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My horoscope.

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operaqueenie San Francisco Whoa. @ajscholz just sent me my horoscope... "Turning inwards will help you make tough decisions and give yourself the reality check you need at this moment. Don't second guess yourself, Scorpio." 👀 That part. creator. systempreneur. inventor. musician. hair magician. mommy. @polotek’s wife. running w/ @bbfounders, @zebras_unite, @buildtechtrust. founder @tinselwear.
e_ziare Manhattan, NY My horoscope said my heart’s the most unreliable rn and tbh where’s the lie, African-Americans lowball confused asf B o n j o u r ~ 📸:ZiZiBabylink
Juicemanjones_ Durham, NC My horoscope really really been talking to me 🤞🏾 like deadass legit everything that’s going on wimme it knows rn and that’s wild. It’s meant to be TLH.KVS💔 252 Bred 🦍
mollyjamsoften my horoscope tells me to go out and somewhere special and have fun and all I have to say is, how dare u Dear Diory, bich
lex4prez_ my horoscope said if i just smile more and be more upbeat then i’ll be happy... bitch fork off pls. rip to all my dead homies 🕊🕊
baekhole @dia_official @jen2dia Cause haley an instagrammer and emily can read my horoscope miguel has my heart | occasionally 18+ | retired sm ent trainee | multi fan and parody account
SabineSpecht2 Köln, Deutschland Too much tension and pressure is in my horoscope. - is even true - no hay noticias que reportar sobre mi excepto: soy una mujer y no tan estúpida como podría parecer 👌😉☝️ I said in Spanish: there is no news to report about me
WFDVM Continental @BethFratesMD But when I enter into a negative experience and I notice I can't bend it into something acceptable in a timely fashion ... then I must admit that I comply with the characteristics of my horoscope : I walk away without regret or vengeance ! Aquarius 😉 🙏 🤗 @Joanna_1968 Entrepreneur | 🇪🇸 🇨🇦 🇿🇦 🇬🇷 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 | It's all about Energy | Tapaz Cook | Galvanized by Ela Li'Ado™ | Like/Snow™
doestoyevsky mushroom with threatening aura i look at my horoscope predictions and its always: -mean • • PLEASE WATCH DR. STONE • • || 18+ || Multifandom • • || RT Heavy || • • 🌟 matchy with @tired_tsun 💕 @bandagedmckerel 💞 and @akutaegawa 💖 🌟 • •
sacred_twt trench my horoscope keeps telling me that a fire sign might come into my life again...and there’s only ONE FIRE SIGN I CARE ABOUT AND IT IF ITS NOT THAT FIRE SIGN I WILL RIOT tweets about the things i love, and what’s making me sad ✨
aigoovoo magic shop @taeagape idk haha maybe ill read my horoscope 2 times. taurus and aries 😅 otaku and army @BTS_twt ♡
dashnisachi Petaling Jaya, Selangor My parents follow numerology when naming a child so mine was to start with “Da” based on my birth time and date. They wanted to name me Dhurga but the priest apparently said my horoscope shows that I’ll be extremely stubborn and angry (like the goddess Dhurga). Thus, Dharshini. stay wild, moon child 🌙
WomansOwn London Ask your Alexa, "Alexa, what is my horoscope today?" to hear what's in store for you daily, weekly and annually from expert @sallymorganTV Woman's Own magazine - the best women's weekly in the UK
WomanMagazine UK Ask your Alexa, "Alexa, what is my horoscope today?" to hear what's in store for you daily, weekly and annually from expert @sallymorganTV Britain's no.1 women's weekly title
tessie_lala Lagos, Nigeria Omg I read my horoscope today and it was sooo accurate 😱 What’s your birth sign? Check yours! Taurus 🦋||Chinese Language translator ||ig:tessie_lala Snapchat:tessie_lala Sugar daddies please dm 😌
_ohthatsKi KSU 🦉 GA My horoscope basically told me I’m bout to get some money and to be smart with it. But the gag is, I’m a college student so Ian even getting a stimulus check 💀 Romans 8:18 meets Proverbs 31:25 💝👑
womanandhome London If you have an Alexa and want to know your horoscope, why not ask “Alexa what is my horoscope today?” and you’ll hear from expert astrologer and psychic @SallyMorganTV The biggest selling monthly women's lifestyle title on the newsstand. Follow us on Instagram:
RichardKSense United Kingdom My virtual friend is doing my horoscope. I told her I like tropical fish and blowing bubbles. She says I sound like a typical Aquarium Proud Chief Executive of brilliant @sensecharity @senseinternatl Director @WhitefieldNews Vice Chair @DCPCampaign. Likes: social distancing. Views my own.
Dewrob2 @THstraya2017 Well imagine that now, I'm not surprised but my horoscope was talking about a friend and I thought, friend, I don't have any friends but I didn't think about twitter!
BitchItsCass Yorktown, VA My horoscope told me to take small risks and idk where to go w that information I’m a lesbian•don’t dm me unless you’re trynna send me money•Rip Bryce✝️
AnaesthesiaGas @Jon_D_Dennis @Anaes_Journal @Twitter I sent on a picture of a cat that said "send this to 20 people and you won't get coronavirus" so I'm not bothering with PPE. As back up I checked my horoscope too.
cyntxt womp central WHY DID A GIECO AD ON SPOTIFY JUST CALL OUT MY SIGN AND TELL ME MY HOROSCOPE she/her • 22 • sf bay area..... slurp 💖💜💙
FatGoz Who would’ve thought my followers would be the only people I vibe with, my horoscope said to spend more time connecting with others on social media and I’m pretty sure it was telling me to start posting exercises on IG 🤪 idk I’m not a clairvoyant SW: 280lbs CW: 198lbs GW:180lbs, here to get healthy and make hot takes along the way
riskypatterns Harlingen, TX @stoopkidinc yeah vro i can send you 62 beats for $10 im just an honest hardworking fella ya dig? let's create, i feel your energy like idk man the chakras just feel great and my horoscope said im finna work with some1 cool this month so i mean.... @NINEFlVESIX / @TheBattleThread
arianaruiizz california i hate geminis yet my horoscope today was like sext a gemini get freaky deaky w them and im just like .. there's one gemini who's dick I'd suck but that's about it 😔 psych major who cries every day
dont_do_coCAINe day ??? of quarantine and i read my horoscope, and it made sense, what is this quarantine doing to me?
abbygorzlancyk I checked my horoscope for the first time in my life a few months ago and it told me that I would be living in a state of chaos from March of 2020 until March of 2024 and I blew it off... but now I’m really concerned! just want to bake cookies and listen to Kasey Musgraves
chrisssssy_bx My horoscope told me to have more than one boyfriend and now my current boyfriend’s mad at me like I’m the one that wrote it 😭
wwgtablet Hamptonville, NC Abingdon, VA @rak_strong I would be a lion. Why? Because it's my horoscope, I have brown hair, and I totally rule my domain. Roar! Author of Brimstone's Knight (sci-fi trilogy) Save the planet! #resist #coexist #equality 🌈📚🎨🌊☕
Tamera_C_ My horoscope and the tarot card readings never miss. Most of them are spot on. Proverbs 3:5-6💕UofL20 Pray. Prepare. Prosper. 🙏🏾✨❣️👩🏽‍🏫
MattMaloneMD I'm beginning to think my horoscope about getting out more and meeting people this month was a load of old Uranus. If I'm smiling whilst you're singing, I'm probably thinking about roast potatoes.
jjallday_ California, USA My mom told me to look at my horoscope in the newspaper. It said that someone would disappoint me today and to focus on myself. Guess I forgot to inform the mystics I’m no longer with my ex... 🙃 Let’s vibe and create good times 💖 she/her Welcome to my thoughts ✌🏽 IG: littleladypanda_ Model/promoter for @gorgeousnmare 🦄 Cofounder of @festivalbabes2 👾
beefyminister one of my horoscope apps just tried to get me to get on a dating app??? No thanks! masturbating is great and coronavirus is real and tbh i simply don’t want to Beefcake. Feminist. Justice seeker. Tattooed minister. Bourbon lover and burgeoning writer. A + hug giver. he/him/Daddy
berwynbungalow Berwyn, Illinois (Chicagoland) @georgeegirl @MaryanneChisho2 You’ll never guess what my horoscope says. And it seems so... accurate. 😉 My favorite season is the fall of the patriarchy. Warren Democrat.
kymoneyhoney Florida my horoscope : *something very vague and broad* me : does he wanna fork me or not ain’t McDonald’s but u luvin it ✨| Music is the great communicator |
desgmgy_ STUDENT1STA 🦂 my horoscope today slapped me in the face n held me in my cheeks softly and whispered wise advice lol gmorning bitch better an oops than a what if.
LiamSayyWhaat In Formation I’m sure reading my horoscope a lot for someone who literally can’t do anything except sit the fork inside and wallow Dancer x Choreographer //
deannaainsworth My horoscope says something good will happen at the end of the month and I'm not sure if I've become desperate for a sign things will get better or if I'm actually losing it basing my life off of my horoscope ma | nurse tech 🔜 RN | ♡
nicktblake Just looked at my horoscope and it said to listen to lil peep all day, sorry for the incoming spam For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
nf09794 I think they wanna kill my family because my horoscope threat me if someone killing my family nobody will stay alive because I killing myself I swear to my father and my ancestor..... So b careful what you do ..,...!!! Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind I'm just a little child age 19🎻🐇
sanjanacurtis Los Alamos, NM This dude was like "OH REALLY tell me my horoscope then" after learning that I was an astrophysicist. So I stared at him with a straight face and said "sure, but it's not looking good" Astrophysics grad student @NCState; currently @LosAlamosNatLab; writer for @astrobites; severely curious; she/her 🇮🇳 ➞ 🇺🇸
urbanmint Read my horoscope today and it said I’M STILL QUARANTINE. 😭 👻💜
HannahYasharoff My horoscope: Pay attention to your dreams this week, they hold important insight about your future My dream last night: I won a Popeyes chicken sandwich eating relay competition and the prize was getting to sing on stage with Taylor Swift @USAToday Entertainment & Travel Reporter • #MerrillMade • I wrote my way out ⭐️
kaaaaaaliii California I found out that I get to pull off a virtual conference that's happening in a month...good thing my horoscope said this month is all about focusing and thriving
duhfackk boston. checked my horoscope and the crap said “it’s hard to mind your own business today” like i’m going to bed lmao 🤷🏾‍♀️
DistractedGlowb @LiteraryMouse Yeah. Ever since we've been told to stay put, the writers of my horoscope podcast have been interpreting things like, "Reconnect with an old friend FROM A DISTANCE" and "Use today to focus on your home and living space" or "Today you'll want to REST AND RECHARGE, INSIDE" Mostly cats and ranting here. I don't like hugs. 90's millennial. Ask me about my pronouns ko-fi:
_CoffeeMascara Canada I’ve always been pretty in to my horoscope, it’s something my mom and I used to check out together because we’re both Virgos
FashionJunkyRE Hate reading my horoscope cause some type of way me and this African-American feeling the same type of way (2 Leo’s) JUST LIVE'N LEARN'N LOVE'N ND ENJOY'N LIFE.. WHY NOT...U ONLY GET ONE ... Instagram : CEO_1218
sabcatsilver San Francisco, CA @aklw Erm dog thing wasn't in Tenderknob. Maybe I should have read my horoscope or something for this week cos it's been a crap show really. Oh and I miss your ice cream v much 🏳️‍🌈 Ambivert, hacker obsessionist, lame jokes&typo expert. Xenagorabibliomaniac. Rusting polyglot. 🇲🇾,🇨🇳, 🇫🇷 and 🇸🇬 made. Puzzling non-stop.
__loveasj Okinawa Decided to read my horoscope today and it’s crazy how relatable and accurate it can be. Down to literally saying things I’ve said this week verbatim. That’s always reassuring.