i love magical realism and

i love magical realism and surrealism i love mystical women i dont like when ppl look up my horoscope and tell me who they think i am though that is corny

fellythekid Los Angeles, CA i love magical realism. and surrealism. i love mystical women. i don’t like when ppl look up my horoscope and tell me who they think i am though. that is corny felly from felly
SarahEBond Iowa City, IA August 17, 327 CE: The date of a horoscope inscribed in a gold astrological birth ring with a bezel depicting Asclepius now held at the @vmfa. The owner was born around 4 am on this day. The writing is mirror image so s/he could read it in a reflection to remember being a Leo. 🦁 Associate Professor of History @Uiowa; contributor @Hyperallergic; founder Roman historian, digital humanist & lover of deviled eggs.
gaywonk New York, NY I love being an Aries because every horoscope is like “So you still wish to kill and devour God? Of course. Now the true test begins.” Marxist pig. Liberal fascist. Queer scum. He/Him. YouTube profits off of hate speech. IG: gaywonk
Holly_Horoscope Taurus: next year you will invent a freeze gun. Believable Horoscopes from Holly herself! (who may be a bot...)
readyourstars Omnipresent ♋ #Cancer Daily #Love #Horoscope  Saturday 22 August  Click 👇 for this free Cancer Horoscope ++more Follow for Your Free Astrological, Love, Money & Career Horoscopes with Daily, Weekly & Monthly readings; plus Chinese, Fashion & Pet Horoscopes.
miki123211 For those that didn't know, you can mute accounts on Twitter, even if you don't follow them. That way, you will not see any retweets of their tweets. Useful for joke, horoscope, and other unscientific fake facts bullshit accounts.
Metaknight1063 👻 Yo these horoscope readings are crazy scary wtfff the accuracy Money 💰, Power ⚡️, Respect 👑 $metaknight
Telecrylic A radiant abyss Your Daily Horoscope For Today: GO OUTSIDE AND BREATHE SOME AIR, CABBAGEHEADS Rockabilly retrogressive. A particle, not a wave.
socihoro United States #libra #horoscope #astrology #zodiac #socihoro Daily Libra: For all you love horoscope. Let us help you have an enjoyable life about everything around the horoscope every day
M4RKF4IRY @nickpap999 I remember last time I searched my horoscope it was pisces but idk how astrology works 😢 Joy, 🏳️‍🌈, She/her, 16
Oregonian Portland, Oregon Horoscope for August 22, 2020: Happy birthday James Corden; Aquarius, be sensible with money News updates from the #1 news source in the Pacific NW. See it all at Find reporter and more accounts in our lists.
Guyverdan Arlesey, England @sivemorten @nostalgiaooc My horoscope told me to pick Instinct Massive Arsenal Fan! Bit of a geek..actually a huge geek.
Damsel_is_high Jammu And Kashmir,India @thebluedentist1 Sun sign is based on b'day Moon sign idk😐 bs itna pta hai Indian horoscope main jo hota hia voh moon sign hota hai I moonlight as troll 🦷 (student) Bit of poetry #Literary_Escapade #PoemLikeRupiKaur Bs khyaal apne hai baki sb udhar hai J&K is India Atheist #Dogra

I love donald trump