Astrology is my thing

Astrology is my thing.

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chIIoee australia downloaded a stupid astrology app and did a 7 day free trial and the first thing it told me was that my childhood trauma is getting in the way????????????? why is there no pee emoji?
destroyshelbeyy Grand Rapids, MI, USA @punkparagnosia @LaurenChesnut @cabackup92 @_Dilz1 Spirituality is my thing now. Organized religion is too patriarchal. The more Iearn about astrology, tarot, and other forms of spirituality, the more it resonates with me. Religion is about the group as a whole while spirituality is about the individual experience. 23. she/her. ♉️☀️/♒️🌙/♌️⬆️. i love the detroit tigers. #1Daf. nin fan forever. ranch connoisseur. weeb trash. proud jhoejhoe.
motel6witch The worst thing i ever heard in my life was when i got an astrology reading on Saturday and heard my soulmate is in California and that’s why i constantly want to move so bad
virg0goff she/her @residentrepyume @ACNHJenn my favourite thing to do on animal crossing is talk to cherry or lucky and my favourite thing to do in real life is y’all to people about animal crossing :) (and astrology) 21 • UK • 🏳️‍🌈 • 420 friendly • chaotic AC player
jacpatrice she/her not trying to throw a pity party by any means but one thing i will say abt this OCD diagnosis and episode is that i don’t feel connected to my intuition or spiritual side at all. used to love astrology and can’t engage with it anymore, bc ... 29. screaming inside my heart 24/7
NyaJOLLY Gate keeping astrology and belittling people for not knowing everything about it is not okay! The zodiac is a very personal and complex thing, and it is for everyone! I my self really only know the most about Pisces, Leo, Aqua, & Virgo, still learning about other signs and house | ♓️Sun | ♏️Rising | ♉️Moon | 🌳Tree Hugger | 🌎 peace | 💜02/16/17💜 |
plutopaula i don’t think any of my followers are into astrology/signs but bro lemme tell you, READ THE HOROSCOPE OF THE OPPOSITE OF YOUR SIGN!!!!! literally the most accurate thing ever and hits closer to home than you think. this is for horoscopes u read online tho, not for apps i don’t actually exist
naomiblueriver California Republic Why are the greatest percentage of people i like/crush on/get along best with Capricorns? Wtf?!?! Just remembered my best girl friend from college was too. And y'all trying to act like astrology ain't real- that Pisces/Capricorn thing is unnerving me at this point black. trans. *ladylike*. queer. prob ace. angeleño. ☀️♓🌑♑⬆️♒ 4w2 *exceedingly cute* unapproachable but nice. not close to having it together. ey/em naomi#6041
scwittan San Diego, CA @rasmansa @JustPhilD Only time will tell, but my worry is that racist ideas are gaining/will gain strength *because* they are being suppressed. We don't 'fight' astrology for instance and the idea fails on the merits. Also no martyrs are created. But I suspect the whole thing is really just pretext. Just taking it all in
vjc_torianist Leeds @tess_hs My fave thing is having friends round my house and making sure they are all loved, fed, and watered. I have been aghast at the astrology memes getting me so right! #PhD #Victorian #Lit at @universityleeds working on #Chartist press. Admin @ahrcletterpress. 💖 #food #beer #feminism 💖 Views own. she/her
newmoonbaby_ venmo: scoutbrown46 the hardest thing ab being a sagittarius is deciding which interest my personality will revolve around at a given moment. will it be astrology and spirituality? french film?psychology? music? or one of the dozen new interests i amass daily? who knows??? she/her. ☉♐︎ ⇡ ☾♐︎ ⇡ ↑♌︎. life path 1. intuitive tarot reader. jupiter conjuncts my asc at a 0°00’20” orb so don’t fork with me. studying all kinds of astro!
_t0nberry The most romantic moment of my entire life was when my incredibly pessimistic and skeptical bf, who def does not entertain astrology in the slightest, replied to my comment that we were indecisive with "Is that the libra rising thing?"
wronglever_ Colorado, USA Studying astrology is interesting, because on the one hand it can provide some helpful insight into your life. OTOH, it's also mildly reinforcing a few negative self-beliefs and the sense of "wrongness" I feel about my life, which is...not the best thing. #BlackLivesMatter | If it's not intersectional, it's not feminism. | #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #CPTSD
angylesbian East Tennessee, USA @_elishane man I read through my whole thing and it’s all literally the opposite of who I am as a person lmao. this is why I don’t care for astrology 😜 baked in a buttery flaky crust | ginger ale enthusiast, musician+filker, guillotine the rich & redistribute their wealth | she/her | 👭 @quriositie
royaltajj Arizona @Mookjpg_Twtjail Tajj😁 25/ HELL aka Arizona lmao The flaws I have I can lowkey be bad at replying 🙃 One thing I really love about myself is that I can create my own happiness without needing to be in a relationship 💙 I’m starting to get into anime I love horror flics poems and astrology |In my own world living my life |☉♏︎ •☽♍︎ • ↑♑︎ • ⚢| 🌕🦋444 🏳️‍🌈
nogenderid Canada @Nooottranastas1 @Microrapterr @NashHadad One thing is she believed in astrology and fortune telling and all kinds of magical thinking and both my parents wanted a boy so they did a psychological experiment along those lines with me, ridiculing any femininity... Stormé and Pauli were not transgender and neither am I. #WeAreLGB #GayNotQueer #CisIsaSlur #BlackLivesMatter #covid19
iyannazh @teaxtarot @yungchipotle God created everything with a purpose. He created the sun, moon, stars, planets and placed them with a purpose. That is my argument to why astrology is worth practicing as a Christian. He gave us a way to understand ourselves and the world around us. It’s a beautiful thing. 🖤⚡️ ♋︎ ☉ ♑︎ ☾ ♎︎ ↑
bringdatassherr Bronx, NY @ohcrapitsko @Sand96949178 @AmaniJenei @__BigO__ yea and that’s fine but it’s like people say astrology is stupid when it’s really not😭 the only thing that people do that’s bad is say stuff like “it’s not my fault i’m a virgo it’s how we are” or something like that “all i wanna say is that they don’t really care about us” aries☀️ libra🌙 cancer⬆️
aqronwhat Mom said this to me “I believe in astrology and I have studied and put it inside me for most of my life. Here’s the thing, if you and you’re friend are seeing naya, one person is thinking she’s dead and one is thinking she’s alive.” (Continued) my shooting star.
OfTheCave Is there a thing to in astrology? Like i just read my daily co-star thing and that's it Got a Vonnegut punch for your Atlas shrug
YUNGCEDE1 @byepaisley @Rude_Astrology Hey I know that my main thing is Leo. How do I find my rising and is there another sign I’m supposed to know of myself?
JGAlejandrez Los Angeles, CA @FOXLA @VanessaBorge Watched it last night. Walter is a pioneer. The courage it took for him to stand in the face of machismo and say, here’s astrology, this thing that the church instructs you to fear, and here I am in all my authenticity as a gender fluid badass. 👏🏽 all that I am. intuitive. conscious content creator. blogger, vlogger, podcaster. astrology writer for @hip_latina 🎙👇🏽Podcast Host of Better Work Bitch!
falsefox49 Colorado Springs, CO @Rude_Astrology I’m not sure about wanting to be me, but I have Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo and people either want my time or assume that my life is a complete easy-breezy romp because I’m doing the thing I want to do and I’m happy about it. Which, I wish? Comic artist! she/they, pan. email:
emptycaprisun0 United States @dilkashehzada @Rude_Astrology I hear you. I believe that thing will get better for everyone and i cant even claim to know how much suffering many are being hit with. When I say this year is better personally, I don't mean the events, but rather my own emotional and mental health has somehow matured. she/her.🏳️‍🌈 ☉♑︎☾♑︎☿♑︎ ♒︎ asc.
sherlinya my mental health is so horrible. the only thing that’s keeping me going is studying and learning astrology and writing in my journal. aries ☼+ scorpio☽+ gemini ↑
melisolune The Not-so-Fabulous Sin City Another thing that's forking with me... is that I went above and beyond for my first assignment. It's hard to motivate myself to write 2pgs. I feel like a complete slacker in comparison. Whatever. Talking about people's interest in astrology always gets me going with psychology. ♓♎🙄 ''I'd rather be someone's shot of moonshine than everyone's cup of tea.'' H0i! It's Melisa. I like to be TMI and use Twitter as my diary! ;D
saturnspetgoat Canada My Sag friend really said "I seem to have a thing for geminis" and if that doesn't prove astrology is real... ♑︎/♎︎/♑︎ 29🍁Queer🌈Agender🪐they/them Low-Energy Witch🔮 18+ please
beartraaap Massachusetts, USA @taylortorea idk what the post said & I don't do the whole astrology thing but my whole immediate family is pisces and they fake as fork dont trust those fishy bitches anymore🤢🤢👎👎👎 (not actually but lol I'm cautious) works at Femboy Hooters™  Eden Willow
LanaLove2323 @tanskiingoddezz Funny thing is I used to not like Aquarius at all then I got more into astrology and finally looked up my chart and I have like 4 aqua placements 😂😫 wholesome slut. Pan. Switch. click the link below to see my asshole Tribute: $45 unblock fee: $75
skinnedxknees I think my favourite thing about woo woo insta girls is that they have no idea that the Law if Attraction is just the evangelical Prosperity gospel repackaged. Sorry!!!! You just joined a mega church with expensive rocks and astrology memes instead of bible verses. beautiful little fool
KeyTheBunny @Rude_Astrology My moon is in Cancer and this definitely resonated. The sucky thing is if you bury everything over long periods of time it gets harder to sort everything out and address it later. 👻🌞🐲😇🐼! ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
scarfboyfriends zzzZZZzzzZ my god why is this astrology thing so complicated. please I don’t have enough brain juice for it, just tell me the stupid version today for being born in between chikage and tsuzurus birthdays 1% art, 99% crappost || shin, 20+, she/they || NSFW text & art... 🔞18+ only, I block minors || @scarfbfs art only acct
MostHighSteph 🛫🛬 @AngelNumberz I’m very novice in astrology and the only thing i can tell you about is my own sign but i love your tweets! They’re so much easier than reading paragraphs about crap if you wanna learn about a certain sign in the sky
GinJureyal Dallas, TX Aite so astrology Twitter. Whats some good mediums to use to gain more knowledge? I'm tryna look deeper into the crap on my natal chart & the only thing I know is costar and y'all be crapting on that #onhere so I need some help. I'm what you get if Lauryn Hill slipped up and let Juvenile hit. And then they crazy asses let Angela Davis babysit. now raise them fists ✊🏿
petrolbluehues a hellenistic idyll astrology is more of a Fun thing to me but sometimes i think about being aqua sun, cap moon, scorp rising. and how half my chart is air signs. and how aquarius alone makes up 1/4th of my chart and another big chunk is gemini and honestly? no wonder im unhinged. v spicy of me tbh Livi | she/her | 24 | ⚢. History, art, literature, etc. I draw and write. Into several series but mostly post what I feel like! New acct. infinitum @ artfight!
nwopuppet @TheFlatEartherr The earth is a globe because the first thing i saw in first grade class was a globe. All my favorite movies are about space.i have spent 200 hours studying space documentaries and astrology. I dont need facts. I have high levels of programming my entire life over facts and reason Gab@TechPrisonRebel ⛪(flying spinning ball🌎🚫 skeptic) link...👇... (#ballcrap) 7 Minute Flat Earth Pitch +++++🌛
MatheoChavezz Center of the Universe People say astrology is fake. But I know with all my soul he’s a Scorpio and don’t gotta google crap. What other sign would do this? My sign bitch. Revenge is a beautiful thing! here to entertain the intelligent and piss of the ignorant. stupid knows no bounds😂😂
theAntiBinge Limbo🦀 One thing that bolsters my “realization” of astrology is just knowing my friends signs and having those self-confirming revelations about MY perspective on THEIR actions/habits wrt OUR interactions. It’s great to extrapolate, but ateotd you’re always you, looking outward. ❌Doing Cultural Ecology #AsAFormerAnthropologyMajor
summertimewitch 5/2/2020 ♥ It’s interesting because yesterday the moon was in Aquarius and I was thriving and today the moon is in pisces and my family is going through the worst thing that could have happen to us right now U bitches say astrology isn’t real one more time ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ɪғ I ᴄᴀɴ’ᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ I ᴅᴜɴɴᴏ ᴡʜᴀᴛ I’ʟʟ ᴅᴏ || she/her // 17 // multifandom ☀️ Age regressor! 🍼 Eclectic witch! || ☼ ♌️ ☾ ♒️ ↑ ♏️ (nsfw sometimes)
dchambersDPM Nueva York @Purrs_And_Pouts Ha! @ “I may let you open my mind”...such a Virgo thing to say 😂😂. My mother is a Virgo and her favorite saying is, “ I like to deal with reality.” I guess astrology is not really enough for you guys. Lol “No ideas original. There’s nothing new under the 🌞. It’s never what you do, but how it’s done.” | Gemini ♊️ Sun ☀️/ Scorpio ♏️ Moon 🌙 | INFJ
Chitoseofficial California, USA The link is in my description pls if interested or want to show support retweet when I do the thing come by and laugh with me cause my deck is an honest bitch who tells you crap you don't wanna hear. Also astrology readings maybe?? TNF for life!|🏳️‍🌈 | #RetroGamer 🎮| Final Fantasy fan | | Kindness goes a long way.
the12h ♋︎ ♈︎ ♊︎ I just want to be happy and the one and only thing in life that makes my easily-fixated, obsessively analytical mind happy is astrology 🙃 get in loser we're tweeting about trauma and linking it to the cosmos • ALL BLM • she/her
PianoGrump “This is an abusive thing to do to a child” Comment: “absolutely, as a taurus sun...” I’m not gonna go out of my way to tell people astrology’s meaningless bc hey, let people have fun, but your star sign and trauma are not the same things, stfu chaotic holmesian cripple tweeting about medicine and drugs 🔬💉♿️🎹🎸🎻🐝 #MedEd #FOAMed #M4A VINDICATE for life 🤘
allisonwilens altered states My favorite thing is people who get upset about tarot and astrology not being predictive, completely missing the point that their purpose is to be symbolic systems used for critical reflection. Are you also upset that your 10th grade literature teacher didn't tell your future? be in your body, love. #FreeThemAll
wooolfyyy Wolf Pack Canada Hey astrology twitter: what signs are capatible with Libra? I dated an Aries and that was a disaster. Also my second sign (idk what it’s called) is Taurus if that’s a thing/helps French and Métis mix 🤙🏻 she/her ~ im just tryna be a nurse & an artsy person at the same time 🤷🏻‍♀️ follow @morgan_m8 shes my bro ♎️
wiitcheries @martyrsdaughter 840pm (my mom likes to remind me every day on my birthday it doesn't count until then) i will not understand a single thing about this chart, and astrology is fake, but i will appreciate it <3 megan. big fan of the moon. | icon by @thismelissaa
Marissa_jad3 Oro Valley, AZ Astrology is such a beautiful thing and I’m so happy I decided to learn more about and start applying it to my life. ☕️☕️
ohgeminii my bf's best friend is really into chinese astrology and so we have this constant thing where he does something and i go "typical pisces" and i'll do something and he goes "typical ox" 😭😂 do u have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once? // ♊️♏️♍️ // she/her // #BLACKLIVESMATTER
Str8_sh0t aquarias So I’ve decided to read my own star chart. I’ve avoided it because I was scared for what I’d see. Chiron in 5H. Hardest and most difficult thing in my life is top it off I have Venus in Sagittarius... everyone who doesn’t like astrology pls ignore this hehehe👉🏻👈🏻 (🇬🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇻🇳)🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈 ASTROLOGY?! yeah Das right bitch BOO I’m psycho |♏︎☽|♒︎☉|♌︎ASC|
VitaVamp Washington, DC @HimDownstrz My sun and rising in Cancer says this is a lie. But that’ll probably go over your head because the only thing y’all be knowing about astrology is the sun sign which doesn’t really say much about the person. Pop culture enthusiast. Comedienne. Hoe. Farmer's Market itinerant. Queer. Lipstick Fiend. Zythologist. Gourmand. Nerd. Healer. Xennial. IG: EatLuxcherie

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