Yes Mainly through horoscope and

Yes Mainly through horoscope and other ignorant pseudocience

DalasReview En mi casa. @elonmusk Yes. Mainly through horoscope and other ignorant pseudocience. Actor. Crítico. Escritor. Humorista. Productor. Artista. CEO de @Stardeos Dev de videojuegos. Multimillonario. 135iq... Y con mucho más por aprender👌
sarahkendzior St. Louis I want TV Guide back for the streaming era. I also want it to have Cheers N Jeers, my horoscope, strangely in-depth articles on political corruption, and a crossword puzzle where one of the clues is Alan Alda Non-fiction horror writer. PhD. Co-host of @gaslitnation. Author of bestsellers HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT and THE VIEW FROM FLYOVER COUNTRY. Next book: THEY KNEW.
theneedledrop Intwernat Is anyone’s horoscope ever like, “You’re a real piece of trash who is mean to everyone and nobody likes you cuz you’re such an immense jerk”? The Internet's busiest music nerd. Also a thicc Ⓥegan melon w/ the best teeth. / BOOKING:
pjmsvphyr Y / 4h57 Reading your horoscope You were just doing cocaine in my kitchen You never listen I hope you're missing me by now The sky'd be falling and i'd hold you tight.
Global_Poetics @nktgill We over here have been running to your feed morningly like no uncertain matins when you started posting poems you like, like checking a horoscope before the morning coffee, searching for answers we can't get elsewhere. noli illegitimi carborundum! people are rubbish on this app. Global Poetics Podcast || all the sounds #globalpoetics Decentralize poetry!
veolettes they/them 26 white ok sorry horoscope question but i want to know. if u follow me what is ur sun sign i want to know what kind of ppl i attract to my nonsense ✨chrome/dolly/veo✨ok to rt my selfies✨lolita fashion✨prep passing goth✨ NO ONE UNDER 🔞 PLS
Kykylaaa_ Why am i tryna read my horoscope at a day party😭😭 To Know Me Is To Love Me (New account🙃)
horoscopesfate Amongst the stars Here's your monthly horoscope, Virgo. The universe express you're feeling good. There is a certain style to your aura. You have adventures in your fate. Act with morals. Here to give you insight on your mind, body and soul.
Yo_kellyfraim madness in a structured format @kemimarie Nobody: astrology girls when their horoscope tells them to buy a mirror 1C1313 reach me at
cashmer53564024 --------daily horoscope----- are you born in the month of September ? Does your name start with " C "? if so we have a very important message for you. The agile elephant is impending ,
bhagwanpics India Capricorn Horoscope Today: Daily predictions for June 20,’22 states,excessive returns #USA #US #UnitedStates #Sweden #Swiss #Europe #Euro #CaymanIsland #Gibraltar #England #Jordan #Oman #bahrain #Kuwait #canada Bhagwan or God knows all your problem and help you at every moment which you spent in life. So Say Thanks to God
JimKupers Canada @BoKatan24 You lost me at reading horoscope Toolmaker
LiamSofias Los Angeles, CA @astrospeccion are the 12th parts of their horoscope in different signs? Consulting Traditional Astrologer | Horary | Electional | Natal
horoscopesfate Amongst the stars Here's your daily horoscope, Cancer. The galaxy express you're feeling blue. There is a certain allure to your presence. You have journey in your prospect. Act with values. Here to give you insight on your mind, body and soul.

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