Nobody likes Cancer but especially

Nobody likes Cancer but especially people whose horoscope tells them they are cancer Wait that was a self burn Watch the full video here

JimGaffigan THE PALE TOURIST TOUR Nobody likes Cancer but especially people whose horoscope tells them they are cancer... Wait that was a self burn... ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Watch the full video here: Text me (646) 980-6600 Male Model. My first wife is @jeanniegaffigan. THE PALE TOURIST is now on AMAZON PRIME! I'm posting daily videos on youtube.

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PaulRudnickNY New York, NY Susan Collins won't say who she supports for president because: 1) One of the squirrels in her head is still asleep 2) Her horoscope said, "Act like an idiot" 3) Waiting to see image on slice of toast 4) Lindsey told her "A lady needs mystery" 5) Waiting for ouija board repairman Novelist, playwright, essayist and screenwriter, whom the New York Times has called, “one of our pre-eminent humorists.” Illustration by Tom Bachtell

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itskristalunay Wonderland 🌠 According to my horoscope todag Sep 15, 2020. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground. sauvé par grâce par la foi |Real Estate Agent|Financial Advisor
_Sihleh KwaNzimakwe-Port Shepstone 😂My horoscope said I must be careful not to spread fake news this week so I'm really trying hard to fact check my blog post before I can put it out there. Legit just want world peace, the eradication of poverty, gender equality and the protection and promotion of human rights (especially) for vulnerable groups♥️

cashmer53564024 --------daily horoscope----- are you born in the month of June ? Does your name start with " C "? if so we have a very important message for you. The haunted tiger is coming , run for your life