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jclementiiine nbma⚓️ my horoscope always on pointtttt Insta: julesclementss || Blessed ✶✷✸✹ || 👼🏼👼🏼|| Gemini 🌈
britnell22 Beverly Hills, CA My horoscope says I’m compatible with scorpios. So any Scorpio’s wanna hmu and ruin my life x Liking hip hop is a personality trait x | insta: @itslucybritnell
wiitchbIades my horoscope told me to be a whore..... wtf proof that tony stark has a heart
megmalx Wales, United Kingdom I’m the type of girl that will stop talking to a boy because my horoscope says his sign is bad for me a right laugh after a can or 5 🍻
TRAPGODRAM Ohio Well it seems as if my horoscope was right Love & Loyalty
yessjewls Cloud one87☁️ My horoscope be on point 😥
kodietg Canada The level of confidence I get when my horoscope tells me I’m going to be able to accomplish everything I need to this weekend is astounding. Redhead. Not currently a scientist. Went back to school. Getting educated and stuff. 🏰🐲🦄🍁🍄😺💃🏻
VodkaGravas Out in sunny LA I just read my horoscope, it told me I should score some dope and flip it for a mortgage note - @MCNocando Audio Engineer, battle rapper, Co-owner of #JordanRiverRecordings IG: @JordanRiverRecordings
Mikaelaharbowyy North Carolina, USA Honolulu “Sadness is not something to be ashamed of, but reckless anger is an embarrassing substitute.” My horoscope is coming for blood sup u faka
pinkfIame Fort Worth, TX read my horoscope n it said lesgetit tryna find the truth about a lot of things
JOONSHAE London, England i hate the fact that my horoscope is always accurate it’s actually scary #NAMJOON: I didn’t make everythingoes for you to be a dickhead.
gaytattoo Probably at a con.. Y’all my horoscope really out here telling to do what I want this weekend 😂🙌🏻 Actress. Filmmaker. avid con goer. Space nerd. Real life Raven Reyes. Childhood cancer advocate.🎗 Hella gay.💕 #LGBTfansdeservebetter
sammiexjayne norwich sick of my horoscope being accurate as crap n hurting my feelings all the time like .... ouch x — passionate about dogs, pasta and sunsets x @privatesammie + @extraprvsjd
raininjulyvinyl she/her // music+yt my horoscope attacks me every forking day and i’m sick of it . co star ur hurting my feelings man — they don’t mean what they did before @girlstalkafi
isabellasolinis Me not doing any of the work I was meant to do cuz my horoscope says “you need a break”
sucker4lace United Kingdom okay so my horoscope today said that somebody will surrender their pride and just tell me how much they love me? anyone ?? 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑
JojoQuotesBot1 DIO's World (Damn it all! I have to get Wamuu's antidote! Kars wants to kill me! Was this in my horoscope?!) Random lines from the entirety of JJBA Parts 1 & 2, and almost all of Part 3, where I only have 4 episodes left to add.
BexyLynxh brookanna: i know *ark* and i never had and never will have a chance. im not a dumb ass brookanna mins later: MY HOROSCOPE SAID ID GET SOMETHING UNBELIEVABLE THAT IVE ALWAYS WANTED. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS *wedding bells* /black and beautiful/ 20/love melanie martinez and becky lynch/ layout by @flairinthenight
glitterashes London, England Ok my horoscope just read me to filth rn i won’t not fork you the fork up
_Akeefah England, United Kingdom Looked to my horoscope for some motivation and it told me to spend more money
TerroirMerroir Alsace, France How wine fair specific is my horoscope today?! I looooove it. Wine & Oyster lady. Into fine dining, design hotels & tattoos. Nomad. Cares for the ocean. Team Terroir Podcast! 🇩🇪 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇳🇴 🇮🇸 🇫🇷
mheldenbrand_19 Bartlett, TN Checking my horoscope: Better be careful Mercedes is in Gatorade. UM ‘20🐯Active Minds, ♡ ΑΔΠ, EL ✨DECA, UTD, Coaching for Literacy & SS, SOS, YAF, CR, FWL, NSLS, NSCS, CEB.
eiaapolonio Ilo, PH Read my horoscope today and it’s accurate asf 😅 ig: eiaapolonio
skino4united lagos My horoscope for 2day: Hi Skino, It's unlike you, but today you rely on your intuition to guide you through some tricky territory, Virgo. You may be somewhat distressed by the behavior of the people close to you.... Infinix Xclub Super Moderator, mobile tech enthusiast,Jumia sales consultant/lifeguard. I am just me.Simple fun loving & considerate about everything around me.
nataliebrianna_ shouldve read my horoscope earlier cuz idk how to act LOL but do you like b𝖆𝖘𝖘 in your mfkn face?
OliveBalmer 502/812 damn is this my horoscope?? ♑️🦋~IU alum~balanced
agapi_sou Johannesburg, South Africa My horoscope keeps dragging me. Lol. It's self-explanatory 🏳️‍🌈
shaunasugar lv I’ve added my horoscope to my bio and if a bitch makes fun of me for it they’re getting blokt. thnk u, as u were. welcome to my crib. i cry a lot. she/her. Gemini ☼ Scorpio ☾ Libra ↑ Cancer ♀
user6od Why is my horoscope always right omg @Ioftmusic’s
makeupjaded @norvina1 i read my horoscope & im hoping it is some sort of sign that the universe & i am putting out 💜 @ABHcosmetics INSTAGRAM: @makeupjaded Glitter Queen• a life lived for art is never a life wasted
tabithaxann nevada, soon to be oregon my horoscope said something big is about to happen for me (!!!!!!) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ be kind and make art • i make wire wrapped jewelry { aqua ☼ libra ↑ pisces☽ } 🧚🏻‍♀️🍄🦎🦋🕊✨
AricnaGrand ♡ III - XI - MMXIX ♡ horoscope is so accurate it’s scary. Occasionally on stage. Most times wearing a ponytail. Can cry in E6. Fur baby momma. Always loving myself. | A parody of @ArianaGrande. FAN ACC. ʚĭɞ — 18+
eisiaxo My horoscope is too on point and it scares me wtf lol ig: xeisiao
JesikaaR__ I trust my horoscope crap, so one more time then I’m done. sc: keepinnupwithJ | insta: _BabyJ.__
leahdb98 @Mako reading my horoscope just forked me up. good forking night. 20 || ariana grande stan || use code mob
myah_naranjo Albuquerque, NM so @feliciaa07 told me to read my horoscope for today and it got me forkED up. i’m NEVER reading my horoscope again’ 🙄😐
brandi_manuel llas i’ve had a very stressful week, it’s payday & my horoscope told me to just buy a plane ticket & go so um ... deuces 💫✌🏽💕 live more, worry less ♡
nizzy_drizzy Delco✈️Nola Can my horoscope fork right off Believer of ghosts
fentastically @guardnexus @GeraiNeon @beingevil Y'all got all my fav soups omfg dishonour on my horoscope (Leo) (I don't h8 clam chowder but I just don't eat it unless i don't have a choice HAHAHA) 21⬆ 腐向 / mild NSFW ■ ENG/中文/日本語(少しだけ) ■ A Fen who tries to scribble ■ RT Heavy ☆ JoJo & SVSSS & LOGH ☆ ko-fi 💖:
Bot_DanHowell "I was born on June 11- so my horoscope is a Gemini!" #DanIsNotOnFire #PhandomBot Dan Howell bot! Posting Dan facts, quotes and memes~! ❤️
rachydsena Adelaide, South Australia My horoscope just told me that I am worthy of the things I really want in life and I honestly cried twitter is currently my journal and I should probably get a lock
b_r_tt Vancouver, British Columbia Me not listening to my horoscope player on @zerd20_, plus size blogger, nonprofit worker, and all around nerdy feminist human. instagram- b_r_tt she/her pronouns.
beinaicila I get mad at my horoscope when it's too accurate bc it's telling me things I don't want to hear Manhattan socialite turned art student
Brittanyyek i love reading my horoscope. 🇳🇬|Northern Illinois University|Jeremiah 29:11|1896💜
im2Pac West LA Idk how I feel bout my fav WR dissing my horoscope 🤣 📷: @CaesarioD 👻: SwaggedYoHoe

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