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My horoscope.

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Tripti_Agg New Delhi, India My answer to My birth date is 27/9/84 13:40 and location is Hyderabad. What’s wrong with my horoscope as I lost my job and cannot find one? Astrologer
nailahernandez9 i faithfully read my horoscope everyday and NEVER listen to it😭lmfaooooooooihatemyselfooooooo queen sh*t | instagram~ naila.hernandez
DontCallMeMad For real though why does my horoscope come for me everyday like “how does your baggage affect your ability to love and be loved?” LEAVE ME ALONE the incredible sulk
skino4united lagos My horoscope for 2day: Hi Skino, It's a good day to express your thoughts and feelings, Virgo. Whether it's a loved one who'd appreciate affectionate words or a colleague who requires instruction, communication will... Infinix Xclub Super Moderator,core fan, tech enthusiast,Jumia sales consultant, lifeguard. I am just me.Simple fun loving & considerate about evrytin around me.
lurns_ebooks heck??? My horoscope this morning and someone left the coffee brewing with no soul walked in on dead Oprah. i like soup
BeatingPrince probs in muji My horoscope told me to not lie or deceive anyone today. The whole day, Cata and I convinced people that Valenzuela doesn’t exist. Our classmate who lives in Valenzuela believed in it. Mariya Takeuchi's Plastic Love but sadder. 🥴😞✊🍆💦 Rufa Mae Quinto stan account
kdvilendrer Boise, ID Okay my horoscope lately has been whack and nothing makes sense..... wtf, give me something good Wild soul with a good heart🌻✨RadSci Major 📚 • 23 ♎️
MollyHelsby1 Manchester, England Wow read my horoscope yesterday and it said I will hear something I relate too, today Taylor Swift has brought out a song about busy chumps chatting crap 😀 born slippy
bustamante_edna I’ve never believed in my horoscope then I have today. I know this is my time and I’m not planning on waisting it! IG: ednaabee_ 📷|Snap:Ednaabee_27👻 |J6💍|CA🌴|23💁🏼‍♀️|MakeupJunkie💄 New YT videos every week link below📷
its_itzeell normally I dont pay attention to my horoscope that much bc like most of the time its just basic crap that everyone is feeling or goes through in life BUT BITCH ONE OF THEM CAME UP ONE MY TUMBLR FEED and ummm I feel so damn attacked and im not sure what to do with my life anymore live and let live
ReganDrown I just read my friends horoscope for tomorrow and this month and I was like damn that sucks for them and then I realized it matches up with my horoscope..crap mhs ‘22 ctw
Flexfiles_ Illinois, USA My horoscope was saying nothin but facts today and that’s word to my bum bottom baby father. Mexicana 🇲🇽, Creative, 9/10 with the craps
Tae_Tae711 My horoscope was sooooooo right today... and I did exactly what it said i should do #Chante'👼🏾 #CSU16 💙💛❤️ Inner peace is the New Success 🙇🏾💜
meggs21 Checked my horoscope today... and let me tell you it was vastly off. I hate to say it, but the stars have lied "Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you" - RBG Miami University. Love & Honor ❤
Kenz_Official ☼ St. Augustine ☼ My horoscope keeps coming for me and I don’t appreciate it all i do is eat and sleep and sing
whaliensbitch Brisbane, Queensland Every time I read my horoscope and my rising/moon signs it says love is about to blossom yet I’m still single Shine, Dream, Smile 💖
kristinacurly_ Detroit ugh IG isn’t working for me right now and I really need to see which Mary-Kate and Ashely movie I would be according to my horoscope ok cool
kaitlynisdumb Boston, MA Well guys my horoscope says “a collaboration with others that touches on your hopes and dreams for the future” so ??? Youtube series about art school featuring all my friends??? Ya i think so hi im kaitlyn your local massart animation student she/her/hers 💖💜💙
LILSHARMUTA m ❥ me checking my horoscope today as if it’ll fix anything but idk what else to do except accept the fact that i’m depressed and forked up and no amount of money towards therapists will ever help me and me bettering myself won’t make the people i love, love me back i know my eyelash is falling off in my profile pic and my nose is huge please leave me alone
caroline_arana Chicago And my horoscope predicted it all fork this aspiring director and designer, 70s rock enthusiast, happy plant mom
DollFearss Ohio @catholicnun420 My horoscope: u lazy bitch get the fork up off of your bed and stop being a hoe send me money on my paypal and venmo so I can buy Diet Coke and cigarettes
sharonewrites Washington, DC @special_boots @barlow_julia @bear_foot @thesusan PEOPLE my horoscope today is about the jumpsuit party and it’s not even ambiguous lister, reader, cheese niffler. coauthor of The Routledge Introduction to American Women Writers (2016), eater of too many jelly beans, possessor of no chill.
KasiaKennis yo my horoscope has been freakishly accurate this week and I’m shooketh do what makes your soul happy • CW 10/3/15
DesiBullets_ Allston - Brighton, Boston My horoscope keep telling me don’t bring the horns out just chill and my stubborn bottom just wanna do the opposite so bad 😭😭 sc: dezi_licious ig: badgyaldezi
aaprillv my horoscope for today: go home, relax, eat a bunch of junk food and watch movies you desire because today is your day. 29:11
Radicalchu Am i a private person bc of my trust issues and anxiety or because of my horoscope hmmmmmmmm wise words from an anus;;; dream code: 4D00-001C-295C she/her/they/them
ShalonMckenzie3 Fall River, MA My horoscope said there would be a big life changing change in my future to come this year and I’m like haha fork that...yet I want to change my appearance now for some reason
D0EY_ Stockton, CA My horoscope said I need more love in my life and someone has been trying to reach out and give me a long term relationship full of love...all I have to do today is open up my heart, k so wya my love? 👀
sbiagioni was so mad at *pple, two weeks ago i made the switch over to a g**gle p*xel. then cried three times when my horoscope apps didn’t work. went back yesterday, traded my phone back to an *pple. and they said i was the first person to ever come back and do that?! lemme put cool clothes on you Fresh to Death Vintage• instagram: @okbiagioni & @freshtodeathvintage
zackffair plegia i am very cool and mysterious and intriguing just like my horoscope says actually. i never am a mess. the soul of sweet delight, can never be defil'd. (commissions open)
castlehurricane North Carolina, USA My horoscope said to ‘burn it all down and start over today.’ Me: 24 || Blogger & YouTuber || Loves animals, astrology, books, nature, quidditch, writing, and superheroes 🐬 🌊 🐾 ♒️ Contact:
natweingart Ventura, CA Well my horoscope today told me not to flatter my friends so basically if you’re my friend, you’re a bitch (and I love you) “I am very small and I have no money, so you can imagine the stress I am under”
reeybear My horoscope told me I would feel like everything is collapsing today I thought it was wrong... BUT here we are I’m crying and eating gummy worms 🥺🤪 Love yourself bitch 💗 #pride my plants are dying. RIP 🥺
ory_81 @HBO I am Gemini and yes my horoscope is correct. #GameOfThronesforever Grande lettrice di romanzi e romanzesca lettrice. Gattara, coldplayer e serie tv dipendente. #amala
SimplySpoiled02 I read my horoscope today and the last line said “There are invisible angels protecting and guiding you the entire way, each and every day.” I could cry right now UTA ‘17 | Multi-tasking. Problem solving. Requires coffee. Your favorite Recruiter
itsMrTremayne Ohio, USA Read my horoscope in today’s newspaper and it hit the nail right on the head. when i look outside my window, i can’t get no peace of mind. 💫
blindsey__ my horoscope told me i have too much on my plate and that i need to take a step back and chill tf out ON THE SAME DAY I ACCEPT A 2ND JOB 🆘 y am i like this :(
Coffiiibean My horoscope being so damn accurate recently and having crap solutions for the problems is just a representation of life really a bean
LisaSarazin Ottawa, Ontario I don't ever read my horoscope but I will dedicate my life to astrology if any of them accurately predicted that this year I'd be excited about watching basketball and mad about watching Game of Thrones. Because being a marketing professional without a Twitter handle is punishable by law in some countries.
kayleigh_dumas Jokes R Us My horoscope told me to treat myself like an egg today so if anyone needs me I will be curled up in a cardboard box until someone opens it up and throws me into scalding water. gimme your tots
nfinititriniti “You are ready to release the past and open your heart to true love.” lmaaOoo 🥴😬 my horoscope tweakin 😂😂 higher state of mind
jmznia I need dick in my life asap and my horoscope says I’m gonna prosper soon I'm a queen crowned in my curls oh and I'm not eye candy I'm soul food. Rip Zay ❤️ UNCG, Marshall 💗 trying to convince my shadow I’m someone worth following
__lemonsss My horoscope said “don’t carry too much baggage” and Kitana said “Too late, you’re an airport” JDJDJEJEJDIDKEND sweeter than sweet
kellymakena ok so maybe I don’t buy into astrology, but when I open co-star and my horoscope is this accurate???? really makes you think. tech policy @verge | formerly @journalstarnews + @cqnow | makena[dot]kelly@theverge[dot]com
MarkyWoot Illinois, USA Read my horoscope today it just says I'm gonna spend all day watching speed run videos and eating a sandwich. Bachelor life kinda crazy. the grind💪😤nevr stops 🛑catch ✊ me out working on my craft 🎸🎭 evry day! Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, god👏, luv ❤️count 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ ur blessings. Exodus 4:24–26
wartortois Philadelphia, PA i read my horoscope and look at co-star daily because i can’t afford therapy 🧜‍♂️🌙
Kurtashian UD Alum Also just told Brynn a conspiracy theory and then checked my horoscope I love sports but I don't play games
_dmoney1207 New York, USA Even my horoscope is more honest then some of y’all..we KNOW money can’t buy happiness but it can buy things like piece of mind and security which are very important! Don’t ever let anyone shame you, it’s ok if you want better and a certain lifestyle and to not struggle. 💵💸💰💳 Dinerosexual💵 Haitian🇭🇹 #SagNation ♐️☀️ Cancer ♋️⬆️ Libra♎️🌚 Floridian🌴 25 💎 Educated👩🏾‍🎓 I’m moody 🤷🏾‍♀️ I ❤️ pineapples 🍍 & tats 💉 #followme
MyNameInTheSKY_ Trailway to Success No fr!!! My horoscope been dead on lately and I’m tired of it. uncg alum✨ black. beautiful. gifted . Instagram: @_marliii

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