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townend_alison South Yorkshire @cliff_salmon @DonohoeStevie @Chepstow_Racing My horoscope predicted that I would be lucky today 🤔 Maybe Stevie and the four in the mix are bringing this luck. 👍 Love football 💜 Love horse racing 💖
jokerorumaiti 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 hey guys who wants to go on a date where we set things on fire and watch while holding hands. my horoscope told me to she/her ⋆ 18 ⋆ 2d idol enthusiast ⋆ dumb yumejo ⋆ hayatoP, hxj+kazuki/makoto/riina oshi
kayDNTplay • »Atlanta-AlcornState« • Damn my horoscope said some off crap yesterday&& I was like nahhh about and it happened anyway -- twentyexxxx.toomuch.toughcookie. 🦄⭐ favorite thing to say : “it’s not a booger it’s my septum “ $ayekaychellez
lynnem18 Glasgow/Scotland Aww god, my horoscope is telling me to go nuts tonight with a booty call. I don’t need that kind of advice thanks, I tend to get myself in a whole new level of trouble at all times 😂 and with ease 😆 RESERVED
heyimrena at a harry styles concert my twitter account consists of me retweeting my horoscope for the week and anything harry styles related 🤧 commit random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty.
cbsfinest540 The depths of the C I need to read my horoscope after this post I just read and some revelations I had the other day that inspired my latest journal entry. "Much success to you even if you wish me the opposite"
purrincesskat San Diego, CA my horoscope will be like “you like sitting, but you’ve been known, on occasion, to stand” and ill be like 👏👏👏👏👏👏 i should have deleted this years ago
abisaau toronto i hate when im already in a mood and then decide reading my horoscope is a good idea for it to only be even more scary accurate oml 🥴
amayaa47 Sooooo who’s wants to do all my horoscope crap cuz bitch I wanna know my moon and sun crap LFMAOO snap: amaya0613 insta: amaya.jua
itzel99montoya Longview, TX costar told me to play a song that reminded me who I was and it’s been 9 hours and I cannot think of one and maybe that was my horoscope all along a four leaf clover
Marlainaayala Southern California My horoscope was on point today and i think it may have been a sign on my next step in life🙏🏼 i been thru to much so save the bs .💯
bunabbit Florida Mind you I don’t even LIKE YouTube tarot channels at all. They always feel very hokey and generalized and that simply isn’t the point. If I wanted a general reading that could be for anyone I would flip to the back of a cosmo mag and read my horoscope. Shelby - she/they - Known Sun Lesbian ✨ Pisces Stellium ✨ Capricorn 🌙
sxccermamii San Antonio, TX i just checked my horoscope for the day and it said i was supposed to have my titties sucked on insta: sxccermxmi
chelseandirangu @asvpxrocky I have a crush on you and my horoscope told me to tell you so... what’s up 🥰 model
smallthreatt Minding my own business💛 Sometimes I check my horoscope and it creeps me out at times how accurate it can be at times
winrawrxd Highlands Ranch, CO sometimes i read my horoscope and it says exactly what i want to happen will happen and i just 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😚😚😚😚😋😋😋😋😋😋🙂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villiany
_ErikaLeigh Albany, NY So I’m just here to tell you it’s OK to put that smile on your face and do whatever you need to do to get through your day. Then take time for yourself to feel better. I’m gonna go overanalyze my horoscope now. Thanks for coming to my 8th Twitter TEDtalk this week. It’s Monday. Emmy award winning reporter @SPECNewsAlbany | Sports fanatic | Made in Western MA | Armenian | PSU-JJC-WSU | Looking for the next story:
_TTNASTY_ my horoscope don’t be spot on until the end of the day and I remember what it said and be like... 21
dearliliana Boston, MA / Orlando, FL My horoscope said I just been living my life dating and it’s never been more accurate I really am and I’m so happy mixed. a libra so talk nice. ❥ making sad playlists on my spare time is my specialty. love has no gender.
xoxaribearxox Lindenhurst, NY someone tell me all my horoscope information please and explain to me why im emotional mess since friday “no caller id is calling you” october 8th- now
mentalworkss 🇸🇴 @munaism I read my horoscope and crap made no sense at all lol like none of it was true about my month How can I slip if I’m the one doing the mopping
YabuMibu “I just checked my horoscope and it said I’m supposed to fork your ass” I just want to be a ghost spider, babe. 🕷
scarydan The dreaming of an unshared mind. My horoscope today says "you don't have to mask your complexity, but you do have to let people survive it" and gosh if that doesn't just nail me to the wall. Everyone needs a butler. Yes, we have sandwiches. They/them.
Paigexcg Damn, my horoscope was right I’m super impatient today. Trying my best to take a deep breath and step back..but crap some of these people are stupid as hell coffee keeps me sane / insta: paigexxg
monica_crts My horoscope and tarot really put me in my place today, like wow never been slapped by the truth so hard 😭 I quote too much of The Office and naps are my favorite pass time 😬
SavannahMagaa1 Just read my horoscope and it told me to stop overthinking 😔 Leonard 💍
sopeinmysoul under a big big comforter @aqualimits I’ve used products from this brand too, and my debt has disappeared, my sodas never go flat, and my horoscope isn’t angry for the first time in EVER. Definitely gonna try this one out! Thanks for the rec, glad it’s working for you! 😊 doing my best. 🐥🐯
SammiWhami Bradenton, FL Y’all I have no idea what this horoscope rising and moon crap is and I feel left out. Also, my phone tried to change rising to riding and that will describe me more as a person than my horoscope ever will 😂😂😂 “She’s a psycho from a Midwest suburb, no straight jacket could hold her”
DesiFreeman14 My horoscope has been on point the last 3 days and i don’t like it
moon_archycos she/her my horoscope for today is like, you’re feeling really good and could probably kill god. give it a shot. the friend that’s always up ur bottom about watching jjba // cosplayer, designer, wig stylist, and mua // business inquiries:
bassbitchbree California☀️ My horoscope basically said to stop being a lil bitch and let people love me....oh probably somewhere in a crowd with jewels and glitter💕 🔜nocturnal
_ialdemar minnesooota Debating on last min plans, not sure if we should do another Monday night concert... @_abbygski: “hold on let me check my horoscope and decide”
JazzicaCooper_ south fl i checked my horoscope today and it told me i should fork this bitch up next time i see her and i agree 🙂 then i freaked it // 20 // gay
ughimfake My friends ordered some blankets like these and refuse to tell me the website cause my horoscope says that I will have materialistic issues this season BUT MY MATERIALISTIC ISSUE IS THAT THESE BLANKETS WONT BE IN MY HANDS IN THE NEAR FUTURE, so twitter pls help me I needed a place to read aus in secret #spicy my star sign is virgin ♍️ kimchi slap me uwu
aaronjuly Today is the day of growth and I’ve been doing that with my mind and meditation. My horoscope stated “I can’t save the world” but I say I can save me. Let the Universe feed you self love, respect and love. Wishing you all the most that life can offer, which is everything. ✨ | Spotify:
tayslurp My horoscope app told me that my heart is not made of stone and it’s the only thing that has made me cry in months. Welcome to the slurpscape.
gabrielrene__ Los Angeles, CA So my horoscope said to save my money today... And as a result of that, I dropped $250. ... so there’s that. IG: gabrielrene__/ Make life worth while/ LA
akaifreesia 22 ☆ uk emailing my boss asking if i can rearrange my presentation because my horoscope says i need to “throw away judgement” and “be independent of external people and forces” retired vkei gya, g*ckt’s nemesis, prime queen of the uk ☆ 主に英語でつぶやいています!日本語専用垢はこちら💁‍♀️ @abunaimonster ♡ [she/her]
lexigarciaaaaa nothing has ever hurt me more then reading my horoscope and it saying I’m never gonna find love 😓 snap: lexi_0505
max_rms98 Paris, France I end up reading my horoscope and picking tarot cards on internet instead of working 🤦🏻‍♀️ Unhappy human being.
zaumsam Vegas just read my horoscope and it told me to stop being a hoe :/ cómprate un cochinito y ahórrate tus comentarios
iIIuminescent rachel, kai, skye ♡ just read my horoscope and it was too factual that I had to deny it and close the app half of me, for growth; the other, for decay
demidesired oregon my horoscope today is freaking me the fork out like how is this crap always so forking accurate??? It’s not funny and now i feel like crying lmao that's why you use auto tune and I don't
NicolePerneszi I took a nap on my lunch break bc my horoscope told me to not work too much, have more me time and be spiritual today.
lizette_perezzz Los Angeles, CA Am I the only one who reads their horoscope at the end of the day? I just like to compare my day to my horoscope and not make decisions based off it🤣 don’t believe me on here
ohiozachjohnson Between “the pattern” and my horoscope today I fell personally attacked THE 🤴of PETTY...They may hate me but they NEVER forget me
linasantamaria_ i read my horoscope today and it said: white hoes in the club gettin nasty
scrimmyisdead Philadelphia, PA my horoscope told me my mind is going the speed of a bullet today.. ma’am.. I just tried to put my car in reverse and realized I never even turned it on self cleaning oven. @milkisgood123
NiamhSullivan_6 Swansea, Wales I’m such a strong believer in my horoscope, zodiac sign and all that crap 😅😂 21, Swansea, 🍷
cookiesoverboys in a blackhole called my mind☯ My horoscope told me drive the mf yacht and i love this energy life without failure or mistakes is a blank canvas.

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