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My horoscope.

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AvgSizedMarcus Chicago, IL Good morning to my Capricorn’s and horoscope said you gotta be my gf smoke gas eat bottom fork12
goldneverywhere me reading my horoscope and understanding absolutely none of it because astrology confuses me we’ll be alright
Mysong_Mystory DMV📍 My horoscope today hit me hard..really felt that one and I couldn’t agree more wit it 🥺 Can I stimulate you with these good vibes? #Actor #RecordingArtist #Writer #vegetarian #blackman IG: @kwame_markel
Pusshaaaa Becoming✨ I’ve been learning about my horoscope more and it’s some interesting stuff 29 years later .........
aseobrien I told my coworker “my horoscope said” and he walked out 😕
lareinarde just read my horoscope and thought I should share this one part. Thought it’d be helpful: “Attracting that energy means embodying that energy.” dj and photographer, ultimately a human. founder of @_nitex. spread love. 0000 ///
katynotie Dartmouth, NS I never read my horoscope but was curious today and apparently it wants me to die. Nova Scotian. Mother of Vincent. Chronic live tweeter. Organizer of geese memorials. Saver of chairs. PMJT hair expert. I saved a bee named Jerry. Totus Tuus.
BitchWithA_W Dorchester, Boston, MA unfortunately, today, my horoscope told me I have "remarkable social skills" and thus I must now place myself firmly in the 'astrology isn't real' camp 😔 | a little hungover and I may have to steal your soul | raised on promises | my bitch face never rests | she/her | ♐♐♐♐
PrimeAB1 Anfield @MZ8__ “Sorry I blew up your car with a petrol bomb and kidnapped your parents. My horoscope said to take a risk and be rewarded” @lfc | @Alissonbecker | @alibeckerpriv
cloudmalone hot tub just read my horoscope and it says this week everything is gonna change and i’m gonna start having professional things. and talking about i have the audition this wednesday...😌 #𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭𝐲: budlight runnin’ through my piss
lakeyah_ Baltimore, MD fw my horoscope for today and I like that she did them bitches early
MZ8__ 🇪🇬👑 MS ١١ @PrimeAB1 “Sorry I treated you like crap, I’m a Capricorn and my horoscope said that I’m gonna end old friendships this week” 15 | LFC | CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND |
cuuuuuuuntt my horoscope just told me to drop all plans and become a travel writer damn you're making my ulcers hurt she/her/bitch
SexAtOxbridge Los Angeles or London Also yesterday my horoscope said, “You are not a shock doctrine who must rip people to shreds. Take it easy.” And I was so focused on not ripping into my best friend that I accidentally started a huge fight with her boyfriend with a shock doctrine of truth. Life's a party, rock your body. Press enquiries:
RebeccaNga @glossierbltch anyways 🤡🤡🤡, throwing away my horoscope and memories from form 3 bao or pao
JasmineeDGAF my horoscope is basically telling me, put the money on the table it’s gon come back. and it’s crazy bc both my hands itching 🥺🧏🏽‍♀️🙏🏾 “That’s what” - she.
towerclimber007 Worcester, MA @CanadianBeave13 now your writing my horoscope??? :) its all true lol and I wish I was that old. Amateur Radio, Electronics Specialist.Tower Climber. Photographer. Sometimes I can.and DO say some funny crap. Mostly retired now!!!
EliBellyy Los Angeles, CA such a sweet peaceful soul... a day never went by after school when my dad had him on and literally I would stop whatever I was doing to catch my horoscope life’s a blur
GarciaaVivi just read my horoscope and i wanna cry ☹️☹️🥺 alv todos
alexissstx Killeen | DFW I'm finally watching the Walter Mercado documentary and I already feel so emotional. A beautiful soul who touched every Spanish household. I remember watching him when I was a kid in the morning before school to hear my horoscope. I didn't think this would hit me so hard. 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚢 𝙷𝚊𝚙𝚙𝚢 // 🇵🇦 🇵🇷 // ♌ // ꜱᴄ: ᴀʟᴇxɪꜱʀᴀɪɴʙᴏᴡxx
mackiraa Arizona, USA This was my horoscope of the day and I needed THAT #BLM | DOING MY BEST 🦋
deandragrant74 My horoscope is telling me to stop being a soft bitch and become a hard bitch💀🤣 PCWBB🏀2️⃣3️⃣ | @Aivine34 |
roquecastonjr New York, NY I feel so accomplished. My horoscope said I should try something new. Also, I read it was a good day for Mediterranean food. So I decided to cook my first Mediterranean cuisine. I researched and found the perfect… Writer| A jack of all trades writer. Creator of the blog Roque's Reality
_LivThePlug Florida i hate being a cusp baby with my horoscope. i’m such a blend of an Aquarius and Pisces 😒🤯
murderkeila 💜🍄🧩🧸💙 just checked my horoscope and it says I need my pussy ate
Haleybug5797 I’m just going to follow my horoscope and try to spend the month focusing on myself and my self-esteem “Enjoy the best things in life, you ain’t gonna live it twice”~Mac Miller|23|Wiener Dog Mom|Taurus♉️
evembee My horoscope today🤕: You overestimate obstacles ✅ You panic for minor reasons ✅ You keep other people’s words too close to your heart ✅ You find a reason to get offended when there is none which is painful for you and irritating for everyone else. ✅ Let everything happen to you: beauty AND terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final. -Rilke
CarloTepacex Laoang, Eastern Visayas These past few weeks, I've been clinching to my horoscope readings from @poetastrologers and everything was accurate as hell I really want to get tired chasing my sunshine
SincerelyJHard SL, UT Officially going to get ready and take hot photos for my own sex appeal and definitely not because my horoscope told me so. you've got the gift of one liners, I've got the curse of curves. the worst part about edc was the dementors. your friendly neighborhood sensitive bottom cancer. ♋
___justzhy my horoscope said that i’m possessive and jealous. wow. public page, private life.🦋
queennefertiddy your mom's bed whoever made me feel stupid for reading my horoscope and like astrology posts your moms a hoe i am not afraid to throw my weight around
munroop69 teri van di couver My horoscope said I would be social this weekend and all I did was be annoying on the Internet retired rap genius annotator
Lulurabbitttt I have 3 loves: bravo, 90 Day Fiance, and reading about my horoscope only here for trashy reality tv
LIValittle_11 Jamaica Just read my horoscope and its never been more accurate.
FLAT_bellyCEO Jacksonville, USA @sashaasofierce My horoscope says I’m compatible with them but I don’t see it. They seem like a good time and that’s it My bio is vintage af 😂🤣#ButStill: #TeamKalilMcCoy #TeamSagittarius #FBE
woohyunsmiles my sun sign is cancer and moon sign according to my horoscope book written at birth is aries but what is rising sign tic toc tic toc don't stop the clock
pixelwishes My cousin just yelled “well guys my horoscope said I can’t use vibrators today.” And I just looked at him and went “co-star?” wish / A-spec/ 🏳️‍🌈Friend of Mara / cosplayer / mid 20’s / Rwby/ fire emblem/ Pokémon/
KatherineZmann The Windy City stuck in the conundrum of wanting to socialize but Aries is in retrograde and my horoscope told me to curb bitches so I must follow trying to toss a salad in a world trying to start beef
HouseOfZalika My horoscope said not to talk to any water signs today and that mf ain’t never lied I’m just here in my spare time.
cynthia1762 Avocado Heights, CA Damn my horoscope said to stay away from gossip and my sister texts me to do just that 😤
rudeparisss Florida, USA @QuadirTeflon Yess I read my horoscope and it told me I was gone get into some arguments today 🤣🤣 it was true I’m the Barbie you never got to play with 💸 Instagram @rudeparisss YouTuber🎤Paris EverGlam💋Chicago Made ➿ #ANTI 🦋🦋🦋 33
CupcakeSnarky Illinois, Taxed Country, USA According to my horoscope, the truth is going to be revealed. And now we wait... This TL is just a grab bag of bullcrap. Make yourself at home.
misstakennn Portsmouth I used to check my horoscope nearly everyday but now I read it and it’s mostly a load of crap 😂 • Top 6% on onlyfans
LotusFlower_Tan My horoscope has been on point! From A-Z! From General to money! And I’m loving it fr! Loving my son 💋! CEO of MYIANGEL COSMETICS! Nursing Student! Trusting God through it all!
LibrarianCass Texas They put my horoscope on a chart and now I’m interested, they got me through my instinctive love of spreadsheets 26. Slytherin. Librarian on furlough. Trying my best
jacobaaronmtz_ Checked my horoscope and it said “lessssskedittt”
kymberlydunne Killiney, Dublin, Ireland @SundayTimesLC Hi Lorraine, as a mother of three teenagers I love your sage columns and shared perspective and look forward to Style magazines. I also love reading my horoscope! Why no more star signs? 😧 Photographer, writer and lecturer in Communications Business and Design. Graduate of Fine Art NCAD and MBA UCD.
digiharps acab LDHFJSHD @travismcelroy I WAS CATCHING UP WITH TAZ GRADUATION AND MY HOROSCOPE SENDS THIS #taz #tazgraduation (they/them 20) just tryna get by...for the sake of my digital media class 📸 TXST 2021 Advertising Major
kix5 Southern Cali #WalterMercado said to read my horoscope and i did... And ew no romantic #entanglements for me thank you. 🌎 Liberal & Feminist AF, Mental Health & Equal Rights Advocate. Professional Napper & Personal assistant to Jamie. IG: kitziacorrea
gayzofsalad So I had a spicy conversation with the girl I’m talking to early this morning and just checked my horoscope and 22 | CA | gay af

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