constant bong rips to the face for 20-30min straight) “hehe, litty” aspiring writer/ cosplayer/ photographer/ crafter | 24 | bi | she/her | @kweensertraline on cashapp and Venmo ($20 dm fee for cishet men)
Brady_Bunches The BOB My horoscope said that my pheromones are going to be on fire tomorrow 🤣 ok AND?!!! Pro Thanos. I want to save the planet ♻️. ig:
venuspicasso Los Angeles, CA My horoscope predicted this moment too and thats whats even crazier $mermaidlex2 cancer ♋️ production architect ; womanist; adventurer ; multidisciplinary artist 🎥 📸 🎤 💡
riversuccubus don't think i will ever be happy with what my horoscope says and yet i read them diligently patron saint of wayward bros
blakestrack @Roy_Jenkins_ @SoloFlashMob Oh man. Phew. I thought I saw my horoscope (and not a good one) in there until you defined all those lines and arcs Testing Quantified Self. Can an Avg Joe easily turn body data into actionable info?... to sustained engagement and health improvement? Product views are my own.
februaryoracle New York @malnote Hmmmm. so mysterious and intriguing!! I wish and desire to travel further still if you would tell me my horoscope Aquarius USMC First Gulf War Book of Revelation ✝ Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
alexxflh Recife, Brazil since july ive been having these changes that are affecting my personality and i just read on my horoscope is a change who will continue until DECEMBER. friends & gay people, if you’re neither then fork off 🙏🏾💞
7bangtanhoe Texas, USA Read my horoscope for today (I havent read it in a while) and it all makes sense now. I’ve been feeling off and it literally said “you probably feel off your game right now”and I just gotta let it pass ✨ ARMY 💜 BTS. she/her. Gemini. 25. I’m a whore for BTS with a soft side 🔞 ifb
_JESSrelax 757 Omg my horoscope said I would find a friend was spreading lies about me and it was something so stupid but I found that crap out today omggggg Without vision, the people perish | ODU alumna
k_rob7382 Ada, OK okay so @Saam_Jane got me to look into my horoscope like my sun/moon/rising/falling whatever and i don’t understand everything yet but i sure as heck understand our friendship better now 🤣🤣 aspiring to be @caittnadine25
kidviciouspgh PGH, bitch I checked the HBO Max playlist for my horoscope and it's a bunch of stuff I like 😒😒 the calliopes can be heard from here to Sewickley
epiphanyastro she/her 23 not my horoscope saying to look out for the number 1 repeatedly (as in 111) and now the mystics post their teaser at 11.11 and have an 11 in their bio I AM CURRENTLY NOT SANE #랔디: Here’s a song for you… Whoa by Paramore
rebajesse It seems that I should have listened to my horoscope a few days ago as apparently ex’s are just boomerangs and they keep coming back even though you throw them away. actor. creator. caffeine. 80s love. repeat. social media 👑 (she/her)
_at97 Pattern and Costar apps are so on point with my horoscope readings, and patterns… I literally have been in career mode for almost a year now just like my pattern read. It’s insane prestige ✨
jannababie she|her My horoscope has been saying recognition and money and promotions coming my way this month and ain’t crap happened yet :( no i am not impressed. eternally unimpressed with the state of this world. missing josh hrs 24/7 ㅇㅈㅎ
preciadonat It’s honestly creepy the way my horoscope is always on point… like I really been thinking about spending more alone time and away from people 🇵🇦
KyliePietras My horoscope today from @costarastrology in a way reminded me why I’m taking Pop & Globe this semester. It’s very important to stay aware and educated on the past, present, and future of our world. #pisces #etownpops Elizabethtown College ‘24 || History and Education major || SO204: Pop & Globe
Rawlzilla ???? It is libra season. My horoscope said I would feel energized and strong and here I am, dying trying to not fall asleep in class. King of the Losers 2K4ever. he/him
_Leeeeeeeez New York, NY. Bridgeport, CT My horoscope basically told me to relax and stop reacting based on emotion and confusion . But like I’m Pisces .. this what we do C’est La Vie
karanormal Colorado, USA My horoscope this morning was just: "Be a poem." And since it's the first day of fall, I think I'll go with Edgar Allan Poe. 🚀 Managing editor at @sentinelcolo. Storytelling, sarcasm and sazeracs. Pueblo is always home. Previous bylines: @pulpcolorado, @colo_politics, @ccdr.
Hubriscomics U.S.A., baby. I tried looking up my horoscope. My name's not in there.  Apparently, you only get a horoscope if you have a really weird name, like 'Cancer' and 'Scorpio'. #GoComics, #astrology, #horoscope, #cancer, #scorpio, #myname, #individual Cartoonist, outsider... wait... If I want to be Outside... what does that ... never mind. I'm going outside.
7leinah Cenon’s heart my horoscope telling me to find balance in my life and I’m like PLEASE IM TRYINGGG 😭😭😭 🇵🇭 | haniel f. | she/her(s)/siya | sjsu | C 09/27/2019 💘 | dog mom to bosco & momo 🐶 | #blm #stopaapihate #stopasianhate #stopALLhate
victorhugxx São Paulo, Brasil acting my age, not my horoscope, guess that's growing up now I'm sending you love and wishing you well 🧐
KarthikMe9 @homam108 Respected Sir, I tried messaging you but in vain. I only request you one time consult on my horoscope regarding the reunion with my wife and son . Living hell last 5yrs without them . Request you help me once thanks Proud Bharat|Tamil Iyer Brahmin by the grace of God|Follower Of Dr.Subramanian Swamy|I Support PM Modi's vision of #NewIndia
jennbojones Into The Unknown My horoscope has also changed from a bit chaotic energy to self-love. Going to start journaling a bit more and paying attention to my morning/evening routines 😊 QA Manager @FwdGameStudios | @theForwardXP, @wigj Ambassador, Games Industry speaker, 🎮🎲🕹️Ex: Gearbox & PlayStation | d&d addict | pirate | Gryffindor
shauneecole59 she/her/hers i have felt like i’m drowning this semester and described it as not being able to catch a break and my horoscope for today has the audacity to say “you’re not going to catch a break and be rescued” like girl PLZ HELP ME DONT HURT ME LIKE THIS Murray State '21 | “𝑠ℎ𝑒 ℎ𝑎𝑑 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑟𝑒𝑑, 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑢𝑡 𝑟𝑢𝑙𝑒 𝑜𝑟 𝑔𝑢𝑖𝑑𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒, 𝑖𝑛 𝑎 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑙 𝑤𝑖𝑙𝑑𝑒𝑟𝑛𝑒𝑠𝑠“ | 💖💛💙
FernandesGrace Boston, MA / Cape Cod, MA my horoscope asked me to lighten up and cooperate 🤪 We re-elected @EdMarkey ✨Simmons University 2020 | Already missing @standnow | she/they
LizerReal @RiotGrlErin when the moon was in the 7th house, a gemini threw tarot cards ninja-style at my dad, slicing his jugular, and as he bled out i heard him whisper "what's my horoscope today?" Wife of a guy. Mom to spawns. Sugar glider in my bra. On @Huffpost, @Buzzfeed, @TODAY_Parents (she/her) #BLM
spookysmalltits Northampton Sometimes my horoscope is too accurate and it’s annoying even if no one appreciates you, it's important that you don't stop being good
rosiipos 22 - joy & natz ♡ i stayed behind today so i can rest and my parents went out without me and i just had this in my horoscope ??? chaeryeong enthusiast (she/they) - multi gg stan
aquariustarve 17, she, hf and kpop i rlly dont want to go to art school today im just not in the mood. also like half the ppl there are tauruses and my horoscope told me to avoid earth suns soo 🤨🤨 waking up everyday to play anorexic teenage girl simulation love this game
namittanvi @homam108 Guru ji नमस्ते if I share my details with you can you please look at my horoscope and answer few questions? Thanks and warm regards Namit
FormerGHFanatic Boston, MA It’s like my horoscope knows I was watching #GH considering how underwhelming and boring with no payoff it’s been
murcury78 Party at yo mama’s house @PinheadAMC I’ll check the vibrations on my chart and consult with my horoscope. I think we can make this work. Followed By Adam Aron. #AMCneverleaving
linnea_lindh Manitoulin Island @Elliot_43 @TerrencePaul5 Today I am going to believe my positive. My soul mate is just around the bend and ALL my dreams are going to fulfilled. AT LAST! Why didn't I think of this sooner? I'm a BELIEVER! Visual artist, traditional techniques and contemporary themes.
Stenabina My horoscope said “Smoke that phatty, it’s been a long day” and you know what? Yes fkn ma’am😩 she knew she could, so she did . RIP Billa🤍 #WeezyWorld🕊
Princes81131880 Klamath Falls, OR My horoscope today was my rage can't burn it down but I can spread my rage far and wide. I had a really good day! It was outRAGEously good. Sending my rage far and wide. Love each other and it's better to be kind then right. ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ Good at everything great at nothing! 🌊resister🌊 I really love my 🐐 and 🐈. Let's fix the justice system!
chosen1_nae Went from reading my horoscope to saving a elephant.. I have a big heart. And my friend love elephants so I’ll be giving the bracelet to her. #savetheelephants ♉️ MIND ON OVERLOAD. Positive Soul. #ilovemotherhood #ilovefashion #ilovemusic #ilovelaughing #ilovelife Custom Clothing: Paper Dolls + PK; Brand: NaeBae
Soycrates Ontario I don't look at my horoscope, I just look at @MobyDickatSea 's daily tweet and apply whaling fiction to my emotional struggles. Even when it's just like "when seamen fall overboard, they are sometimes found" I still go 😩 so true what a salient metaphor for my misplaced keys 🍁 gaming goblin | Soulsborne enthusiast | pun provider | mod & streamer | oldschool Dungeon Master | vegan +10 yrs and not dead yet | jazz addict 🎵
uberplex Bronx my horoscope told me to be pissed off and I did it 🙏🏽 Alex! 24. I make good candles. i like pro wrestling and makeup and anime and stuff. they/them + she/her. I have an onlyfans
snugglebunnnyy Arizona, USA my horoscope is calling me out today, but I actually needed to hear it. I surely talk a lot of talk, but I need to start DOING. I have improved mentally, but I am failing socially, and I’m failing at actively pursuing my goals. Plenty of time to change 🌻 I like flowers and cute stuff idk
waitressshowbot RUN BY drjpomatter Listen to my horoscope before you skedoodle away. (He opens his paper and reads before she can make a getaway) 'Aquarius. Smooth sailing today as Mars enters your inner circle.' Whatever the hell that means. waitress musical bot | tweets every half hour!
JaylaWaylaH Texas, USA I hate when people choose friends or relationships according to the other persons zodiac sign. And I hate when people think they know everything about me because of my horoscope. It’s quite annoying💀. Heyyyy💀💙Celebrity Hairstylist/MUA
avafosterrrr My horoscope told me I was gonna obsessed the moment I meet my desire and here I am🙄👽 👽
CookingWRuthie @KimIversenShow Omg @KimIversenShow I’m crying right now! I never miss your show. You did my reading and Jeremyfrom GeeksandGamers ! For your birthday stream you did my horoscope. You are like the best. I would love to see you and Jeremy do a show together! Hi I’m Ruthy 👋💕 . I love the outdoors⛰ I enjoy running 🏃‍♀️ & ❤️ 🐶🐱 I’m part of the 💚Geeks+Gamers Mod,Discord Team & Run G+G Fan Pg IG. I❤️ SW Trump 2024
juicejohnson420 my girlfriend gonna look up my horoscope and see that i’m a virgin 😞 half the man i once was
ImaGoddessT So u mean when I wake up and my horoscope say u gonna walk into a monetary blessing today…so u mean to tell me every zodiac that’s the same as me receiving the same quote nahh fam… Going through my spiritual awakening…just here 2be honest with myself & others…we are more than the naked eye…supernatural spiritual beings. 🧘‍♀️🔮💫 $FlFly
dahliawrld999 Los Angeles, CA my coworker got me into reading my horoscope and its always so accurate ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
ImJustMe1979 Chicago, IL Oh so the moon is in Pisces? Let me look at my horoscope... Oh, would you look here, loneliness and sadness, just like every other day Come for the puns, stay for me gushing about my D&D sessions

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