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My horoscope.

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hayleykennedy0 My horoscope basically just told me to go buy a vibrator and focus on my self/my career and I’m honestly here for it trying to grow
Madi_Rausch Yesterday my horoscope told me “your crush doesn’t like you back” and today it said “your date is gonna be perfect”. WHAT DATE? My crush doesn’t like me, remember?! ♍️
laureninrealife Chicago, IL My horoscope even knows how single I am for VDay it told me this would be "a good night to stay in and be alone" the lights are so bright but they never blind me ♍️☀️♑️🌙♌️🔺 she/her
mpusay101 Johannesburg, South Africa My horoscope says someone who is confused and in a third party situation is following/stalking me. This person already has a family but they want to play mind games and I’m just not having it. How is this person still confused because I’m no longer in the picture? 😂🚮 Love + light. Elephants🐘 are my absolute fav. Supersensitive, yet so big hearted. My Mom is my anchor.
D_SHAWNPAUL DASHAWN PAUL STUDIOS, NJ 08344 Whole time I'm a libra ⚖️ and never check my horoscope creative photographer | studio owner 75% vegan 25% mac n cheese connoisseur
_andreean_ Cleveland, OH My horoscope said I’d have a great Valentine’s Day. My grades are slipping, I’m sick and I don’t have a valentine... what’s going on! Psych @ KSU//24 :)
resisterhood The Commonwealth of Virginia Madonna: it’s human nature and I’m not sorry My horoscope: Arab-American. Feminist. Democrat. I’ve probably knocked on your door. Opinions my own, RTs/follows/likes ≠ endorsements.
Foreverr_youung Vermont My horoscope the past couple days has been telling me that I’ll need surgery and WHAT DO YOU KNOW IT WAS RIGHT HAHAHAHAHA |25| Carson Alexander 7-7-17 💙 | #cannamom 🌿 @Mike_Stud & @hueymack are why I'm here | @NiykeeHeaton is my angel | cash app- kaylanicholee1| I.M 🥰|
c1010lie Indonesia @cr0b1n what is sun, moon and rising? i just know my horoscope is Libra 🤣
Siva_Safwat I really love how my horoscope is deeply close to my heart and thoughts ! 💛 Mankosha..not my hair only,it's a lifestyle/ yellow addict🌻/ Zawawy/ليا عالمى الخاص و*كل*الدخل مستحملشso plz keep urself away/ leave a sparkle wherever u go 💛
Baggs500 North Charleston, SC If u think my horoscope defines me gone head and slide 😑 Getting Paid📲Everyday I kno🙏🏾 This crap gone Take Me Far🤑💰🛣💸💸‼️
ZVRLab New York, NY My horoscope says that this will be an auspicious and prosperous year with better results in fields like career! 🧐 Puerto Rican Neuroscientist Gaymer @ColumbiaPsych @ColumbiaPTSD Interested in discrimination learning, VR, psychopathology, and cognitive maps. He/Him
lexxchristinee my horoscope said I would get closure from a past relationship, and I think my dream last night just gave it to me in the most blunt way...happy valentines to me(: Pisces ♓️ ~ Bass Babe👽 ~ Living my best life🦋
thereal_jackiep My horoscope says I have a tendency to self-destruct whenever I can’t handle my own emotional baggage and honestly, Happy Friday folks! Let’s run it back Giving the people what they want
emshermz24 suck my ass @beljanaeriff god same but for aquarius. I'm like, "that crap's fake" and then my horoscope says some crap like, "stop trying to please everyone all the time" and then I'm just 🥺🥺🥺 931 ➡️ 423 ➡️ 901. University of Memphis, 2020. she/her. Silence is worse; all truths that are kept silent become poisonous.
vaaaalerieeee Anaheim, Ca.🌴 My horoscope told me to dm someone today (actually yesterday) and I didn’t smh Wild’n cuz I’m young💫ig: @xovaleriem / @vals_aesthetic
wepregnant backstage @my mans concert Just checked my horoscope and it says I’m supposed to fork u mommy of ace🦋. family comes first👨‍👩‍👦expecting soon 7/15/2020💕
Slaymelia Indy my horoscope said I may be sensitive and irritable today but like when am I not either of those? 19 ♓️
alexis_jones8 My horoscope has been so on point lately and it’s kind of getting creepy. better high than low
mariadh542 Ontario, CA I’m just waiting for midnight so I can read my horoscope and fill y’all in :’)
museawayfic cover/icon: tgcf manhua My horoscope apparently claims I'm supposed to have a fling this month, and since I have no human prospects, I took matters into my own hands & am having a fling with Guardian. Celebrating our short-lived love with these out-of-context screencaps Writer | TGCF #hualian | MDZS #wangxian | VLD #sheith | Free! #rinharu | space | foxes | Mod @ficwip @BangSheith @VLDexchange
teawithlyons Here I told a girl my horoscope was a cancer and she asked me if I cry a lot hahahahaha motivated by love, solitude, and plants.
niamhradford If my horoscope doesn’t stop talking about love and relationships, I’mma have to kms. Bc I’m really not with the craps if it ain’t about the dream, than it ain’t about me. 🌤
danasaurusrex22 Saw my horoscope on snap today and it said "slide into his DMs" NOW am I going to EXCESSIVELY think about whether or not I really should and then eventually chicken out like the little bitch baby I am? Yes. The answer is yes. I really like David Bowie and I don't understand why people keep telling me gummy bears can't be my favorite food
realliyahlove Somewhere with Your Gf 🥰 @Nae_tuukuteee I saw that on google and my horoscope says it too maybe it’s true 🤔 Brand Ambassador Always looking to network 🥰 Insta 📸 : therealliyahlove Click the link below 👇🏾
Adorableblogs Just checked my horoscope and it said I’m supposed to fork your ass instagram @Whorableblogs Tits out for girls and gays only, men look away
wtfjade so at the start of the year my horoscope read that it’s a good year for a gemini to travel with an aquarius and i laughed my bottom off bcos my eldest brother and i are horrible travel companions. unwittingly i forgot my mom’s an aquarius too! leafy
Chayyslayys Boca Raton, FL I read my horoscope at midnight and at 12:20am this morning I had the confirmation & just 2 hours ago ANOTHER confirmation. This is wild 🇯🇲 CUT THE CAMERAS, Deadass. Follow my Instagram : Chayyslays
courtneyahunt Ohio Also may I repeat I lied to the kid and said I was going to yoga but instead am on the couch and am about to order Chinese food. High point over here. My horoscope told me to chill today so I’m trying to do just that. Art & Design Librarian | Feminist | She/Her | Views are solely my own
ssoadorable Wow.. my horoscope said someone from my past would show up. It’s been saying that for two weeks and SOMEONE FROM MY PAST SHOWED UP... 🥴😫🤪 Be Resilient. ✨ Goddess. 🧝🏾‍♀️
bonebabey my horoscope: be weird! it’s okay! you are unique and fun and unequivocally you! my friends: you are the most interesting person i know me *eating cheezits and laying on the floor of my philosophy classroom*: sounds fake but okay i’m sorry but name one way you are more interesting than aly
valeton_vi Vilnius, Lithuania my horoscope for feb said i can chill out this month but here i am stuck in projects and editing and drawing at 2 am drinking wine i got as a present for my birthday and feeling lost violetta / vi | зеленоглазая ведьма & graphic designer | mostly bts fanart | ig: valeton_vi |
Taelasoul_ Toronto, Ontario I read my horoscope and it told me that i’d be crying on valentines day.. how lovely. -taurus-aspiring photographer-anime lover-
269Chef None of Ya Business I don't know if this is in my horoscope but: I am the first person to help others and the last to ask for help. This is who I am, and this is what I’m like --- WMU
itsnotevenasia Shreveport, LA @qxeenmiracle Bitch ongggg my horoscope told me I was going on an adventure and here I am wit my weed head ppl not getting high just existing 😭😭 Yes I’m following more people than I have followers but you a follower in real life 🙂
DesiProdigyFKP Atlanta, GA My horoscope be super accurate it’s like the stars aligned and god has it all planned out for me and my future it’s already written and planned out for me so tbh I ain’t gonna stress about nothing anymore life’s too short I just need money. Atlanta Model Fitness Photographer Author & more. GSU20 + Mental Health
The_Real_Saige MW, LGSTA my horoscope didn’t tell me everything was falling apart today and you are dying. ima lovable bubble
kay_ass_why this morning my horoscope (which i don’t read often) said i was going to be lucky all day. and damn was it right. #thelittlethings thug wife. 👐🏼 dodgers. bears. lakers.
ColeTatham1 Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Reading my horoscope telling me I overcommit to relationships that aren’t in tune with my emotional needs. gnashing my teeth and punching drywall My Shelley Duvall x Jerry Springer erotic fanfic coming to a Borders Bookstore near you
SarahSunshinex LMAO I FORGOT MY PHONE AT HOME TODAY AND CAMR HOME FROM 1 NOTIFICATION FROM MY HOROSCOPE ACT. I’m so popular guys wow. Fordham university educated. NY❤️. I tweet about my life and my love for @macmiller but I’m mostly here for the cat videos. #jointheresistance
Lionpansies AZ My horoscope is telling me to Work Hard and Play Hard 😂 Disclaimer: Do not give me any coffee after 3PM. Leo ☀️ Aquarius 🌑 @UnkindG 🌸 #EliasStrong
iamthegoldeng0d being gay means checking my horoscope and also the horoscopes of my bf and crushes and all exs just in case (they/them)
itslailauni my horoscope said me and cash are the perfect couple. yessir 🤑💚 i like tacos
maggles_smith Bohemian Rat City The author of my horoscope just saw Dear Evan Hansen and has a lot to say. A’18/LUC’22 | She/Her/Her’s | Shakespeare’s best friend and Mark Twain’s worst nightmare.
gnarmellion I was going to pop a zit but then it did my horoscope and it was all true
vemrxo ruff buff i take my horoscope with a grain of salt and think of it as a reflection point to ponder on when i feel myself going through events it describes this is basically my finsta except i don’t care enough to make it private
taylor_gerhard Carneys Point, NJ My horoscope is telling me to take the next step in my career and I'm like bitch I just started this job a month ago 🤣 ░I░ ░c░a░m░e░ ░d░o░w░n░ ░f░r░o░m░ ░t░h░e░ ░s░t░a░r░s░ ░☆░
trishfreeman24 Durban, South Africa @asanda_01 @Nduna_Mzi I’m super content with my horoscope and monthly reviews😂😂 I'm that girl who always has the giggles!
_Zeets Pallet Town, Kanto Going to start making people agree to a long legal document of terms and conditions before disclosing my horoscope since it seems to be the first question everyone asks now [Let bygones be bygones now. Done is done. / How on earth can a man rage on forever?] -- Writer @Sbnation