Astrology is my thing

Astrology is my thing.

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MavisDeLuna The Moon Palace I saw @spellsquad post about “signs as Pokémon” and how Pisces often gets just a basic fish and now I’m tempted to write an in-depth “the signs as Pokémon” thread with explanations. Astrology is my thing. 🔞 MINORS DNI | Genderfluid Elf VTuber! ✨ They/them 🏳️‍⚧️ 🇵🇷 | Part of @PridePrismVT | @GamerSupps & @softgiving Partner | 🎨: #MavisDeLunART (SFW Only)
Akitron the 100th meridian This customer once who is a regular and also a friend of my coworker clocked me so hard one time with some sort of, I don’t know one of those personality type thingies that astrology bitches love, but the thing is she got me good re my work ethic and work patterns; ♎️☪ 31 yr old artist. barista. Libyan/metis, she/her, banner by @kendoesthething
666supergod Houston, TX *extremely torpedoing my chances of getting some pussy tonight voice* “Astrology is bullcrap and people using it as a substitute for self-reflection and clinical behavioral analysis have a distorted & narcissistic perception of reality” “That’s such a pisces thing to say lmao” happy baby
KVVanney Look, I don’t get astrology. Not that it’s not great, just not my thing. But I love the enneagram. And tbh, any tool that makes you reflect on your basic desires, fears, and helps you become a better person? Idc what it is. Use it. We can always be kinder to ourselves and others. Just trying to be a good human. 💗💜💙(she/her)
lux43terna @DoneandDani yeah i know astrology itself is not my thing but it's at least more interesting and historically relevant than a silly kid's book she/her/hers | taken 🥰 | 24 | christian | eng-rus-lat | 🏳️‍⚧️ | autistic | (18+): @SUmeNTeN2 | russ. account: @krasivysvjetlo | Romans 6:6-11
oliviastrologyy @stereoliv you are so me, my dream job is just to relax mostly, do astrology and tarot, have a huge community, support okivia rodrigo to death, eat good food, make good money, marketing maybe, be an advisor of some sort, life coach kinda thing 19 | isfp | from india 🇮🇳 | loves olivia rodrigo oliviastrology on instagram ✨
kk_bast United States The way @PeoplesOracle sidereal astrology is so accurate time and time again is an amazing thing. Don’t just take my word though, follow Dayna and see for yourself. Humanitarian lover of people, literature, music, art, politics, enlightened conversation, and Newfound Lake
key2thestreeet I cried like several times today and that is so not me. I don’t cry long at all few tears drop and I be like is it that deep? Then I see stop!🤣 I Opened my astrology app and the first thing I see is this here to express my thought forms.
tharejaarun New Delhi, India Astrology : Jupiter - Wisdom "Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not -neither decline from the words of my mouth. -Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: -love her, and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy Chartered accountant,Vedic Astrologer, Guide for Career,Finance, Relationship,DM for paid consultation,if someone wants physical consultation can meet also.
Bdurdens United States My favorite thing about people who buy wholly into astrology is the thought of blaming problematic personality issues and un-checked mental illness on forking Saturn or some crap. @bydesignil he/him Music. Socialism. Beer. Words.
crumbcrumb11 There is no astrological difference between signs born in different months ie April Taurus and May Taurus are not a thing,,,my astrology pet peeve god I love native plants
_theamazingjace My least favorite thing about being a Taurus is that everyone just generalizes that all we like is food and we’re all just lazy. Like yeah but I have other personality traits that I would like represented via astrology meme :( 🏳️‍⚧️+🏳️‍🌈 ~20~ {He/him} Apostle first, empath second
tsumbff she/they 20 rcbyf one thing abt me is i will impose all my interests on bokuto . i am obsessed w astrology? so is he and he reads all his friends birth charts to better understand them idc . he tells atsumu hes a libra and atsumu is like ??? i just think it helps bokuto see the world clearer born atsumu enjoyer . sorry its not on purpose
Jaime8585 Vancouver BC I don’t buy too much into astrology, but when a friend posts an astrology meme and I can’t find the one for my own sign I get annoyed, which I think is a very Leo thing of me to do. Actor, Singer, Novice Guitar Player
amorjunnie 99 || 00 || 91 ♡ @yu_myeon The only thing I know about astrology is my sign and that’s it lol fbfbfb but I just checked and I’m also cancer moon 💀 모아와쭈니 • 숩랑단 • 토끼백성
YouTubeSpecxs Twitter Slander: The Dream SMP sucks, Astrology is bullcrap, MAPs aren't valid, Kill All Men is a trash movement, Zoophillia is the sickest thing ever, All Lives Matter, you are not a "Girl Boss", and being fat is unhealthy. change. my. mind. Old Gen KBM Player | NA West | Comp / Creative Player
YOJIMBO_KING remilia/seed oil capital Western astrology is the dumbest and fakest thing ever. “Oh my god the birth time you entered on the dumb wix default template site was wrong by an hour you now have 10 minutes to live :/“ How are people still falling for this? storm chaser. stone soup chef. naval inspector general. reincarnated pearl diver. limbic engineer. art bootlegger. sibilance tester. barehead barefoot bareheart
BabiePinkBamgu Фенмешек @jvnixt waaaait im cancer rising and that rules the that why the first thing you noticed about my pic was my titties :O astrology is really magical RPS 18+ | 22 she/her | 100% XTX centric | a little slow to reply
LiamSofias Los Angeles, CA @illuminiah Even this i’m not sure I agree with, I see a great deal of predictive astrology in the modern material as well, my opinion has basically come to see traditional and modern astrology as both attempting to do the same thing but one is based on a rich history and one is not Professional Astrologer | Horary | Electional | Natal he / him
earthdomdirtbag Between Mercury & Saturn 🖤 The last thing I will say here for a while: one thing you will literally never see me do is associate mental or physical illness or disability to astrology. So when you do that on my tweets, just know that *you* are the problem and you are projecting in a harmful way. Ty.🦦 she/her. Don't follow me if you are a fetus, I am an adult. Astro Merch:
calcifers ◡̈ okay this is the last time i'll probably talk about this (probably not) but every readings i had about my [love] life has been saying basically the same thing, even astrology bits on twitter, and i've been rly attuned with the universe + manifesting everyday ˙ ˖ ✶ #지민 + #선우 ₊˚.༄ ʚ 𝘴𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘺, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘤𝘢𝘯'𝘵 𝘸𝘢𝘭𝘬 𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘢 𝘥𝘳𝘪𝘷𝘦-𝘪𝘯.ᐟ ɞ
UglytotheBone21 Michigan, USA @MiseryTrickery @highprobably1 I'm kind of new to this astrology thing but it is a lot of fun and I think this is a sign my ex-wife was born under does this help or do I win anything 😂🤣🤣 Going on 50 Yrs of Pounding a Square Peg in a Round HOE, If U Don't Know Me or My Past, Don't DM me Introducing Urself Asking my Name & Where I'm from🤬🇺🇲🇨🇦
katiemathewson Los Angeles, California the only thing i know about astrology is the qualities of my own sign, and if that’s not proof i’m a Leo idk what is #leoseason Writer. Queer. My parents are very supportive of both. (Unt. IMDb TV Comedy, Marvel's HAWKEYE, PITCH) WGA Inclusion and Equity Group 🌈 she/her
wubalubaraghdab الترعة My goal after mastering astrology is to find every single thing I have ever lost just because I'm a fixed dominant and I can't let go The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older.
vmac_visitor Washington, USA @by_JBH Listen my only hobbies are the NFL and astrology. this is the most basic bitch astro tattoo that you could ever hope to see on a professional athlete. The only thing weird is that he decided he’s an Aquarius rising instead of a Taurus rising aaron rodgers got an astrology tattoo before I did
rat_in_my_brain mountains by the sea i saw this thing that was like "ur fursona is ur Chinese zodiac mixed with your astrology sign" or whatever and i'm year of the dog aries so i was like "ok so what kind of dog would i be..." and yall.... i'm 100% forkin borzoi like mood, vibe, awkward legs.. an elegant doofus * TW * NSFW * SH * SA * . ♡ mental health vent account ♡ . ◇ BPD ◇ MDD ◇ RSD ◇ ADHD ◇ CPTSD ◇ 28 she/her ◇ . ☆ DMs Closed ☆
MavisDeLuna The Moon Palace I saw @spellsquad post about “signs as Pokémon” and how Pisces often gets just a basic fish and now I’m tempted to write an in-depth “the signs as Pokémon” thread with explanations. Astrology is my thing. 🔞 MINORS DNI | Genderfluid Elf VTuber! ✨ They/them 🏳️‍⚧️ 🇵🇷 | Part of @PridePrismVT | @GamerSupps & @softgiving Partner | 🎨: #MavisDeLunART (SFW Only)
rithvikramadas @_Chris_Real @xychelsea My former shrink called stock trading legalized gambling that can wreck your life and force you into debt traps, yep he did say the same thing about financial markets, it's just astrology and we all know that astrology is all like match fixing! Antifa’s Military Engineer 🎗🍀 🌊Fully vaccinated, COBRA FOR LIFE, Anarcho Capitalist Transhumanist, Xey/Xem, your body is a shell for your genetic code
ayorapline 23 • any prns • lesbian • rps i used to be an astrology hater bc i hated the fact that ppl would be like "oh u act like this bc ur a pisces" and it would make me mad bc id be like , i am literally my own person!!! and i had to get over that bc astrology is just a fun little thing ppl enjoy twt au writer | ko-fi: |commission me here:
Genralcerfiket The only astrology I care to even look at is my own and only when it's my season. No I don't know any other sign timeline either. I suppose that's a Leo thing🤣 Peace on earth and goodwill to all.
JudeDeVille @JezCorden Same thing is happening to me on all platforms. "Follow" has no meaning anymore, the algorithm just kinda blasts you with whatever. Mines all drugs and crypto, and I partake in neither lol my gf's is all astrology and crystals and she doesn't even believe them idek anymore
cleanbreakkel jupiter’s claim this is like the one thing that pisses me off about astrology. i’ve been dealing with scorpio backlash all my life and it’s taught me to not demonize specific star signs bc every single sign houses crap people eighties enthusiast, horror enjoyer, big doofus ~she/they | 22 | ♏︎
meghanstheworst @rickards_matt going to try n say this in the nicest way possible: 1) astrology has been around since 3,000 AD. Use google 2) it is not Harry Potter you don’t just get assigned 1 thing and that’s it. That is what my natal chart looks like. Everyone has one an eldritch being. the shortest cosmonaut. simp sensei.
akira_cg 🇸🇬 And I guess bazi is also way more specific than this astrology thing so it's fine I guess I don't even know my own bazi my parents never told me 😭 from ARGONAVIS main 🚢 your local Matoba Wataru stan 💜 & riowata liker 🍛🍰 | Bandori | Enstars acc @pukapukanation | EN/中文 OK
vnssa777 v/she/they there are so many tools i use to strengthen my intuition and study astrology but this one is By Far the most vital. jessica has given me so much, it’s the only thing i keep up with. it’s been 2 years now, and i’ve learned so much about myself don’t believe everything you think !
BitterCheri Cape town One thing I hate about astrology is that someone is going to see my posts about synastry and use it to convince themselves that they're meant to be with someone who very clearly doesn't want them 🙃🙃🙃🙃 she/her
saturnstarbabe @unpunkual I love this! I do the exact same thing! I’ve noticed the more I immerse my everyday experience in astrology the better my practice is and the more likely I am to interact with those pieces of my life because of easy access so I think playlist are elite tools Courtney•she/they• Aries rising, Cap Sun, Cap Moon • a student of the universe
tigasdaddy1 @tisGentlemanJR Recognizing and understanding patterns is so much more complex than modern astrology... It used to be a life time study thing. Birthday? I have to look at ♈ and ♉ both to see anything remotely accurate and based on my birthday that ain't my cusp. Even then it's too general. my existence is both improbable and unbelievable but true. autistic, tourettes, (+)... enjoy rabbit hole discussions. big on respect, growth, etc.. not perfect.