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My horoscope.

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littleidiotgirI boston, massachusetts sorry but it’s true😑 im a girl im allowed to pick my team based on my horoscope and how imfeeling that day canadian when i feel like it
notb7bmac 🤢 el mohem el youm na7s awi w 3shan nefok el bedan da we searched my horoscope today and I- safe space 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳️✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽| 19 | he/him
buttcurses rhode island checked my horoscope it said stay in bed and cuddle violet all day 30-50 feral hotdogs • elite crystal thinker • she/ they
17maleek london city baby jus checked my horoscope and it says i need head
fancyladyleague calling from inside the house My horoscope told me to avoid PowerPoints today and frankly I am OFFENDED | feminist | latina 🇧🇷 | she/her | too many books | opinions are my own
liiyaahhh_ I read my horoscope and the African-Americans just to see how he finna be movin 😂😂😩
LeBreaC My horoscope told me to choose change over comfort and I needed that
mrgnbrnsn when my horoscope this morning said "be prepared for today," I didn't imagine that my phone would crash and stop working but here we are love u @Apple
megancbausch my horoscope is rude af today and i don’t APPRECIATE IT
topshelfbarb Toronto, Ontario @twinning89 Mans was like hey can i ask you on your thoughts about having kids... to the person who doesn't want any. Akward. Then he reads me my horoscope. Then he will randomly say why doesnt nicki smile is it a sagittarius thing. And when addressing me its like "sweetheart" i wanna party with barbie @nickiminaj ♐ Runway me im Fitting 💋 Certified Dripper 🤑
CelesteCote 🇨🇦Zoom / Teams / Google Meet Today has really been hyped up by my horoscope and also I feel very seen 👩🏻‍💻 Web strategist. Former product manager. ∞ #UX advocate. Wordsmith. Practicing radical candour. Doing my best to make the Internet a better place ✌🏻
IceQueenIzzy12 Hawkeye Nation I just read My horoscope and it said ,I need a cigarette Black Woman.Mother of Isabelle.Wife of Drew. Lover of all things creative. HIP HOP Kid for life Humanitarian.Foodie.Budsmoker. I Love New York
imsharmilavani home @gallorishyae Sis.... I had my horoscope read out to me a couple days ago and it's the same thing 😭😭😭 Due to an intense mind fog, all of my thoughts have been grounded until further notice.
NaiNzinga Atlanta, GA He also gave me thoughtful and direct opportunities for growth which were also spot on. Felt like I was reading my horoscope lmao Wonderfully made & unapologetically myself✨Thankful that God continues to slowly but surely make my dreams come true #UGAAlumna
dontBjordy Grand Rapids, MI I wake up and thank my God, meditate, say my affirmations for the day, check my horoscope, look at my stocks, then see what’s in store for my day and how I’m going to find a blessing in it. I don’t really like people. I’m just here for the culture and to spread some peace and positive energy. Talk some crap as well. #GTOE #LakerGang #Faith 🤘🏽🕺🏽
kenziefaithx cle My horoscope is telling me to respond with love today, but what if I woke up and chose violence today? die with memories, not dreams. trust the universe and trust the process. | 🏳️‍🌈
pappabravoone Cambodia @dretastic06 @VusiSambo I would just like to thank my manager, the grand child of my aunt, that I paid on a consultancy fee basis to read me my horoscope everyday and then the authors of coarse of the horoscope and spirits of the ancestors and last but not least, Jesus christ all mighty for the strength Please, I don't want no scrubs. Biceps are my own, good luck with your regiment hope you die good looking too
meri91672221 So I was reading my horoscope and it said I should contact a cancer so where are my cancers at🤔 🎆🌠
TeylorRaee Long Beach, CA i should’ve known when my horoscope said cancers and aquarius are toxic 🏳️‍🌈i think i’m funny sometimes//para track&field t46//erbs palsy baby
hyphoethermia 21 ⚥ • ♐︎ ☉ • ♊︎ ☽ • ♑︎ ↑ • ⚥ bro my horoscope for the day said u were gonna realize u are in love with me and we will be successful together 👋😔 Yes. Yes. Everybody has to like me. I must be liked. (she/her)
sam_r_xiv Lodi, CA I’ll down some melatonin and read my horoscope to see if I lucid dream USMC Vet 🇺🇸🤘🏽 Novice Level Raver 🔥🔥Change is a part of life, so flow with it 👌🏽 ♏️^4️⃣
_ohthatstay Somewhere in Georgia, USA Reading my horoscope and it’s crazy how accurate this crap is 🤦🏽‍♀️ "Let's explore the unknown"
__vanillabean Bloomington il My horoscope be spot the fork on with my life and it helps me soooo much ♋️🔮 23🤪𝓲𝓽a 𝓁𝓲a𝓷 & gypsy🔮GAY🏳️‍🌈💛 sc: @athenamariee_16 ig: @__athenamariee & i jus love david dobrik 🤣🫀
mugiquotebot I couldn't help but recall what happened last night while reading my horoscope, and it suddenly filled me with unease. Somehow, you just seemed awfully lonely back then, Natsume-kun... I started to wonder if I was doing the exact same thing to you as the other Five Eccentrics. The blue bird of happiness dreams of the day you open that door and step inside… And just anticipating it fills me with so much happiness.
Kyasworld_ My horoscope keep telling me my old hoes miss me ! And Imma tell you like this 🗣 NO 🤓 BIG K
RubytheGr8 ICT I found no answers, but my horoscope did tell me to slow down and ask out my crush or somethin'. Idk I'm not a fortune teller isn't it ironic? // she/they // ASU barrett '24
kim_caniz Fullerton, CA I be reading my horoscope traits and it’s accurate af lmao I welcome all the hatred you can aim at my name|| 🌻🇲🇽🇬🇹
Haley_Depoy VA Apparently my horoscope says today I’m favorable for the dentist but unfavorable for dying my hair and weddings ☀️🌙☯️| YouTube • photography 📷 • drawing✏️ ig: _haleesss_ cashapp $Hdepoy07 10/25/20💜
PinkSHAMIRA New York My horoscope always be on point! I be mad like naaa that’s not going to happen. And then boom it does 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Keep your head up princess, and never allow that tiara to fall. SOTA ‘13 SJFC ‘17 FASHMIRA ‘19
dareallmonett #LONGLIVEWHOADIE ❤️✨ i’m so prada me dawg ! my horoscope told me i would get ideas and i should take em and run with em and i did dat 😩 God🤞🏽. | 22🥳. CEO of : Monét Collection💋 | IG: Darealmonett | Demonte❤️🤞🏽 |
diormotive she/her | x2 | BLM i’m a rising virgo and a sun sag and honestly i read my horoscope in virgo i can’t lie never let me run away
CBass134 Michoacán de Ocampo, México just checked my horoscope and it said i’m supposed to fork you
RoxySanchez224 In My Skin ☺️ - Just looked at my horoscope and got so disgusted . 😑 - Upright . Independent . Fearless . #PowerUp 💪🏽🦍 TigerEyed ✨
xfillorian Killeen, TX @SweetBlueHeaven Oh ok mine too and found out I was supposed to be reading my horoscope from the rising not the sun and it has changed my perspective Non-married dad of none."So in the tradition of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, I was never born *laughs in a higher octave* and here I am!" --The Mariah Carey
jkelii_ He really said I’m moody today and that he knows because he read my horoscope for today 😂 have fun lurking✌🏼
RomanaWright Irvine/Stirling my horoscope told me to stop online shopping so of course I went and ordered more clothes x I can’t stop talking help
mirandamxoxo_ No lie, haven't looked at my horoscope in YEARS. Been feeling down and looked at it the other day and downloaded a whole app Arizona☀️ Brielle Mannix 💋 MMJ Enthusiast 💚 Good Vibes Only✌🏻 Proudly 🔯
danieeyelle San Francisco, CA Why tf is my horoscope for today and this month so damn accurate but it’s true a sad bottom bad bitch aka a PISCES ♓️ ☺️
jennbobkitty Ohio & NYC So I drank waaay too much coffee today so now I’m throwing up and my horoscope did say, “high highs and low lows” for today. #impeachment Proud Millennial Trash 🗑 Climate Change is a real bitch 😖 The greatest act of patriotism is taking care of each other 🇺🇸
StanleyDolphin lol my horoscope says that crap every year and every year i’m just as single as the year before
tokintash My horoscope said it’s a good day for me to get a girlfriend and here I am again & along comes that same fine bottom manager. Like dawg she is everything 😍😂 🤍🤍
Evissanth Hinesville, GA @necrologies I'm fine with people believing in whatever they want to believe. I look up my horoscope, it's fun. What I hate is people crapping on others because of it. It just irks me so much. Believe in what you want but don't be a dick to someone who believes in x and not y like you, y'nkow 💜Die mad at black b/h/velfs/humans🧝🏿‍♀️32; SAHM of 3, Afro-Latina, I POST NSFW🔞 ♡Married to @SidArindale♡ MG Opaline💜
Lady_V__ Halifax, NS my horoscope today is telling me to "open up to people and show them who you are at the core," and I "would benefit from the closeness and support of some more established connections." If I open up there most assuredly will be no closeness. They will be running for the hills!🤣 ♊️ Not-so-smoothly waltzing around the edge of an emotional abyss // Solitudinarian // Sweepstakes savant // NOT team #followback
johannaitzel_ My sister just look up my horoscope and she said I’m Sagittarius rising, Sagittarius sun & libra moon 🌙 love yourself first
lilbabyyj If astrology isn’t real then why did my horoscope say Aries and Pisces are the least compatible signs together?? And my ex was an Aries? And I left him?? HUHHH TELL ME WHY
mikaiya_ Louisville, KY Every day when I read my horoscope I gotta throw up a quick middle finger for the universe calling me out and telling me what I need to hear :) she/her ♡ BLM ✨
MoriarityMorgan Today got me like.... let me go read my horoscope And if you know me you know how funny that is.
__PGB Wowww I couldve died last night and today this is what my horoscope said..
katiemcvay Los Angeles, CA I have to tell you: I love my horoscope (thank you, @britticisms) and the new app from @chaninicholas has been SO spot-on for me, causing me to do some serious reflection. I insist you download it. TV writer, comedian, person you should find interesting. contact me at
Kenzie_Riese florida my horoscope keeps telling me how great my love life should be going and i can't help but laugh how very dare you

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