Every five years all states

US_IMLS Washington, DC Every five years, all US states and territories create plans for using #IMLSgrant funding. We analyzed the plans & wrote about our findings. From helping rural populations to funding talking book services, US state libraries have a lot in common. The Institute of Museum and Library Services is the primary source of federal support for America's libraries and museums.
UTS_Business Ultimo, Sydney Join us for a morning tea and panel discussion with rising Indigenous business stars & UTS alumni, hosted by @UTS_Business & @JumbunnaMedia on 23 Oct as part of Indigenous Business Month & inspired by the NAIDOC theme 'Because of Her, We Can' register: UTS Business School. Dedicated to providing practical & ethical undergraduate & postgraduate education, and knowledge with impact.
heatherfuture Calgary, Alberta @mikesbloggity @calgaryherald @Medium Lolz, only when the free speech is coming from within that echo chamber they love talking about. Painter of paintings, enjoyer of life, doer of awesome.
Sylvanem “Conventional structures we use to communicate, make decisions and come up with fresh ideas in groups is fundamentally broken. They are either too structured and inhibiting, with one person talking while the rest ‘listens’ “ Interested? Read this article. Healthcare Rebel...working on the edge. Opinions are my own
plus_socialgood Worldwide Let’s stop trash talking and start talking about trash! Today at 10am ET, join us to discuss what it will take to tackle the world’s waste crisis and create healthy, sustainable cities and communities for all: #SocialGoodTech #WhatAWaste2 #WasteWiseCities How can tech and new media make our world a better place? Join the conversation with @Plus_SocialGood A project of the Social Good Summit.
DopeDave94 Ocean, NJ @Stephenspower @Nnedi People have been talking about the death of comics since the 40s. Comics aren't going anywhere. They are growing more popular. The print medium will die long before the comics medium. Marvel will switch from monthly floppies to digital issues WELL before shutting the doors. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut
xiaoma San Francisco, CA Look forward to learning about your interesting work and talking to you about the ML/RecSys challenges we are tackling at Medium! Please stop by our booth in the conference. My DM is open too. #RecSys2018 Chief Architect @Medium. Serving Engineers. Teaching Machines. The ultimate goal of tech is to help us live better. Built @PatternInsight PhD @IllinoisCS UCSD
Hannah_Seay 757 The medium lady at work had me straight up crying in the fitness center talking about my mom 😫 women who wear black live colorful lives
BStrong88 Indiana @_morganadams_ have you tried talking with a medium or someone about and to help find out who killed Angie? #iknowimlate #butijustwatched #stanleyhotelvideo
TheBeerRunner Milwaukee, Wisconsin Here's the full story, starting with @draftmag 10 years ago. Thanks @kbernot for the article on talking about mental and physical wellbeing in the #craftbeer community I write about beer and running for @DRAFTMag. I ran and drank beer every day for 3 years. Story ideas:
Fencingwithink Idaho, USA @silentbutcudly A medium who saw explosions in the future, then remembered he was talking to a minor, so he made poop references instead? Writer, eclectic nerd, and R-rated Christian. Author of Ferryman.
stats285 Stanford, CA Mark Piercy from @StanfordCompute is talking about Sherlock cluster and cluster computing in stats285. Sherlock, the main @stanford cluster for medium risk research work has nearly 24,000 CPUs, 400 pre-installed software, and uses a condo model. Videos will be posted next week. Massive computational experiments, painlessly (MCEP). Data Science course from @stanford Statistics. PIs: David Donoho and @hatefmnj

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