Astrology is my thing

Astrology is my thing.

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chronicaa89 Seattle, WA @Rude_Astrology My aquarius is obsessed w/ me. Literally rubs my back EVERY night (not even kidding), still opens my door (we've been together 2 years). I will admit hes def aloof af. He hyper focuses on one thing and filters everything else out...its annoying but I've accepted this trait 🙄😂 In the pines where the sun don't ever shine.
ningyoh Kansas City since I'm giving up typology I regret to inform everyone that astrology is probably gonna be the new thing for me LMAO there is a socionics-shaped hole in my heart but I looked too deep into the fire and I saw the devil 🤷 31. lesbian. currently roy/ed trash. forever erwin/levi trash. despite what my tastes would suggest I do not actually have a daddy kink. insta: douxbises
discourts ♍️ ☼ ♍️ ☾ ♏️ ↑ if you’re an astrology person who sees this lmk if this expression is a scorpio rising thing or a virgo thing or sm else bc i cant do it on purpose, only when im amused someone is being dumb and im tryna mind my own its hard to be this cute, funny, and right all the time | 22 | Host of Discourts on 91.7 WMWM Salem | Venmo: discourts
midsommaritan my cap bf was so grossed out by the daddy thing until i mentioned i’d maybe want it and then he asked me to and now he likes it more than me and i love when astrology is so transparent perpetual student of astrology, mind dump for what i learn and what i love. 5H scorpio☼. 9H pisces☽. cancer↟.
danneelsgurl Australia Tessa giving up and just having astrology conversations with me is my favourite thing ...but you have so many people secretly keeping you afloat - @danneelsangel @danneelharris- Professional storyteller - SHE/HER
Sweet_as_Hunni Earth I do wish astrology would quit telling me my soul mate match is aries. Never in all my years has this been a thing and now I am happily with a Leo and yall try to throw me aries? Further complaint, his match is Pisces??? Plz stop. Not a snack, more like a garden ♏️•♊️•♍️•INFJ-T
insomnishire hell is astrology a thing and should my dumbass trust it Useless Punk Lesbian / GG stan / AFF & AO3 chesomnia SPOOKY SEASON LOCKDOWN
NathalieVarns Georgia -- Oregon I really didn’t belive in astrology but my mood and sleep have been really whack over the past few days and some girls at work said the same thing and that it was the Taurus moon???? What???? Is it all true??? I’m so confused. I’m a Taurus. Help. "Don't let your heart be filled with sorrow- For all you know tomorrow-The dream that you wish will come true" 💖
keving787 Wesley Chapel, FL Jerikos fam is doing a secret santa thing (even ones i havent met) and we post our wish list online and my list is just books on astrology, apothecary, and being a green witch. 🔴🔴🔴bankai♦️minazuki 🔴🔴🔴
dayennedm pluto 🖤. one thing i really love about my school is that there are so many openminded people, me & sum friends were talking about all things deep,i was just explaining knowledge about astrology to this guy and hes a ♋️ sag moon LOVE IT , stimulating eachothers mind is fun🤩 ♌︎ ♓︎ ♉︎ . 𝘋𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮 𝘉𝘦𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘈𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘦𝘷𝘦
dianesmalone cheers i’ve done my birth chart awhile back and i don’t rmr a thing it said so i decided to start reading into it and i know astrology/your sign doesn’t define who you are entirely but LIKE so far a lot of this is accurate and it’s SCARY you did it for me
caleeshea my boyfriend goes: that is such a leo thing to do AND THEN HUFFED AND WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM???? who tf taught him about astrology???? Women’s Holistic Health Practitioner | Period + Sexual Health Counselor | slightly witchy, perpetually cold, cute but unpredictable | IG: @caleeshea
Ctmadera @severelytrans The problem with my current age and level of Online™️ness is I genuinely do not know if this is an astrology thing or about some craphead Twitch streamer. Director/co-creator of @_toafn , film/video editor, occasional writer of screenplays, rock & roll snob, recovering philosophy addict. He/Him/His
ohitsjustniki nowhere okay so i was like kind of starting to believe in this whole zodiac, astrology thing because my chart is completely me. BUT my brothers chart is so different and doesn’t even seem like him? i don’t understand any of this clearly so. 🤷🏻‍♀️ i used to be much more…muchier. i’ve lost my muchness.
ettonnom aries ☼ sagittarius☽ leo ⇡ also the fact that i really had to grow up quickly and thats a moon-saturn opposition thing?? astrology is real my dudes intp | 5w6 | aquarius venus
bugxhugs philly @UraniaNYC @somnorevas @astrobalter no, fork off with your disingenuous bullcrap, i don’t need you to tell me where to find my answers. do you realize that being intersex is an *actually* *natural* thing? and always has been? this is absolutely not how astrology should be represented. from the razor to the rosary ♊♉♒ // they/them
ShortieJordi My mom: “Wait I can’t remember your uncle’s sign” Me: “what month?” Mom: “October” Me: “Libra?” Mom: “Yes!” Me: “I don’t know a lot about that sign” Mom: “Yeah, cause they’re not a thing!” Not even 8am and my mom is roasting people’s astrology signs, I- 23, single, fish mom, hot
EimiBerenike I need a new black long button up shirt, and for some reason this black and gold astrology shirt is the first thing that popped up in my search. Suspicious! (Too bad I don't wear polyester) #Hermeticism #PGM #Theurgy #Astrology #Astromagic #Alchemy #Herbs #Stoicism #Meditation #AncestorVeneration #Tarot I'll accept any pronoun except for "it".
Jess_star159 chicagoish @_chaoticmess @ErrdayMommin And the astrology thing... ooooofff. I had her do one for me, it was copy and pasted and didnt make sense at all. With her I dO biRTh ChArTs hating bottom self. Phew. The trash took itself out ✌🏼 my tl is much more chill Chicago ‘burbs 🌃 21 🍻 Mama to Avalyn Rose 🌹 Eric 💕 💍 Phoenix 🐱 pisces ♓️ #InformedConsent #MedicalFreedom 💉
MadokaMeowgica She/Her My favorite thing about this is, whenever I tweet about her birthday, astrology twitter always points out that she’s a Scorpio and it’s so forking cute strangely wholesome (and doesn’t involve teeth), EXTREMELY NSFW SO 18+ ONLY 🔞, loud and proud, icon by @slic3nevermind
gremlinology my favorite astrology thing . that i think abt all the time. is the time my best friend (libra) said sth to an aries and the aries said "you always have some crap to say" and dumped an entire bottle of lipton iced tea on my best friends head internet grandpa. he/him. call me rusty im a 27 yr old gay man i like to post good things and have a nice time. ♒ #원호탈퇴반대
KaciChamone Atlanta to Interplanetary Astrology is something I've been interested in for years... my next in depth thing, but not until I complete some others... 😇 😉Enjoy Life, Live Speaking Freedom Daily... 🙏 Blessings and Peace 👑 Goddess Queen… #Writer/ #Philosopher/ #Poet/ #Visionary/ #CreativeSupport / #SpiritualHumanBehavior Life Enhancement Coach... @SpeakingFreedom ig 🎮
ChildishGuapito To be fair most of them have a diagnosed or clearly undiagnosed mental illness, two of them work in the mental health field, and a few are deep into astrology (which is the same thing, right?). One has all 3. When I say crazy is my type, in not lying. •Social Media Provacateur•SadBoi• •crap Talker•Arrogant & Clever• •Pendejadas•Creep•Creator•🍑•
AdriJjy Lambeth, London I detest non-ironic astrology twitter but I do feel like 80% of my personality is built around the experience of "born too close to Christmas and can't network" And knows too many people who will literally take party plans and organise the same thing for themselves a day earlier Dev & justice expert, co-editor at Nerds of a Feather, reviewer at Strange Horizons, on Twitter for the SFF! Mermaid dog person. Opinions my own, She/her
storiesmusica Chicago, IL i'm a product of the virgo capricorn combo, my mom is a virgo and my dad is a capricorn. i'm really starting to take this astrology thing too seriously. Luis. He/him. Rapper. The Covert Empire.
sasscatalog @Rude_Astrology wow this is actually the rudest thing i’ve read about my sign and that’s saying a lot because we’re like the second most hated sign on the internet 😂 i made the decision awhile ago to stop doing what’s expected of me. fork the norm and the “supposed to”. i was TIRED. “... you said the brains i had went to my head.” 90s bitch | ♍️ ☉ ♉️ ☾ ♊️ ⇡ | ♋, ☿, 🌪️, cardinal, 3️⃣rd house dominant | life path 9️⃣
SheckyX Khazad-dûm Is there some wacky astrology thing going on today? I've seen more "YAY I'M ON BATH SALTS AND HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THE SHORT-CIRCUITING NOW HAPPENING IN MY HEAD" today than usual. Geek. SF/F copyeditor (rehomes feral commas, hot-glues dangling participles, that sort of thing). Quantum comma mechanic. He/him. (Avatar by @howardtayler.)
DefinitionsC North Carolina, USA @OfHadad @auramouth You sound a bit like a evangelist. Like "believe is real and science not" I an just not going to be religious. It's not my thing. Ptolemy was a copycat not really knowing what he was doing. His name however gave him authority and that was damage done to Astrology. #Astrology Services based on accurate evaluations of actual current. 35+years experience, professional approach. DM for more
akillerrat @diaknight @Rude_Astrology Yeap I heard... And guess what??! my rising is Aquarius.. hahaha do you think I can make it ? LOL One thing is for sure .. if I make it I can be a 'study case ' just for fun 😉
rolIinthunder aries ☼ | virgo ☾ | taurus ➚ @kaitxxnic @Rude_Astrology Dude I’m Aries/Virgo and my coworker friend is Aries/Gemini and holy smokes our convos last for like 3+ hours and are nothing but continuous tangents off of one thing or another and you’re alive. at least as far as I can tell you are || ✪ ⍟
stephisgrand Statesboro, GA The funniest thing to me about astrology is when someone’s asks me my sign and I go “I’m a Leo” and they go from casual to on guard in a minute. I’ll be there at 9-ish. Heavy on the -ish.
justwantsleep i know we're on that "astrology is bs" but this thing just told me when i moved into the rental and when my parent's new house will be built Good-Bye i'm going to live peacefully in the mountains that's ENOUGH largest rodent discovered thusfar // 🇵🇷; ☀️♋🌕♉🌅♎; 17.1.17💉 He/Him icon by @BarelyOnTime
moonchildofmars AOTEAROA • New Zealand @tuesdayaries omg no the thing about aries suns I've found is that if they aren't into astrology they're more likely undeveloped than not and oh my god that is a MESS I wishHhh I could fix but I also know that I CAN'T bc they're all so fckn stubborn man >:( a superiority complex like no other ♈︎☉ • ♋︎☽ • ♏︎↑ • ♓︎☿ • ♏︎♂︎ • ♉︎♀︎ plant-based witch bitch • official hater of our capitalist society • greed is destroying our planet • queer • she/they
makenziena my bed My boyfriend calls me a disappointment for believing in astrology and honestly if that’s not the most Sagittarius thing you’ve ever heard then idk what is living life! doing stuff!
peaxhystyles Iceland @fadedtwinks my mom is crazy into astrology so she read into my birth date and I found out that way but just download the app Co-Star and you can see everything from your rising star, your sun star, your houses, everything - and it gives you like a small daily horoscope thing 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲
DOIEBUNNIES she/her|🇨🇳🇹🇷 my tl is talking about astrology and im confused the only thing i know is that me haechan taeil hoshi and jun r geminis😌 #DOYOUNG: its not enough that i suceed — others should fail
TraceyH100 Newport, Wales Eeeeesh, I do NOT believe in astrology... but am Pisces... and my real life mute/block/cornfield list is most definitely A Thing 😅 (4000 sci-fi lit nerd points if you get the cornfield reference) UoL Biochem undergrad, #GPSSS18, #CROPSS19, Labour, views my own. Tweets may be professional or personal. Interested in circadian regulation of CAM. She/her.
ShesLaurenK 📍ATL Ok- 1 last thing before I shut up and write I know a lot of y’all think astrology is BS, but the whole embracing light and dark as a part of things has done more for my mental than just praying on it ever did. Comedienne, actress, writer, and local hot mom. The Suburban Princess 👑
sunsoakedskin the graveyard of stars oh astrology’s definitely interesting and i can definitely relate to my sign a lot. but actively alienating or being prejudiced to someone because of when they’re born is forking stupid. are we really making another thing that’s completely outside of our control divide us? yes my tweets are full of rage. captain levi, wolverine, and I are all 5’3”, you do NOT want to mess with us 5’3” bitches
chris_brady17 Orlando, FL @liltullo I’m an aquarium i’m level headed and but also want to break things sometimes. Astrology is my new thing PHI | BHAM | ORL | UCF Ad/PR | here to argue | all tweets by a staffer
triviahypegirl she/her | 20 | writ. HYUKA @boosatan choerry is a gemini if i remember correctly so maybe Elusive Gemini-ish Idols (her, jun, san has a gemini moon) are my target audience. dead bugs and astrology same thing maybe i pray that each room glows beautifully at night
romxnesque Garden of earthly delights. Out of curiosity... I have no idea about astrology but the ones who voted devil for the poll thing, is it because of my top three (bc emotional hell) or was it the gemini and leo bit o; 限りなく鼠

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