Astrology is my thing

Astrology is my thing.

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Xanthie01 @Rude_Astrology I’m an Aries and I apologize all the time. But I have my Moon in Aquarius and my #1 thing is to be intelligent and I don’t want to look dumb in front of others. I’m about facts so if I need to eat crow then I will. I don’t want to look stupid or ignorant in front of others ♈︎☼♒︎☾♋︎➚ 8w7 sp INTJ
SocialistLeona She/Her My friend made me do my astrological sun and moon signs, and my sun sign is literally saying that I'm princess baby, maybe there really is something to this astrology thing Trans Lesbian • Anarcho-Federalism • Actually Autistic • Class Conscious Cutie • Planning a revolution with @socialistegirl 💕• joint alt-18+ @LewdSapphics
jonnandherwails @Rude_Astrology @Whalie_baby My Leo sun and Cancer Mercury is confused. Good thing my Virgo Mars sort of brings a stalemate... before I make my next move, that is. Forced to exist in this stage between birth and death for 26 years now • i tweet nonsense✌️
tavisjstanley Earth One of my fav dudes Vinny is a cat 🐈 in the pig 🐖 year in #astrology and is killing it! Yo Vin having a good year eh? First headlines avegas show, now the book Keep hustling! Ur the man Only thing is bro, u shoulda released a day earlier, but ill let it slide;) #numerology Guitarist,singer, songwriter, teacher of music. I play in @adelitasway and @artofdying #skypeguitarlessons #numerology #GG33member 🐐 🐒 🐴 🦁
SobieGretzki I love astrology until people start saying stuff like “is having an extra nipple a Libra thing? Because I have so many” and “how many of my fellow tauruses have one butt cheek bigger than the other” like wtf Self Proclaimed Crotch Fruit
HermioneDangr Today, my best friend from high school reached out to talk to me about how there'd been a weird distance between us over the last year or so and how she wanted to repair that. Is there something in the water? Is this some astrology thing? Idk. But I don't hate it. Feminist. Librarian gone corporate. Occasional sex, kink, feminism, and media blogger. Introvert. Ravenpuff. Dog mom. Sports fan. TV addict. She/her.
Arturo_Ulises Brooklyn, NY via Carolina, PR my favorite thing is when someone asks my sign and they proceed to describe me and none of it fits so then they ask about my ascendant which i don't know so that explains why the previous assessment was all wrong lmao astrology is embarrassing 🇵🇷 ☭ ES/EN. De cada cual según su habilidad, a cada cual según su necesidad. Presumido de real visceralista. Comunista. Antifa. He/him/él.
EcoSexuality NYC My schedule this week is insane in the best possible way. From @elizabethwarren today in Washington Square Park to the @thesexexpo on Saturday it’s full of the passion and activism that fuels my existence. Only thing missing is an astrology event! 🔥🔥🔥 Sex, sustainability, subcultures & stars: my beats are mostly brought to you by the letter S. Clips: Book a session:
1_8_1_3_3_8 @yoonie_media @yooniepaws i dont care for zodiacs signs and sht but my cousin is into astrology and the only thing i learned from her is that pisces is the worst sign😫
shabelythecat lots of astrology sources tell me that dreams are vivid rn & I keep hearing about people who have their own dreams. my thing is that I’ve only had one clear dream and the rest of my sleep has been blackout and wake up 21 • I love plants • texas A&M commerce
peedpants 원호 ♡ 종대 ☆ Liz the next time a read an astrology thread and the first thing let alone anywhere on the list for gemini is “two faced” im deleting twitter breaking my phone into thirds and eating it yall are like my underwear, full of crap 1/17 of AJC 🎧 1/3 of TAC
silkvisions Studying psychology taught me how astrology is not a real science but after 2 years I think the best thing is to keep your mind open. You believe in astrology? Good. You don’t? Good. I love both of Freud and astrology so excuse me while I keep reading about my chart
skye_astrology exploring space Why? Because I’m already being psychically attacked and I’m just getting started. Am I afraid? No, I’m Divinely protected. But the dumbest thing I could do is give out the blueprint of my literal SOUL. Some high level demon could get their hands on it and reminders. vedic astrology. “when studying teachings, only take what resonates. if it doesn’t resonate, discard it immediately.”
Being_ev Fifth dimension @lighterflickk My Saturn return is coming up, I don't have any karmic lessons but there's a list of things to improve before I get my bottom dragged next year 😂😂😂 self-awareness and astrology are a beautiful thing ✨ the thoughts of ☝🏼️ self laid out in hopes that you explore your own Self ✨ • • Ig: itsev17 • • ³³
AstronoMisfit Irvine, CA Tried to have a conversation w/someone by saying my PhD research is in “Astronomy” as opposed to “Astrophysics” and the next thing they say is, “What is research in ASTROLOGY like?” 😡😡😡 #phdlife #astrophysicsallday Fil-Am 🇵🇭🇺🇸 | UCI Astrophysics PhD Student | UC Merced Alum | Former NASA Intern 🛩 | SF Giants and GS Warriors fanatic l Podcaster | He/him
BelleMa69724023 hell @Rude_Astrology @K1ngm1dasXXX Time to actually admit this music and writing thing is my whole bottom world and start performing so anyways that's what i'm doing tomorrow 😳😳😳 Toni │Mestizx Lesbian │Nonbinary [They/Them] │26 │I make art sometimes.
DanielleMcElro8 British Columbia, Canada Currently watching one of my favorite youtube food/nutrition bloggers publicly break down in tears from overwork and stress. VirgoSeason burnout is a real thing this year, folks. Let go of the perfectionism or you will drive yourself nuts. #astrology #VirgoSeasorn Danielle McElroy, Professional Consulting Astrologer (Evolutionary Astrology). Personal online sessions available.
coolsworddotjpg Perth, Western Australia anyway my fav thing about astrology is that it gives us language to talk about our feelings and behaviour more (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
DannyTravis astrology is fun and all but my friend keeps projecting every single tiny thing into people‘s signs and it‘s forking annoying like she really can‘t shut up about being an aries. 27 | bad writer, worse artist
FixYourIssue Nashville, TN This girl in class asked me when my birthday was. Then she said she's a Gemini and we're compatible. This astrology thing is getting out of hand. prosperous mentality
VOTECOIN4 @QueerWire @FunWithFunPeop1 @BernieSanders I've always put effort in disbelief of astrology... Its kinda my thing to be a professional skeptic and call out all lies. That being said sometimes it's hard to deny that crap is dead on. Writing, drawing and creating stuff some people might like. Scanning the matrix for a weak link in the code of my present subreality. This reality is doomed.
mystichabit Brooklyn, NY detail of mine while she skews guidance and gives bad advice so that she has ppl dependent on her. The more I’m aware of Vedic Astrology, the more I understand why it happens to me. It’s my Aqua Moon (Purva Bhadrapada) but if there’s one thing I learned is that... mystic & medicine woman 🦋 on the path to halach uinik | Past-Life Reader + Energy Healer 🌌 | #letyouraurasparkle
redsagereadings @soulmeaning @polyphanes Herbalism is such a fascinating discipline. Unfortunately, I have only so much room in my brain (same thing goes for astrology). 🤪 Oh, and I never pull dandelions, been looking for seeds of the French variety with big leaves for years.... Tarotnaut. Fortune-teller and diviner. Perennialist and aspiring mystic. Attempting to catch what cannot be seen.🔮
Cuadro_Sounds MIAMI Guys all my favorite music producers have Venus in Aries this can’t be a coincidence there’s like 6 of them and I have that placement as well. Is this all a big lie or is there something legit to this astrology thing? 😩😂 🔳 — # M a c h i n e M u s i c
huskiesnhummus Quad Cities @wild_tarot I’ve only been learning astrology a few months myself but I think what’s helped me learn quick is that the first thing I did was take actual handwritten notes from several books just because I retain information better when I write it, then I brought my chart up and Girlfriend | Dog mom and actual mom 💕 | ENTP | Virgo 🌞 Gemini 🌙 Libra ⬆️ | I enjoy to beep boop music | Tarot Readings | Cashapp: $huskiesnhummus
stclliums 09/13/18 • she/her oh my gosh you are all adorable and sweet as heck im ????? 💞💘💖💗💞💘💗💘💖 thank u ily all (also my @ means "stellium" which is like an astrology thing; the most recurring sign in your natal chat uwu) — oн, ι apologιze, вυт ιт waѕ only ѕelғ-deғenѕe; rυnnιng away jυѕт мade ѕenѕe. @djhowellester • other half of the #ultradisastergay brotp • this account: a mess
starlitstudy North Carolina, USA Add in "but every negative thing written about my ex's sign is true" and we've summed up most people who don't respect astrology but wanna consume astro content to validate their beliefs anyways Queer astrologer and writer | Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising | Streams on Twitch as @elfloxx
ivyofthewild the moon astrology is such a complex thing to understand. i read something this week that someone from my past would come back and they did, but in a dream. it’s not always a literal thing. astrology is so much more than the stars and planets and constellations. pisces / wild heart
vivaladee Los Angeles, CA And I know you may think "Astrology is bullcrap, she might have said the same thing for every sign.." but she didn't! She said different thing for each stack of cards in the first video, and different readings for each astrological sign!! MY MIND IS BLOWN! 🤯 29 • ♏️ • Pug Mom • Social Media Manager 📱 • Photography Fanatic 📸 • #EverydayIsHalloween 🔪🎃 • Vinyl Collector🎶 • True Crime Aficionado • GRL PWR 🚺✌🏻
HolyOrBroken In Stories @hotgirlhala I like astrology because it is pretty and fun and aesthetically pleasing to my soul. It's a filter through which some of us might come to understand ourselves better. I know it isn't science. It's that other thing. You know the one. Something between this and that. Worshipping in my temple; feasting on scraps.
ErLiAu1 @kinshisha_T My favorite thing is telling people who love & defend astrology that the signs are 2000 years off and seeing them get pissed off she/her pronouns || aspiring teacher || BA in Creative Writing || looking forward to the someday
realityunf0lds Portland, OR I’ve never been one to believe in astrology but Erin is reading my birth chart thing and damn them stars really be speaking some real crap huh 23 | XVX | 🇨🇱 | @CTV503 | @xrobobitchx
sabrinamilann probably dreaming The thing that convinced me astrology is real is when today in my study group this Leo girl I know procrastinated by staring at herself in her camera and kept taking pictures at different was amazing. you’re going to cringe I warn you 🇵🇷🏳️‍🌈
hqjoong ateez thing I've appreciated most about this chapter in my life... and guess what? my sun is conjunct his jupiter. astrology is real man bri | 23 | 190707 joong called me his pan; what the fork does that mean
CincoTheWolf CA - AZ My favorite Pokemon is Kingler, I'm a Cancer and that's a crab, that's about the only thing with horoscopes/astrology I'll accept. Do it like a Pro • “PRE” out now streaming everywhere ! • the evolution will not be televised... Evolve Music Group•
kayven5717 New York, USA @exxtracelestial @justAweirdmom What about empty houses? (I dont use co-star or cafe astrology) I see every sign but all my signs and planets are shoved into like 3 houses and the rest are ghost towns, could that be a thing? Or is that false also? 24, married, 3 kids, pagan/wiccan, hairstylist, coffee, plants, halloween, bpd, bi, she/her ☕🍼🌿🎃👻🦇💀 {☉♌︎ · ☾♍︎ · ↑♒︎}
MadelineTayl0r Long Beach, CA @Rude_Astrology I had a forking visual migraine today man wtf I didnt even know those were a thing until I was doing my readings for class and was like oh crap am I blind now and then 30 minutes later I can see but then have a normal bottom migraine tf is Aquarius on and can she go Just your fave lil mousy boy who likes to live in the wall and eat cheese.
carlyiv dumb bitch juicery i’m about to read this caroline calloway thing my timeline is excited / upset / on adderall about, but first lemme see this lady’s astrology sign. oh she’s a sagittarius?! like fyre fest guy and osho from wild wild country? ok it’s scam time!! PARODY ACCOUNT@ hotmail. com 📓🎬📝 writing stories + tweets about girls of all ages, TV, astrology, pop culture, & the impending apocalypse 🌸🍩 🦀🌞♋️🌅♍️🌙♉️
DumbBunniii 17 @hotgirlhala @softlymutt i get annoyed with people who base their entire existence off of astrology. like, telling me something i do is a “gemini thing” isn’t cool, it’s making me feel like i’m not unique in any way and my whole personality is my sign. besides astrology people hate geminis :( //taken\\
smileyseokkie clubbing with vminhope learning astrology was cool at first, you know? wow i can see myself in all these things in my chart, wow, i understand myself and people better the thing is i'm getting to the point where the more i look into my own chart the uglier that crap gets and it totally makes sense 💀 OT7 | #TAEHYUNG: i really thought hobi-hyung was the visual | 🔮 for bangtan astro twts
hyjinkx_ your moms bed me ranting about astrology to my anti astrology friend in her shed at 1am stoned out of our minds is always a fun thing to do tho! she just listens and occasionally gives me looks of disbelief and like i’m bullcrapting her & i j say “shut up ur antivax nothing is as bad as that” Mrs. Obama, It’s been an honour | 18🚺 | living without a purpose, just kinda taking everything in as i go | #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER
Timber_22 Kootenay Bay, BC @vgr I’m an astrology skeptic, and I picked “sort of”, but 1 thing that made me go 🤔 is that I am somewhat close to a “cusp” & a mash-up of my sign + neighbouring side actually captures a lot. So a 1/6th contiguous slice of zodiac does pretty good first approx of my personality Kayaker, systems thinker, practitioner, meta-Lindisfarnean. Outdoor guide; addictions counsellor; staff/resident at Chris Ryan-Nora Bateson 02020
coeurlclaw 🔞 • TWT/RT HEAVY • SPOILERS anon the only thing i talk about on my priv is popsicle and astrology and i guarantee you that you dont follow it what is going ONNNNN samson • ffxiv | gbf | personal • baby gremlin (ultros) • i’m glad we got to go on adventures together. • popuko @niceinviting
thejhambs @memeofextremes So, yeah, what I'm trying to say in my original tweet is that all the charts tell you exactly the same thing, and trying to get into how different systems of astrology are used for different settings will inevitably lead to dick measuring contests she/her. weird uncle sun/bastard moon/grandma rising. I would rather minors stay away, but I'm not your mom, so idc. still into shrek memes
VioletTamaskan nz uk canada my favourite thing about astrology is that none of it means any forking crap and you can literally say anything about any sign but boy will i still eat it the fork up and simultaneously get irrationally mad about it Violet 💖 girl. aint good at tweeting anymore. i only smoke reggie💖 trans, pup, she/her ✡️ dont call me vi
likethefontt Tampa, FL @Rude_Astrology I think my gemini ascendant is v prominent with ppl who dont know me well bc i say i want one thing and chnage my mind so fast and they get mad lol 🦋🦋🦋