I love checking my horoscope

I love checking my horoscope when Im having mood swings turns out Im not crazy

JoeyGraceffa Los Angeles I love checking my horoscope when I’m having mood swings. turns out I’m not crazy Season 4 @EscapeTheNight ALLSTARS is HERE! 🗝 Seasons 1-3 are available to stream NOW on YouTube Premium 😈
kateleth Burbank, CA The messed up thing is that crystals are just rocks, horoscopes mean nothing and tarot cards are drawings on paper I have some nice crystals, I like good horoscope memes and I own like 9 tarot decks But they’re just rocks and paper Writer/Cartoonist! 💬 Valley Ghouls, Hellcat, Spell on Wheels. 📺 Equestria Girls, Transformers: Cyberverse. 🎨 {nb, she/her}

I must be psychic